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Video clip: "Our children are the future of the country!"

Black Star inc and Football Club "KUBAN" present a presentation of a social video: Our children are the future of the country.

From July 20 to July 23, in Krasnodar and in the Krasnodar Territory, large-scale shooting of a social music video by an artist of the Black Star inc. Music Hayk with the support of FC Kuban for the song "Our Children".

The song "Our Children" was written last year and presented as part of a Moscow charity concert that took place on Children's Day - June 1.

The project was initiated by a member of the Board of Trustees of the Moscow International Foundation for UNESCO, one of the most famous Russian artists and producer of the label Black Star inc. - Timati. The ideological inspirer of the joint social video was the presidium of FC Kuban.

The goal of the project is to promote a healthy lifestyle and develop children's football in the country as a whole and in the regions in particular.

Shooting locations spread across the territory of the Krasnodar Territory, including in the capital of Kuban itself - on the main squares, sports school grounds, the central stadium of FC Kuban and sleeping areas of the city of Krasnodar.

Legends of world and Russian sports and show business took part in the filming of the video for the song “Our Children”: Lasina Traore, Artur Tlisov, Timati, Music Hayk, as well as several hundred children-athletes and ordinary Kuban schoolchildren.

Directing team: Aleksey Figurov (Khudyakov Production Sport.)

Timati: “The song “Our Children” should become a mouthpiece of publicity, calling on the growing generation to achieve high goals in the future, victories in life and faith in your dream. I have been doing charity work for more than 2 years, I regularly visit orphanages and special institutions for children deprived of parental affection and care. I perfectly understand that if not us, then who will tell our children, the future of our country that society needs them, that we believe in them, no matter what! We want children to know that we are here! Not somewhere out there on that groan of a screen or a radio receiver, but in every house, in every heart.

Artem Mironov (Commercial Director of FC KUBAN): “We decided to go for such an unusual experiment precisely in order to remind modern people, especially young people, about true values, which are our children. For us, as for a club that was created more than 80 years ago and has existed all these years as a social flagship in the Krasnodar Territory, any social project is important and a priority. We consider ourselves fundamentally responsible for the social component in the current work of our club. Our mission is to take children away from the streets through the ideals of sports and a healthy lifestyle, to bring them to sports grounds. We want to draw the attention of parents to the problems of their children. The main goal is to reach out to people, to their hearts. Until those people who today have changed their life guidelines and live with false values, even refusing to have children. Some simply do not pay attention to their children and consider it normal for the state to take care of their upbringing. It takes a push to get people to think about it.”

Music Hayk: their potential and overall development. I don't have children yet, but they will definitely appear. I believe that the song “Our Children” expressed in its content the main idea that I and the authors of the track put into its meaning: we are responsible for our children, only we, adults, can help the “flowers of life” turn into a beautiful blooming garden. I would really like every person in our country to have the opportunity to hear this song on the radio and on the Internet, every day being charged with its positive energy.”

Arthur Tlisov "FC KUBAN": "After I found out for which goals shoot this clip, I felt a serious responsibility. Participation in this grandiose and important project for society was a special moment in my life. I think that the clip "Our Children" will awaken the impulse of desire in children to go in for sports, and their parents will be encouraged to take their children's upbringing more seriously. I think that in the future, at the end of my career as a football player, I will take up coaching and work with children. So the experience that I got on the set with small athletes will definitely come in handy for me.”

Lasina Traore of FC KUBABAN: “This is not my first experience of filming a music video – once I already shot a music video in Romania. But the clip "Our Children" is not just a video, it is an important social project aimed at popularizing sports. I understand that being a famous footballer, I am in the spotlight, which is why I have to set only a good example. On the set of the video, I met great guys, everyone is eager to play professionally. My job is to support them. I will never refuse advice or attention. True, the language barrier sometimes affects, but we, the athletes, understand each other without words. The clip "Our Children" is intended to remind that caring for children is our direct responsibility.

Singer Valeria: “It's wonderful when public people have a desire to help children and develop charity. I was especially attracted by the fact that in this case such activities are aimed at a variety of children. It is good that in our country there are those who help children not to feel lonely, those who can help realize their dreams - through sports, through support, attention, kindness. It is very important to remind children that adults are open to them and are always ready to help and support.”

Music Hayk - Our children.