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Types of sex that should be in a relationship

What kind of sex do men and women want to have? Bright and unforgettable. All people love to frolic and enjoy intimacy. How to make an intimate life full, satisfying, interesting and rich? Sex that absolutely everyone wants to try.

The richer the sex life, the stronger and better the relationship. If you often fight in a relationship, then maybe it's because you don't have enough good sex? As the Austrian psychologist and psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud said: “Only the complete absence of sex can be considered a sexual deviation, everything else is a matter of taste.” There is no such thing as good sex.

Sex is an important part of relationships and life itself. Without it, it is impossible to feel healthy, satisfied and happy. But sex doesn't have to be boring, predictable, and insipid. How to diversify sex and make intimate life rich? Here are 50 options for sex that will not let you get bored alone.

Types of sex that should be in a relationship

1. Sex in the rain or shower. It's like kissing in the rain, only better.

2. Love with at least an hour of foreplay when both of you are already exhausted from desire.

3. Sex on the kitchen or other table when intimacy is more like an adult movie.

4. Sex with continuous eye contact.

5. Sex in a public place, where you can be taken by surprise, adds to the thrill.

6. Animal sex with bites, scratches and bruises when you mate dirty and rough.

7. Sex in clothes, when you are only partially naked. You pulled up her skirt or dress, and lowered your pants yourself.

8. Drunk sex, when you are ready for new bold experiments that sober people would not dare to do.

9. Sex with the use of role-playing games, where you are incarnated in different characters. There is unlimited room for imagination here.

10. Spontaneous sex that you didn't plan at all. But that is why it is wonderful and beautiful.

11. Sex near the wall, when everything happens like in a vicious movie.

12. Perverted sex, using handcuffs, whips and other naughty toys. You've always wanted to try it.

13. Sex at work when you are alone during lunch.

14. Mutual masturbation, when you satisfy each other with your hands.

15. Very slow, sensual and unhurried tantric sex.

16. Sex on a bed that is covered with rose petals.

17. Sex to fall asleep faster when you have insomnia.

18. Hot sex on the floor before you even made it to bed, burning with passionate desire.

19. Sex with a vibrator, strap-on or other sex toys. It's so messy and so interesting.

20. Sex, initiated by the second half.

21. Intimacy, when you have a lubricant gel with you for more pleasant sex.

22. Sex, when both partners moan loudly and sexually.

23. Sex in the bathroom when you are wet, hot and turned on to the limit.

24. Romantic sex in a hotel room, like you are lovers.

25. Quick sex called "quickies" when you want to be in time as quickly as possible.

26. Sex with your favorite music in the background.

27. Anal sex, for which you have prepared in advance.

28. Sex on a birthday or other occasion, when one is allowed anything.

29. On the train, under the sound of wheels. The airplane toilet is great too.

30. Sex after a good fight, when you are emotionally turned on and still a little angry at each other. Have sex like you are enemies and hate each other.

31. Sex, when you play the roles of the opposite sex, as if changing places.

32. A long and tender embrace that gradually leads to exposure and sex.

33. Love using products from the refrigerator.

34. Sex in a drowsy state on the verge of sleep. Sex in the morning, when one of you wakes up from caresses.

35. Only oral sex, as if you were teenagers. Blowjob and cunnilingus. Yes. Pose 69? Fine.

36. Sex on the roof, balcony or near the window, with the risk of being noticed.

37. Watching adult movies to try something different and new.

38. Sex when the main object of pleasure is the clitoris.


39. Sex on a running washing machine is good and unforgettable.

40. Secret sex, when you try not to give yourself away with sounds so as not to attract attention to yourself.

41. Proximity in the bath, sauna or on the banks of the river.

42. You don't even touch, you just masturbate looking at each other.

43. Sex in a car that is parked in a dark parking lot, in a forest or other secluded place.

44. Sex reconciliation, when you want to sort of seal the truce. Here both will have to try so that the “deal” is concluded.

45. Sex using different parts of the body. Sex between the girl's breasts, periodically falling into the mouth. Sex in other places and parts of the body.

46. Experimental sex, when you decide to try something new. Kamasutra!

47. Intimacy, when one of you does all the work.

48. Sex using the roles of master and slave from BDSM.

49. Cool sex in nature, when everything feels completely different. As if you have returned to the bosom of nature and the beginning of civilization.

50. Romantic sex after a romantic evening.

A vibrant sex life will help you strengthen relationships and make you happy. And that's a lot in today's world. These 50 types of sex are a must have in every happy relationship. All love and sex!