We play life and observe ourselves from the side.

Life is a game, the first rule of which is to consider that it is not a game at all, but in earnest. The idea of ​​perceiving life as a game.

It seems to us that games have gone with childhood. The child is told: be more serious; don't run, don't jump; restrain your emotions, behave calmly. So gradually the game as a manifestation of childhood in us is suppressed. And we begin to take any problems too seriously, to heart, and not finding solutions to them, we fall into despair.

They say: "All life is a game, and the people in it are actors." It is believed that the idea of ​​perceiving life as a game belongs to the ancient Chinese, thanks to the parable that still exists today. A man who considered himself the most unfortunate came to the wise Taoist for advice. To explain his experiences to the Taoist, he compared his life with a boat, and there is a storm around, the waves toss and beat it. A feeling of hopelessness covered the unfortunate man, he believed that he was unable to do anything. The Taoist only smiled and suggested that if the waves were playing, then the boat could also be playing. And then the man understood everything! The game is a voluntary activity, and it is in his power to change events in any direction and get joy from life.

“Life is a comedy for those who think, and a tragedy for those who feel,” says Finnish writer and journalist Martti Larni, author of the bestselling book It’s Not Spoken Out Loud. In fact, the presence of a problem is our subjective vision. Everyone will see the same problem differently. One will wave his hand and, laughing, offer a simple solution. The second will grab his head and think that he is the most unfortunate. If you get to know these two fictional characters closer, it turns out that the first one easily manages others, dictates his own rules and conducts all affairs for his own benefit - and at the same time gets a lot of pleasure from life. The second man will accept the rules of the other, worry about all the events that happen to him, and will complain that life does not love him. And you have to decide which of these people you like to be.

You need to learn to perceive the environment optimistically, to enjoy every minute of life and be happy - to imagine that life is a game. Play, turn on your ingenuity, put forward your proposals, show life that she is not your boss, but you are partners. And may you win in this game or friendship wins. The English popularizer of the immaterial pursuit of happiness, Alan Watts, stated: “Life is a game, the first rule of which is to consider that it is not a game at all, but seriously.”

The word "lila" in Sanskrit (Sanskrit for Brahmins, Latin for doctors) - literally means "game", and the term lila is used to refer to the spiritually blissful transcendental activities or pastimes of God and his devotees. A well-known example of lila is the plot of the ancient epic Mahabharata. From a human point of view, these are chronicles of a brutal massacre between two kindred clans. With the divine - as Krishna puts it in the text, a deity incarnated in a human body - this is the moment of truth and the last test for all participants. “After all, one who has not been born cannot die,” says Krishna, referring to the soul, the true essence of a person who is not born and does not die, traveling from incarnation to incarnation in the hope of again merging with the absolute. Everything begins in the cage of cosmic consciousness.

Of course, nothing will work right away, experience is needed. Imagine any game: the one who has been playing it for a long time, constantly improving himself, will skillfully win in any case. A beginner, of course, will stumble, make mistakes, but gain experience.

The Eastern vision of the game is different from the Western vision. If in the West the game presupposes the presence of a winner and a loser, then in the East only the process is important and there can be several winners.

Let's move on to practical advice.

When two close people argue and quarrel, most often someone takes over, but both have an unpleasant feeling, mental anguish and relationships are spoiled. Both lost. In this case, it is worth giving in, even if there is a feeling of being right, as a result, calm and warm relations will remain, both will be pleased that the dispute is over. Both won. It is important not to bend events for yourself, but to calmly observe and do what you need at the right time.

Do not set goals that are almost impossible for you to achieve. No matter how hard you try, you will only deplete your strength and miss out on all the joys of life. In the end, you will lose. It is better to clearly define your tasks, priorities and quickly adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the game. This will give self-confidence, a feeling of fullness of life.

How to learn to interact with life and enjoy the game? For this, there are special exercises that will help to gain experience, which was mentioned above.

Here is one of them, the simplest, this exercise will help you simultaneously participate in the event and be distracted, look at it from the side. You need to choose an object and divide yourself into two people inside yourself. The first person must mentally perform actions with the object, experience emotions and feelings about this. The second should contemplate and evaluate the situation in parallel. The performer of the action will see only one use case for the item, while the contemplator must present many solutions. Over time, you will realize that any situation can be treated with several kinds of feelings.

Application of this exercise in a specific situation. When you really don't like something, split into the performer and the contemplator. Go through all the possible negative and positive points in your head, but at the same time focus only on the positive. Your attitude to the situation will change dramatically, and you will no longer react painfully to it.

The game has accompanied a person throughout his history and to this day remains, in spite of everything, one of the main forms of human activity. Nevertheless, its colossal importance in the formation of personality is often underestimated, and hypertrophied economic, scientific and technological growth, which led over several generations to radical changes in the lifestyle of a modern person, entailed, among other things, the rapid displacement of the game from those areas of life. where she occupied her rightful place before. The science of the game and the game of science.

If it seems to you that everything around you is tired, nothing new, everything is gray and boring, wake up all your senses, look for something new. Objects, smells, sounds... You will feel the breath of the wind on your skin, you will hear the birds singing, you will see how beautiful the clouds are. Feel the taste of life!

Every time you worry, worry, ask yourself the question “Why?”, answer honestly. And when you are honest and obey yourself, you will become a pro at the game.

The game in life will help you become self-confident, you will understand that nothing controls you, but only you decide. Think of a situation in your life that seemed tragic at the time. Then a week passed, a month, and you remembered with a smile how stupid it was. And why not treat any situation like that from the very beginning? There is no secret, just get distracted, remove the cover of emotions and look at it from the side.

Photo: Petras Gagilas flickr.com/gagilasAuthor: Anna Kunovskaya "Private Correspondent"