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Ways to increase vitality

If you work hard like a horse and get tired like a dog, you won't last that long. You need extra vitality to move mountains.

Life energy is such a strange thing that no one sees, but can easily feel. When you have a lot of it, then the mood splashes over the edge, and you understand that you can turn the mountain without being out of breath.

And, conversely, when the energy ends, thoughts and movements become lethargic, you feel tired, and gradually realize that you have only two urgent needs: where to sleep, and how to make sure that no one interferes with this.

The Chinese call it "Qi", and even created a whole Chinese medicine Qigong, which translates as "control of Qi". But, perhaps, today I do not have enough Qi to write an article about Qigong, and I will simply tell you about several ways available to everyone to pump their life energy.

Exercise every day

Regular exercise is the easiest way to increase vitality. Exercise will increase breathing and blood flow, which means that every cell in your body receives more oxygen and nutrients than at rest. And the better your cells feel, the better you feel, and the more energy you have.

If you are not a sports fan and your goal is only to increase energy, then you do not have to stick to the system. Do any exercise that puts a strain on your muscles, but do it regularly. Do morning exercises, run, jump rope, swim, ride a bike - any activity is good.

Healthy eating

Your life energy depends on what you eat. Fill your mouth with junk food and your energy level will drop. If you regularly eat unhealthy and artificial food, then depending on your attitude to religion, your energy will either be deposited in the fat compartments of the body, or flow out through a special point in the middle of the forehead.

Products that have undergone a long and complex cycle of industrial processing cannot contain many vitamins, minerals and other useful substances that are so necessary for the body. If they can be there at all. And that is why you should pay attention to the most natural and healthy food.

If you want meat - take raw chicken breasts and cook instead of buying sausage or sausages. If you want milk - take ordinary cottage cheese instead of the beautifully packaged “Miracle Curd”. And, of course, your biggest friends should be fruits and vegetables. They will increase your vital energy.


Our body has two states: hungry and full. In a hungry state, the body supplies energy to all systems and organs harmoniously and evenly, while cleansing and removing toxins.

In a full state, almost all the energy goes into the stomach, and this explains the sleepy and dull state of satiety after a heavy meal. Intermittent systemic fasting will allow you to better cleanse the body, and not spend most of the energy on digesting food (especially the harmful ones from point 2). I didn’t just say systemic - you need to starve according to your mind, and not at random, and this is a topic for a completely different article.

Drink water

It would be logical to write “drink coffee” here, since coffee is a well-known and simple energy drink. However, I am opposed to increasing some parameters of the body at the expense of the deterioration of others, and coffee in this regard is a very controversial drink.

Therefore, I can call ordinary drinking water the best drink to increase vitality. Water helps to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, water is a source of oxygen and nutrients, after all, our body is largely made up of water. Therefore, to increase energy, instead of alcohol and coffee, drink plain water, and at least a liter and a half per day.

Normal sleep

This is another prerequisite for maintaining a high energy level. The body of a person who does not get enough sleep does not have time to properly cleanse, recover and prepare for a new day, and as a result, every such day is given more and more difficult. The presence of a computer, the Internet, and a lot of entertainment in it, like games and social networks, gives many temptations to stay up.

It even comes to information addiction - this is when you are sitting at the computer, you have done everything, you seem to get up and go to bed, but you cannot tear yourself away from the screen and climb to read or watch at least something else. In this case, weak vital energy is provided to you - and not only due to lack of sleep.

Avoid multitasking

Energy gurus often keep silent about this, but I'm not a guru and I'll say it. An obscene amount of energy is consumed by our multitasking when we take on several things at once.

Therefore, if such situations often occur to you, think about how this can be avoided. Perhaps some time management techniques and organization of work activities will help. In general, do things in order, do not start the second case without finishing the first, and you will be happy.

The above tips are just the beginning. Choose what is most convenient for you, and soon your energy will increase. But if you do not know where to start, I will offer you something that has helped me a lot - follow a normal sleep pattern, point 5. Perhaps sleep provides the most significant influx of energy.