Ways to quit smoking permanently

Today almost every second person has a cigarette in his hand. Both men and women smoke, the elderly, teenagers, almost children. Now this bad habit is recognized as quite standard. But if earlier smoking was considered a sign of coolness, now the propaganda of quitting tobacco has reached unprecedented proportions. On each pack, an image of diseased organs and other terrible consequences is drawn.

However, there are still a lot of smokers. In stores, a rare buyer does not “grind” even with a pack of something to raise. Some of my friends often complain that they really want to quit, but it just doesn’t work out. I, as a purely non-smoking person (as a teenager I tried several times at a party after alcoholic libations, but didn’t go), I never understood this problem. Is it really so difficult to just take and stop pulling all sorts of filth into your mouth?

And so I finally wanted to figure out what, in fact, lies the catch. After all, smoking is not so cheap now, and the pleasure of bitter hot smoke in the lungs, to put it mildly, is doubtful. So why do cigarettes have such a strong grip on the throat of people who succumb to this bad habit? Today I will tell you the most popular ways to quit smoking forever. But first, let's get acquainted with the professional database of the problem itself.

How it all starts

As I remember now, I'm 14 years old, I'm in the 9th grade. On the way home after school, I meet several girls and a couple of guys behind the garages, enthusiastically lighting one cigarette for all. They inhale timidly, cough hard, but, as they say, the cat cried, but continued to eat the cactus. One girl said almost immediately that she didn't want to try again, but the others shamed her. You're not with us, are you? the company was outraged. Their girlfriend hesitated and did not find anything smarter than to finish off the already pretty worn-out cigarette to the filter.

Here is the first reason for you. A lot of people started smoking in their teens, because that's when you want to be cool and grown up the most. Well, like those guys who tar near the factory gates. Others dragged on for the company. After all, it is difficult psychologically to refuse a group of people. Few people like to stand out from the crowd. This takes courage.

Another eternal companion of smoking is alcohol. It doesn't matter how much you drink. Even if up to this point the cigarette was not yet in your hand, now you will definitely reach for a pack helpfully extended by one of your friends. Now, a heart-to-heart talk on the balcony will go easier. There is something to do with hands.

And what about those who started poisoning (and in fact you do exactly that) at a conscious age? Here, most often, studying at a university, work and an endless stream of stressful situations played a huge role. A powerful psychological habit is formed. I smoked, relieved stress - now I don’t want to kill my colleagues with a chainsaw so much now.

Harm of smoking

Surely you have not heard about this except from the iron. On every corner they say that tarring a cigarette is bad, harmful and complete fu. But it's still just words. Most perceive these phrases as banal agitation and attempts to crawl into someone else's brain. However, there is, of course, a serious grain of truth in the threatening words. Here is just a short list of consequences:

1. In addition to a bunch of other nasty things, every cigarette contains nicotine. It poisons your body, namely, it paralyzes the hairs of the epithelium of the bronchi, leads to inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and irritates the stomach and esophagus. So much for spasms, which are expressed in the form of "smoker's cough." And to add to the heap problems with digestion. So close to the ulcer.

2. Let's move on to the accompanying components of each cigarette. In fact, you smoke far more than just tobacco. Think about it yourself, because there is also special paper, filters that do not work at all on the same principle as air filters, special impregnation of the “filling”. As a result of regular smoking, you inhale almost a kilogram of super-toxic resins that will never leave your unfortunate body with blood. All this muck tightly covers the lungs. As a result, they lose their natural elasticity, which leads to a decrease in the inhaled air and a decrease in oxygen in the blood. Say hello to chronic anemia and emerging cancer. And it's not just scary stories, my friend. More than once I saw blackened lungs in jars of formalin on the tables of teachers at the medical institute.

3. The quality of the blood becomes less. First, it turns into a thicker and more viscous mass, which leaks worse through the vessels blocked by spasm. Secondly, the number of red cells decreases. So much for the terrible diagnosis of "leukemia", which is also common cancer (leukemia). Thirdly, the risk of blood clots increases. As a result, you end up in a group of people who are significantly more likely to have a stroke and heart attack than the average non-smoker of the same age.

4. You yourself become a pest. The environment, by the way, suffers no less. The rest of the people have to inhale cigarette smoke in its pure form, so to speak. And it doesn't lead to anything good. So smoking at home or on the balcony is not the best option for other family members. I would not be surprised if someone already suffers from allergic reactions or frequent bronchitis.

