Ultimatum: marry or break

How it all started beautifully, the candy-bouquet period turned your head, your blood boiled, a pleasant languor spread through your body about only one memory of your loved one. You were ready to be together endlessly, not to part for a second!

Time inexorably runs forward, you fell in love, started dating, began to live together, arranged a life... a year or two passed, and you still did not tie the bonds of Hymen. The offer of a hand and heart from a man has not been received, and, most likely, of good will, it will not.

What should the girl do then? She feels hurt and used in every way. In fact, that's pretty much how it is.

It is convenient for a man to live with a woman and not marry her, and for a woman, in turn, this position is less beneficial, and she will try to radically change the situation in the opposite direction.

Why and why she needs it, and for what reasons a man does not want to marry her, we will consider in this article. Today we will also find out what ultimatums a woman can put forward in this case, and what this can lead to.

First, let's consider why a woman wants to become the legal wife of her man, and not a concubine.

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1. Status

At a certain period, a woman becomes embarrassed, and she tries in every possible way to avoid questions from others about when, finally, she will officially marry.

If only she had made a decision in this matter, the wedding ring would have flaunted on her finger long ago, but sometimes she lives in ignorance just like those around her.

Tactless questions have to be involuntarily laughed off.

Some women continue to cohabit with men without asking them an uncomfortable question, often because they don't want to hear an unwanted answer.

Often in this case, a woman loves a man and is afraid of losing him. She tries her best to show him that she is the best: she cooks the first, second, and dessert, indulges in bed, perfect cleanliness at home. But a man takes it for granted, uses everything that a woman gives him, and lives for his own pleasure.

And why should he also marry her? After all, it's so convenient. A man by nature is a hunter. Do you think fishing would be interesting if the fish themselves would jump ashore to the fishermen, and no effort would be needed? Most likely not.

So is the man. Why would he marry a woman if she acts as if she is already his official wife.

By the way, if a man loves a woman and is jealous of her others, he will try to marry her faster and conceive a child with her in order to demonstrate to society that this female is already taken, and other gentlemen "do not shine."

If a woman behaves like a “dead fish”, which itself swims to the shores, then the attitude towards her will be appropriate.

The status is important for a woman, that she is married, in order to demonstrate to others that she is in demand and desirable as a woman, the male paid attention to her, oh Gods, and condescended to officially marry her, and is even ready to conceive child with her!

In this case, the lady's self-esteem skyrockets, and she feels like the happiest woman on the planet!

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2. Security

Officially being married is legally much safer than cohabiting with a partner. Although with good lawyers and loyal judges, of course, it is not difficult to prove that you led a joint life, amassed property, and generally lived like a real full-fledged family. But still, why complicate things so much if you can just officially register a marriage?

3. Children are born in marriage

This is also important! So that no one points a finger at your child as illegitimate, it is better to give birth to him in a registered marriage. This will avoid unpleasant procedures for establishing paternity through the courts, if suddenly the legal dad doubts that the child is from him.

4. A stamp in your passport will help save your family

Yes, sometimes it happens that your love boat gets into a storm. So, so that she is not smashed to pieces on the shores of everyday life (which is often accompanied by the presence of a mistress on the side), it is safer to be legally married at this time. Agree, leaving a cohabitant with whom nothing connects you is much easier than leaving a lawful wife. It even sounds different. If the cohabitants broke up at one fine moment, then they say so about them - they broke up or "he broke up with his girlfriend." Broke up and broke up, nothing special There may be a dozen more such girls in his life. And it's a completely different matter when they say - "they got divorced" or "he left his WIFE / left his wife." The latter, as a rule, is sharply condemned by society, mainly by its female half. In such cases, the stamp in the passport, indeed, sometimes helps to save the family. The time it takes to dissolve a marriage is sometimes enough for the legal wife, through tears, tantrums, threats, persuasion, the help of parents, friends, father-in-law and mother-in-law, to be able to save the marriage!

Therefore, many girls strive to get the coveted stamp in their passport, as a guarantee that the family will last for a single year.

Now let's think about why a man has a diametrically opposed view of these things.

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1. Status

The status of a married person does not interest him. Rather, he will even remove the ring in front of the girl he likes to hide his marriage. Not all men are like that, but most of them are.

2. Security

Do you know the famous phrase that the freedom of one person ends where the freedom of another person is violated? Also here. The freedom of a man ends where the "safety of a woman" begins, because most likely, in the event of a breakup, it is she who will go to court and prove that she led a joint life with you with a request to share the jointly acquired property, and not you.

3. Children

Every man knows that by tying him in marriage, you will not force him to love your children and give them voluntarily more money than is required by law.

A woman naively believes that a stamp in her passport guarantees her good alimony in the future. However, this trick irritates men, and out of revenge, they sometimes deliberately cut alimony to their ex-wife for the maintenance of their common children.

4. Stamp in the passport

Every man deep down knows that the stamp in the passport sometimes really helps to save failed relationships and not destroy the family, so they try to avoid official marriage.

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Ultimatum: get married or break up

Which one of them will win - a woman who wants to acquire the status of an official spouse, or a man trying to stay single as long as possible?

The winner is the one who is ready for radical measures in order to dot the "I".

“Let's get married or separate!”, - declares in an ultimatum form a woman who is tired of begging for a promotion on the family front.

If a man really loves her, he will immediately decide in favor of creating a family, if not, he does not have serious plans for this woman and only uses her as he pleases. There is no point in maintaining such a relationship, it is better to leave and meet such a person who will not have a question whether it is necessary to register a marriage or continue to cohabit with the one who will never become his wife...