Types of orgasm

Sex is not the monotonous rhythm of a jackhammer, but an art-like action. Taking the initiative in sex and the result, in the form of a strong orgasm, will not keep you waiting.

"Firework", "Surprise", "Cloud", "Swing", "Storm", "Flight" - these names speak for themselves and give the young lady simply enchanting sensations.

Orgasm fireworks

Successive bursts of pleasure, fast and rhythmic, ending in a delightful explosion for her. With this technique, you will allow your girlfriend to experience a whole series of intense orgasms, one after another. In total, at the peak of pleasure, you can hold it for almost an hour.

How to achieve such an orgasm

You have to bring her almost to the very orgasm over and over again, slowing down just a few seconds before the finale. The best way to do this is to stimulate the clitoris with your fingers or tongue. In order to slow down, you just need to slightly change the place of application of caresses and, after waiting half a minute, continue at the same pace and with the same strength. Keep a close eye on the girl, stopping not too early, but not too late. You will have to bring her to the brink of orgasm at least 4-5 times, then the concentration of endorphins - hormones of joy - in her blood will be maximum and the orgasm that she will eventually experience will be simply fantastic.

And one more piece of advice: penetration should be delayed as much as possible. When you do enter the girl, move with short but strong thrusts, while not forgetting to continue caressing the clitoris.

Ogre Surprise

This is a fast and intense orgasm, often leading to some sort of ejaculation—her milky white juice. There is no need to be afraid of this - it means that you did everything right.

How to achieve such an orgasm

Start by stimulating the G-spot by caressing it with your thumb or middle finger in strong circular motions. With the fingers of the same hand remaining outside, you can simultaneously caress her clitoris. Then move on to frictions. Choose a position that will stimulate the front of her vagina as much as possible, and with it the G-spot. Any position from the back is fine for this.

In order for the stimulation of the G-spot to be strong and constant, you must first not go all the way into it and at the same time move your hips in a circle or from side to side.

The result is worth the effort: an orgasm achieved through active stimulation of the G-spot is considered the strongest and most intense female orgasm.

Orgasm cloud

This orgasm is not as sharp as the previous two, but it causes a particularly strong surge of emotions. A soft wave of pleasure originates in her vagina and gradually covers her entire body.

How to achieve such an orgasm

In order to experience such an orgasm, very thorough stimulation of the vaginal walls is necessary. According to sexologists, the “spoon” position is best suited for this: you both lie on your side, you press your chest against her back. For closer contact, you can put your foot on top of the woman's legs.

This position allows you to actively stimulate the lower, most sensitive third of the vagina, as well as to select the optimal pace and amplitude of movement. Such an orgasm cannot be called especially strong and bright - but it is easy to perform and a girl can achieve it without any problems.

Swing Ograzm

This is a fast-moving and equally fast-decaying wave of pleasure that starts at her hips and spreads throughout her body. Such an orgasm can successfully replace sleeping pills for a girl, as it contributes to complete relaxation.

How to achieve such an orgasm

Stimulation of the clitoris is required, combined with stimulation of the G-spot, which is located on the front wall of the vagina in the first third of its length. Start with caresses of the clitoris: 75% of women, it is these caresses that allow not only to reach the peak of pleasure, but also to completely relax in the shortest possible time. Actually sexual intercourse begin in the missionary position. Then lift yourself up a little, leaning on your hands so that your hips are at an angle to her hips. In this position, your pubic bone will slightly stimulate her clitoris and the impact on the G-spot will also be quite strong. For greater effect, you can accompany the friction with circular movements of the hips.

Orgasm storm

A long, intense, pulsating orgasm that affects both the clitoris and the nerve endings in the vagina, and along its entire length. If you manage to properly stimulate the deep part of the vagina, your girlfriend is guaranteed a wave of pleasure passing through the entire body for about 20 minutes.

How to achieve such an orgasm

Stimulate both the clitoris and the vagina. And you need to use the not too well-known point A, located in the lower part of the vagina, between the G-spot and the uterus. The best position for this is in which the girl sits on the edge of the bed or table, legs spread wide, and you enter her with deep pushing movements, while combining normal frictions with hip movements from side to side. Your pubis in this position touches the clitoris and stimulates it. Take your time - it will take quite a long time for her orgasm to come. Move slowly, without breaking the rhythm, and, in the end, she should feel the onset of an orgasm coming from somewhere deep in her body.

Point A is not so easy to find - you may need more than one workout. This type of female orgasm is especially good for unhurried sex in cases where her sexual hunger is not too strong. Let's say if for you with her this is the second or third sexual intercourse in a day.

Orgasm flight

This orgasm is something special. He will allow your young lady to experience what in psychology is called an "altered state of consciousness." She will forget about everything and completely dissolve in what is happening. But only if you both have the patience to do everything slowly enough.

How to achieve such an orgasm

This sexual technique came from the East, where special attention has always been paid to the harmony of body and soul. The main thing in this case is not to rush, to act as slowly as possible, while trying to feel the closeness of the partner as fully as possible, to feel her mood, her every movement. Start with soft, gentle caresses of the body - in slow circular motions, avoiding the breasts and genitals. These caresses should last at least 15 minutes, after which you need a break - just lie down, hugging each other.

Then move on to genital stimulation. Caress each other just as slowly, the movements should be as soft and gentle as possible. Continue in the same spirit for at least an hour, and then again briefly stop and snuggle up to each other. Feel the rhythm of the girl's breathing, the beating of her heart.


After a break, you can penetrate it - just two or three centimeters and make frictions with just such an amplitude, without penetrating deeper. Continue such movements for at least 10 minutes, and only then can you fully enter. And then stop again. Stay for a while without moving, then get out of it for a minute or two, without stopping caresses. Now you are both in the highest stage of arousal and are ready to experience an orgasm. Therefore, when you start frictions again, they should immediately be deep and strong enough. Ask the girl - as soon as she feels the approach of orgasm, let her squeeze the muscles of the anus and vagina as much as possible and begin to actively move her hips towards your movements.

This technique is quite difficult - you both will have to prove yourself not only skillful, but also very patient lovers. Excessive haste, of course, will accelerate the onset of orgasm - but it will be familiar, without a touch of exotic. This technique is good to practice in the morning on a day off, when you are not in a hurry and are ready to arrange a sex marathon for each other. Such an orgasm is able to cheer up any lady - it provides the maximum concentration in the blood of the hormone of joy - endorphin.