5. The habit goes into the stage of addiction, like a drug addict. It is only at first glance that cigarettes do not belong to prohibited substances, from which certain segments of the population catch a temporary buzz and watch “cartoons”, staring at the carpet on the wall. If you smoke several cigarettes every day (for some, this amount reaches a whole pack or more), then a decrease in the concentration of nicotine in the blood leads to nervousness, aggressiveness, and even physical discomfort.

As you can see, all this does not lead to anything good. A bad habit does harm, first of all, to yourself. But why is it so difficult to take and give up cigarettes? I'll tell you about the main catch.

Why quitting smoking is so difficult

Giving up nicotine entails a lot of negative consequences for the body. Here is the main list of such manifestations:

  • deterioration in attention and concentration (very critical for people who spend a lot of time driving or working with hazardous equipment);
  • frequent breakdowns and decreased self-esteem;
  • physical weakness and deterioration in general well-being;
  • irritability;
  • aggressiveness;
  • increased appetite and, as a result, weight gain;
  • depression.

Yes, dear reader, smoking is really bad. It's just unhealthy and also expensive. Stress can be completely removed without touching bad habits. Let me still cover in more detail effective ways to quit smoking forever. Because only a few can pull themselves together, throw out the started pack and endure all the pangs of rejection.

1. Nicotine patches

So that the body does not experience a shock from a sharp absence of poison, many experts recommend gradually reducing the dose of the incoming harmful substance. If you find it very difficult to completely quit cigarettes, a special nicotine patch will help you cleanse. The main objective of this unusual invention is to slowly reduce the level of a harmful substance in the blood. That is, in fact, you already don’t smoke, but you still need to feed the body.

Advantages of this method:

  • convenient;
  • no need to take smoke breaks;
  • small and inconspicuous under clothing;
  • no harmful smoke;
  • can be used and replaced at any time;
  • The blood is cleared of horse doses of toxic resins.

Disadvantages of patching:

  • rather expensive method;
  • it will also have to be weaned over time (nicotine enters the bloodstream, albeit in small doses).

In general, the benefits outweigh. But the desire to hold something in the hands remains. And yet the psychological dependence does not disappear anywhere. We move on.

2. Special chewing gum

In fact, it works like a band-aid. By occupying the jaws, at the same time, you gradually reduce the craving for “poison sticks”. The nicotine withdrawal is not so strong, since a certain dose of the substance is still present in the chewing gum.


  • it's more natural to use a rubber band than a band-aid if you're in a crowded place;
  • the effect of seeds is created (you switch more strongly from a harmful addiction to a less harmful one);
  • nicotine withdrawal syndrome is not so severe anymore (you no longer look like a zombie with a nervous tic);
  • packaging can always be carried with you even in your pocket;
  • Most people won't realize that you're struggling with smoking (common gum, whatever).


  • again, a biting price tag (easier to buy cigarettes, honestly, it will be cheaper);
  • have to chew almost non-stop (there is a risk of getting a nickname associated with a cow);
  • disgusting taste.

By the way, the last drawback is a key one for most smokers (although, in my opinion, how much more disgusting is the taste of smoke?). Many simply can't bring themselves to constantly chew nasty gum, so they end up quitting and returning to cigarettes. But if you show stamina, you can say goodbye to cigarettes once and for all.

3. Spray

The principle is the same: if you want to smoke, you puff it into your mouth from a small can. The content of nicotine in the spray is negligible, but it allows the body not to be stunned by a sharp rejection of cigarettes and turn you into a lady who is in eternal PMS.


  • you gradually start to move away from cigarettes and smoke breaks;
  • the application looks rather mundane, as if he decided to freshen his breath;
  • the taste is not particularly and disgusting (not foie gras, of course, but tolerable);
  • The small bottle is convenient to take with you wherever you go.


  • expensive, man, expensive again;
  • habituation to the spray is formed;
  • no lasting effect.

In principle, all the ways to quit smoking permanently described above can be a real salvation from constant voluntary harm to health. The main thing is to really want. And you will also have to endure a little inconvenience in the form of a vile taste and the gradual emptying of your wallet. Willpower, whatever one may say, will still come in handy.

4. Visiting a narcologist

This method is more serious and radical. But you shouldn't be ashamed of this. Just admit that there is a problem and it needs to be solved as quickly as possible, before the lungs have time to turn into embers. Not only inveterate drug addicts come to such a doctor. Don't let the name of the specialization fool you. But smoking, in fact, is also an addiction. So don't waste your time and make an appointment.

