Virtual connections. They live on the Internet.

Internet dating with a girl is a black cat in a poke. Perhaps this is the beginning of a fleeting romance, or maybe fate, so choose carefully.

Wait, life, don't pass by. He is here, he is also alone in the network. They got lost again, like children, They can't break these adult networks. "Assol and Gray" group "Zimovye Animals".

Many people got acquainted through the Internet: someone gave up this business, someone drowned completely, and sometimes we just go back there again. What for? Yes, not that there would be complexes of appearance or lack of acquaintances, the Internet is the fastest and easiest place to make connections. Mostly for the purposes of acquaintance, there are those who have some kind of weak spot: lack of free time, inability to get to know each other, excessive modesty, unattractive appearance, and simply not too gifted by nature. You can’t, of course, hang labels on everyone, but, for the most part, this is true.

There are many places for online dating. Ranging from chats, contacts and ending with a favorite place for some complete losers - dating sites.

It is very easy to meet a girl on the Internet, especially if she wants it too.

Clearly, a little information about yourself in the questionnaire will not hurt. The photo, preferably, should not belong to the series: “me against the backdrop of Soviet carpets”, “me and my rattletrap”, “me and my drunken friends”, “me and a cool car” (not mine and a no brainer), “I’m in Turkey/Egypt/Crimea". The photo should be unusual, preferably with an application for originality and, of course, taken not on a friend's phone. It is better not to use Photoshop, leave it for notorious pimply boys. Using avatar services, where they glue your best photo with some garbage, leaving the site's inscription on it, looks moronic. If you think it's cool, know it's not. Perhaps the same original gopnitsa girl is already tired of waiting for her prince in a white rusty Mercedes, and here you appear: in fashionable sweatpants, black shoes, with a gun / a wad of money and in a gold chain. Yes, use condoms, take pity on the gene pool of the Motherland. If you do not belong to these characters, remember: what kind of photo is the owner, and about 30% of success depends on it.

Information about yourself may or may not be filled in. It’s worth writing something at all, it will help to catch on to the conversation at the initial stage, this is another 5%. You can, of course, wait until they pay attention to you, but then there should be a good bait in the form of your semi-model appearance or a non-trivial profile. It is better to go yourself in search of a future passion or temporary entertainment, the more it is more interesting to choose than to be chosen.

You can, of course, not write about what you don’t need to write, but some stubbornly continue to make mistakes like: “hello, how are you, let’s get acquainted” [thirteen]. She heard these phrases more than you heard your name, and know that her beautiful face from your phrase has already distorted behind the monitor and the girlish thought “one more snob” refers to you. You can ask any fact from her information or comment on the photo, but such a question should be asked to her for the first time. The question should evoke emotions: surprise, bewilderment, anger, interest, and best of all, laughter. You can ask for some advice, for example, what is the best gift for your terrier dog for 1 year. Challenge her to argue, ask for a conflict, and each of your phrases should make you want to respond. That girls like guys with humor and positive masculine traits is probably not worth saying.

If she does not answer your questions or does it very sluggishly, it is best to choose another "victim" to save time and nerves.

If it's really tight with fantasy, act like one of my acquaintances. He sat under a female nickname in the chat and waited for the guys to start getting to know him, he wrote down the options that impressed him and then used it himself. Yes, if you write with errors, it is better to use word or a tadpole neighbor to check.

When choosing an interlocutor, you should pay attention to her photo. Photos of only the face or with a veiled figure may not be accidental. And recently, the good command of graphic editors by girls surprises. True, everything will be clear on a date, but it is better to avoid meetings when, when approaching her, her legs give way, and her left eye begins to twitch nervously.

Getting a meeting is a little more difficult than waving tongues at monitors. The offer to take a walk, in fact banal, should not look like that. For example, ask if she likes sopromat and, if not, offer to go together to bury / burn the course "Technical Mechanics" in the yard of her teacher. You can invite your fish to walk together, of course, you shouldn’t take an aquarium, although if you lock it up, then to the question: “Are you a fool? What, ben, did you take it? you can answer: "I really wanted to please you" - this usually captivates the ego of "carriers of pigtails."

The Zimovye Zverey group sang best of all about dating on the Internet in the song Assol and Gray.

Online dating with a girl is a black cat in a poke. Perhaps you will wake up with her tomorrow morning in the same bed and this is the beginning of a fleeting romance, or this is an unsuccessful relationship, or maybe this is the future girl and mother of your children, so choose carefully.

Those who have not tried to get acquainted through the Internet - let them try, and those who have already tried - let them give up this unpromising business. Suddenly, the future passion is already walking in the street, in a light dress, and is waiting only for you, and someone is gathering dust behind the monitor and chasing ghostly nicknames. Good luck!