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Veteran Rules

The generation that grew up in difficult conditions, fought and rebuilt the Motherland from the ruins was completely different. The rules of life for veterans, one of the strongest and most worthy generations of our country.

Veterans have lived long lives and have much to learn from.

Veterans' Rules of Life

1. Previously, people were ready to share the last, but now everyone is greedy and evil.

2. Life is too short to waste it on stupid things.

3. Difficulties and difficulties will always be, but that's okay.

4. Men used to be more masculine and mature. Now there are few of them.

5. It is impossible to pass by injustice.

6. A person does not need so much to be happy.

7. We must love the Motherland and be a patriot.

8. Decency and honesty are worth a lot.

9. I don't believe in religion, but I believe in God and good people.

10. Today's youth is too soft.

11. A man should not be afraid of anything.

12. Remember the history of your country.

13. You can't be indifferent.

14. Women used to be kinder, wiser and more tender.

15. There are things much more important than money.

16. One should live with dignity, so as not to be ashamed.

17. Be kinder and more sincere. Take care of your loved ones.

18. Love makes us all better.

19. We will all die someday and we should not be afraid of this.

20. Never give up, move towards goals and dreams.