Your doctor will most likely advise you on medicines that suppress stress, strengthen the nervous system, and also help you adjust your lifestyle. It is necessary to take all these drugs strictly for their intended purpose and in the indicated doses. Still not enough addicted to pills. Do not try to find cheaper analogues in pharmacies. They may simply not give the desired effect, and the “incompetent” doctor will again be to blame.


  • more serious approach to the problem;
  • emphasis on psychological attachment, which is the basic component of any bad habit;
  • the help of a good specialist, who probably helped out more than one smoker.


  • you will be surprised, but high-quality drugs also cost a lot of money;
  • the amount of nicotine in the blood will drastically decrease, so the withdrawal syndrome will still be present, whatever one may say;
  • it is not always easy to persuade yourself to go to the doctor (usually men visit the clinic only when a piece of a spear in the back begins to interfere with sleep);
  • Sometimes stress-reducing medications have side effects such as decreased concentration and drowsiness (important for motorists).

By the way, your doctor may well prescribe you a nicotine spray, patch, or chewing gum from the points above. Still, this is a very common way to stop reaching into your pocket for a cigarette. I recommend visiting a narcologist at least for him to prescribe sedatives. Without them, it will be much more difficult to cope with the desire to smoke in a difficult situation. And here, maybe you can handle it yourself when the eye stops twitching.

5. Acupuncture

This method cannot be called traditional. However, if we consider all the ways to quit smoking forever, it will certainly be included in the list of the most popular. Against the background of modern methods of getting rid of bad habits, it is acupuncture that is the most ancient and proven for centuries. Its effectiveness has been proven by experts in the field of medicine. And the result appears quickly enough.


  • you do not stuff your already tired body with any additional chemicals;
  • don't puff and chew like crazy all day;
  • rather quickly get rid of psychological and physical dependence, bypassing the nicotine "withdrawal".


  • effective only if you are treated by a real professional, and not one who wants to earn extra money with a minimum investment;
  • it is extremely difficult to find a competent and experienced practitioner;
  • A quality acupuncture course costs slightly less than a month's all-inclusive stay in the Maldives;
  • not a very pleasant procedure
  • are you sure you're ready to let needles stick in your most unexpected places?

This is a “double-edged sword”, when you want and prick. Sorry for the dumb humor. Just an illiterate specialist with just one incorrectly placed needle can deprive you of taste, smell, vision, or even the ability to walk. And I'm still silent about potency (it's better to lose your legs, right?). Is it worth it to be so afraid of drug addiction?

6. Food analogues

something not so bad. A friend of mine got rid of the habit of smoking with the help of ordinary lollipops like "Bon Pari". I sat on them for 3 months, then quit smoking altogether. But he has the willpower, of course, what is needed, I admit. Not all ways to quit smoking permanently can give a similar effect.


  • not so bad;
  • no nicotine enters the bloodstream;
  • are much cheaper than all other methods;
  • sweet improves mood and reduces irritability;
  • Psychological attachment gradually fades away.


  • You can put on a few extra pounds if you constantly stress sandwiches or fatty nuts;
  • this trick will not save you from “breaking” anyway;
  • there is a risk of harming digestion and disrupting normal eating patterns.

As you can see, there are a couple of tricks here too. If you do not want to get better, I advise you to start playing sports in parallel. At the same time, you will develop lungs that you have been ruining with cigarette smoke for years. Here's an extra incentive for you to quit smoking: don't be a panting weakling in the eyes of the gym's patrons.

7. Electronic cigarettes

Now it is quite a popular way to refuse real cigarettes. Especially often with such a thing you can meet young people. After all, vaping is not forbidden by age. But here there are several nuances.


  • no nasty smell of tobacco;
  • a very low dose of nicotine to reduce withdrawal effects;
  • others do not suffer at all;
  • You can soar almost anywhere, without going outside in the rain and frost.


  • are you an oligarch by any chance? (electronics themselves, as well as their components, cost a lot of money);
  • While trying to get the effect of real cigarettes, it is very easy to overdose without even feeling the danger.

In fact, as far as I have seen from the example of my own friends and acquaintances, the main thing is to find the right motivation and really want to say goodbye to smoking forever. This is the case with the treatment of any other harmful addiction. Until the person himself understands his problem and decides to make at least some effort to eliminate it, no one will help.

Just set yourself the right goal: to become an athlete or at least start going to the gym, to attract a super beautiful girl who hates smokers, to quit the “baka” for the sake of the family, in the end. Pull yourself together and everything will definitely work out. Good luck!