Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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Unshaven, untidy and fat women say that men should love them

Feminists continue to fight society and call to be yourself. Have a fat body and advocate for body positivity? Wear plain clothes and look like a retired bum? Do not shave your armpits, legs and intimate area? Girls demand to be loved for who they are. But men do not agree and go to pretty girls.

The world is slowly going crazy, and some are already.

Unshaven and unkempt girls

"You must love us for who we are!" - say women, represented by active feminists. Throughout January, some women try to launch the Januhairy flash mob. Which translates as "hairy January". Feminists urge women not to shave hair on all parts of their bodies: legs, armpits and intimate area.

Women have the right not to shave their hair and look as they please. This is their personal decision and choice. Feminists scream: "You must love us for who we are!" Stop! Should not. You don't need to force society to love it. We ourselves choose which women we want to communicate with and which ones we don’t. A man is not obliged to love a unkempt girl, but who requires love from him. Your choice is unkemptness, and our choice is other girls who take care of themselves. Only and everything.

Full and fat girls

Another part of feminists calls to love all women, regardless of their shape and weight. In magazines, television and the Internet, they are trying to shove overweight women. They are proudly called plus-size models. Women proudly pose, throwing out their bodies for show, which most people are disgusted with.

"You must love us for who we are!" say plus-size models. But to be honest, they are not plus-size models, but ordinary fat women. This is not body positivity, but a banal unwillingness to get in shape and looking for excuses. Body positivity is self-respect and love for the body, not an endorsement of obesity. People bring themselves to this state. Most fat women claim that they have such a constitution and disease. But according to statistics, such cases account for 2-3% of the total number of fat people. Why such propaganda of obesity, unhealthy lifestyles and early mortality?

Women choose athletic, energetic, successful and strong men. They don't want to date bums, alcoholics, losers or sluts. Likewise, men choose high-quality girls that they like.

Unshaven, unkempt and fat women claim that men should love them? No, they shouldn't. Real men gone? No. We left to look for more adequate, neat and beautiful girls.