What a man can learn from a wolf

Is it better to be a wolf among sheep or a sheep among wolves? When a person is a sheep among wolves, this means that he is weaker morally and physically than his surroundings. He cannot fight back and is almost always defeated. But the wolf among the sheep behaves quite differently. What can a man learn from a wolf?

"There are many more sheep than wolves in the world" Jeffrey Lindsay

There are many more sheep than wolves in the world. If you have the character traits of a wolf, then you are a strong and purposeful person. There is such a popular movie "The Wolf of Wall Street", which tells about a broker played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The film shows the character of a businessman who does not play by the rules. A sort of "wolf" style of behavior among the sheep. Do you have the traits of a wolf?

What a man can learn from a wolf

1. Wolf survival. The wolf adapts well to circumstances, uses every opportunity and fights for survival according to the situation.

2. The wolf is a reliable defender. The wolf will defend his pack and his territory to the end. Anyone trying to harm or going too far becomes the wolf's enemy.

3. Courage of the wolf. The wolf is not afraid of anything or anyone. He has the courage and courage to confront the enemy, it is impossible to intimidate him. The wolf is a fighter by nature and fights desperately.

4. Controlled aggression of the wolf. Wolves are recognized as treacherous and cunning animals. They can pursue prey for a long time and survive before an attack. Sometimes a wolf can attack the enemy when the victim least expects.

5. The wolf operates in the dark. The wolf goes hunting and acts at night. He loves calm and silence, preferring to disguise himself and strike at the right moment.

6. The wolf knows strength. The wolf sees the enemy stronger than him and avoids the fight. The wolf is cautious, he feels the strength of opponents, which makes him dangerous.

7. Wolves are fair. Wolves are the orderlies of the forest. They are pure, noble and fair creatures.

8. The wolf is free. The wolf has its own rules of life, at the head of which is freedom and independence. He does not live in captivity and is not subject to training. The wolf follows its own laws and cannot be forced to obey the rules.

Answer yourself. Just be honest. Are you a wolf or a sheep?