Vulgarity, naked priests and boobs

Girls are funny and stupid. They post pictures of themselves in lingerie, swimwear, or semi-nude. Girls pose in overtly sexual poses, and then declare that "the goats only want sex." Men have someone to fuck and even in excess, but there is no one to date.

Fashion for erotic, semi-pornographic photos on Instagram and other social networks has crossed the line of reason. It's time to summarize the complete lack of intimate shame among users. More precisely, not users, but only girls.

Modern girls consider it normal to upload photos not only in revealing swimsuits, but also in underwear. Some cover their private parts with their hands or clothing. It's like they're ashamed. They pose in frankly erotic poses and participate in photo shoots without clothes, which anyone can then see.

Since when did all the girls become models and porn actresses? Why has it become the norm to put your tits and ass out for everyone to see? Now, to see the almost complete naked body of a girl, it is enough to go to her page on the social network and flip through the feed with photos. What a parade of models, porn stars and workers of the oldest profession?

After showing their naked bodies all over the Internet, do girls say that “men are assholes and only want sex”? That they see in them only an object to satisfy their instincts. A heifer or skin to play with. What do you want? What can be seen in a half-naked ass and boobs on the entire Internet besides this? Is the girl smart, serious, mature, purposeful, suitable for the role of a girlfriend or mother of children? Ugh…

And then these girls want to get a good job, apply for high positions and want to find a normal guy. Who will mess with a girl who looks like an available chick?

Why can any outsider and random person see the most intimate photos of a girl? It looks like a sell high price or sale sign. See what you can get if you have something to offer. Usually it's money.

Vulgarity, naked priests and boobs are relevant alone only with your man, and not the whole world. Girls should not ask why men fuck some and marry others. Everything is obvious.

The social media feed is full of vulgarity, naked priests and boobs. There is someone to fuck, and even in abundance, but there is no one to meet.