Trying on a tuxedo

Wear a tuxedo and impeccable style to any event as 007, guest of honor or wedding groom. Trying on a tuxedo. If you received an invitation to an official evening reception, anniversary or performance marked Black tie (eng. "black tie") or Cravate noire (fr.), then it's time to try on a tuxedo.

Presumably the word "tuxedo" comes from the English "smoking" (smoking). At balls and soirees, gentlemen often retired to special smoking rooms. To reduce the smell of tobacco, and also due to the fact that in those days smoking and billiard rooms were not heated, men put on a smoking jacket (smoking jacket), and took it off at the exit. When smoking cigars, the ash should fall on its own and it was not recommended to shake it off, so it often fell on the suit. And the lapels, specially trimmed with satin, made it easy to shake off the ashes, bringing the suit into a presentable look.

A tuxedo is an open-chested black jacket with long, satin or silk lapels. The color is sometimes dark blue, but it is the black tuxedo that is considered a classic. In very hot climates or in warm weather, a white tuxedo is worn, but with black trousers. Colored tuxedos are worn by the staff of expensive establishments and hotels. The analogue of a tuxedo in American is called dinner jacketsuit (evening jacket).

A tuxedo can be single-breasted or double-breasted, English collar and shawl collar, with two, four and six buttons. With a single-breasted jacket, they wear either a kamarband belt or a vest. The stripes on the trousers must be of the same silk as the lapels of the tuxedo.

A tuxedo is selected according to the figure. A double-breasted tuxedo visually enlarges the figure and suits thin men, while a single-breasted tuxedo makes the figure visually slimmer. Classic, and almost always popular, is the single-breasted black tuxedo.

Lloyd Hill, Burberry tailor, warns against buying tuxedo pants that don't fit properly: "Grooms often fail to buy pants that don't fit!" says Hill. “The bigger ones want a cut without folds in the front, but there is no room for the sides and hips, the stomach falls out - it's terrible. Those who are thinner can wear trousers without pleats, while those who are larger should choose a pleated cut.

Accessories to a tuxedo


A tight starched shirt-front, a stand-up collar with turned-up corners is put on a tuxedo. A white shirt with a turn-down collar is also fashionable now, the sleeves of which must be fastened with cufflinks.


To the tuxedo, instead of a belt, a cummerbund belt is put on. It appeared later, after the First World War, and was borrowed from the military dress of the British troops in India. Kamarband is put on with an elongated edge down, and the folds should look up, sometimes there are pockets in them. Without a camarband, tuxedo trousers can be worn with suspenders.

Bow tie

A black bow tie is usually worn with a tuxedo, of the same color and fabric as the kamarband.

Pocket Square

A beautifully folded handkerchief can be placed in the breast pocket of a tuxedo for a more sophisticated look. The pocket square is combined in texture and shade of color with a bow tie.


Classic black low-heeled shoes with a thin sole, laces (closed lacing) and an elongated toe. Shoes should not be patent leather, such shoes are designed to be worn under a tailcoat. Long black silk socks are worn under the shoes.


If a waistcoat is worn, it must be short and of the same material as the lapels of the tuxedo.


Thin dark (black) gloves (like) are better under a tuxedo.

Other tuxedo accessories

With a dark tuxedo, you can also wear a white scarf, take a cane and a top hat. With these accessories you will look like a real gentleman. Although for serious events - it may seem a bit outrageous. Wristwatches are never worn under a tuxedo, only pocket watches or none. The gentleman's look is completed with a cigarette case, guillotine, cigar case and pocket ashtray.

Now the tuxedo has evolved from evening to day wear, and the combination of tuxedo and jeans is already acceptable.

Buying or renting a tuxedo as needed is a personal matter. If you wear more than once a year, then you should think about buying a tuxedo. A tailor-made tuxedo looks completely different and will decorate the wardrobe of any modern and successful man.

Wear a tuxedo and impeccable style to any event as 007, guest of honor or groom at a wedding.

Now you can safely say: “My name is Bond. James Bond.