Turn life off on autopilot

For most of your life, you operate on autopilot, guided solely by habits and reflexes. You do something, you go somewhere, you do something and somehow you function. But 90% of your actions are the result of autopilot.

We spend most of our lives without coming into conscious activity. We live on autopilot, like robots with a pre-programmed program. We obey impulses without being aware of what caused them. We woke up, ate, ran for business, came home, had a snack, rested a little and went to sleep. In the morning the program is repeated in the same way. On the weekend, a little entertainment, and then on to a new weekly circle.

We do not have self-control of actions when most decisions are made on an instinctive level. We inspired ourselves that this is how it should be, which means we are acting along a given route. But this autopilot does not allow us to get out of the well-trodden rut. Look at people in transport in the morning. They are like wound up robots that run about their business, not paying attention to what is happening. So are you, like a small tired cog that has firmly taken its position.

Why is it bad? One day you will wake up and feel miserable. You will be in the position you least wanted to be in. It's fine if you're still young enough, but what if you make it to retirement? At that moment, it will be too late to take off the autopilot, when the best years of life are long gone. It's time to wake up before it's too late, otherwise you may miss all the fun, along with the prospects.

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How to turn off life on autopilot?

Life on the machine is much easier, because you do not need to think at all. But such a strategy leads to the fact that your mind follows the path of least resistance. You are ready to be content with little in work, deeds, relationships, friends, circumstances. You clearly chose a flock of titmouse when there is every chance to catch a crane.

How to activate conscious life? There are methods that allow you to wake up, as if from a lethargic dream.

1. Slow down and be aware of what is happening

We are used to running all the time without thinking about what is happening. As a result, we run all the time, not seeing the real situation around. You need to slow down a little and think when it's required. Stop, think a little, reflect on the situation. Don't let your reflexes work, not yourself. Do not take every situation automatically, but choose for yourself what to react to and what not to.

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2. Exercise

Unconscious autopilot impulses can be reduced by exercising. Regular exercise makes the brain and body work better. At such a moment, the reserves and forces that are so needed wake up. Autopilot is life on its last legs, but sport changes the situation. You have the strength to move mountains.

3. Rest

Life on autopilot is the result of excessive fatigue, distraction and low energy. In addition to sports, rest restores strength. But when was the last time you rested and slept? You sleepy and you do not get enough sleep - these are two completely different people. Sleep at least 7-8 hours, give yourself rest, take breaks from work. This will get rid of the routine.

Clayton Cardinalli, Unsplash

4. Try something new

Turn off life on autopilot by bringing in something new and interesting. Do what you've never done. Go to an unfamiliar place and meet new people. Expand your social circle, horizons, education and skills. Develop, show interest and curiosity to new things. Do not let yourself become an old man who hates everything new and unusual. Do not fight against development and progress, but use it for your own purposes.

5. Meditate and reflect

Give yourself time to meditate or rest for at least 30 minutes a day. At this time, you can reflect, think about something and dream. Such a rest will give a chance to slow down a bit, reflecting on the situation in life. You will better begin to understand yourself, deal with feelings, define desires. From the tangled tangle of thoughts, ideas and plans for the future will begin to appear. Meditation and quiet reflection help you to understand yourself.

6. Act consciously

Get out of everyday life and routine, and for this, start acting consciously. Always ask yourself questions: “Why? Do I want and need it? This will allow you to get rid of the habit of doing what you have always done. Maybe it's not in your interest? Maybe the goals have changed? Maybe you want something completely different? Accustom yourself to the fact that a minute of reflection can save you from something that is absolutely not interesting to you.

Clayton Cardinalli, Unsplash

7. Get out of your routine

Turn life off on autopilot by getting out of your comfort zone. Do not sit where you are used to and warmed up, when a dream can be at arm's length. Get out of your routine, try new things, take calculated risks, and create your own opportunities. We are waiting for you a lot of interesting things, and you are sitting in one place.

Turn off life on autopilot and start living to the fullest. Precisely life, not exist…