Try and don't be afraid

How often do we say to ourselves: "I want to try, but I'm afraid." As a result, you do not approach the girl you like with whom you could be lucky. You're afraid to try a new job, a new place to live, and a new hobby. If you never use the chance that has turned up and the good opportunities that fate offers, then what can you count on in life? You are old enough to start trying and not be afraid all the time.

Everything always begins and goes from childhood. Where did this fear of trying something come from? Maybe from the top of the pool, where you've always been afraid to jump? Maybe with a bully who was afraid to fight back? Maybe with a beautiful girl whom he was afraid to approach? Maybe from the university, which he was afraid to choose, so as not to upset his parents? Maybe from work or hobbies that you wanted to try, but were afraid of?

Now it's hard to say where you originally got this fear of trying. Have you ever tried to do something but didn't succeed? Perhaps at one time you fell off a bike or a fence, daring to try something? You once suffered the first defeat, and after that you stopped trying.

You could be completely different

Who are you now? What are you? Think about how your life would have developed if, as a child, you had jumped off the top of the pool, punched a bully in the nose, approached a beautiful girl, received a different specialty, or did something in your own way? Everything could be different. You would be at another point where you might be 100 times happier.

Your whole problem lies in the fact that you never try much or at all. You do not use the wonderful chance that fate gives. What is the secret of millionaires, stars, playboys and other successful people in their field? It lies in the fact that they are not afraid to try again and again until they win.

Don't be afraid to do, be afraid not to try!

A well-known playboy who lacked good looks and money was asked about his secret of seduction. Guess what it was? Playboy stated that every girl was asked to go on a date. As a result, he had a dizzying success with the fair sex, had many mistresses and married a rich beauty. He used every chance, and did not miss it, like you. Try and don't be afraid to approach the girl you like.

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, who was also a hit with women, followed a similar pattern. The rocker claimed that once in his life, he dragged more than 5 thousand women into his bed. What's the secret? One day he told it.

“Do you want to have sex with all the beauties in the world? Roll up to each. But without familiarity - you should not approach her with a glass of vodka and, drunkenly staggering, slap her ass. Act like this: you approach, indicate your intentions and see if there is a response signal. Women are like traffic lights, somewhere the green light will light up.” Gene Simmons

In business, career, work, and even science, it is the effort that counts, not the fear of failure. The theoretical physicist Albert Einstein argued that only those who try can achieve even the impossible. But if not, what can you expect?

How to use the chance?

You just need to grab the chance with your hands and teeth. The real losers are not those who fail after defeat after defeat. Losers are people who are so afraid of failing that they never even dare to try. Losers never jump at a chance, even if it knocks on their door. They lock themselves in the apartment and climb under the bed, under which it is “safe”. But what would happen if they went to the threshold of the house?

I want to try, but I'm afraid. How often do you talk and think about it? Every time you do this, you miss the opportunity to change everything. Do you think fate will often give you chances? She will get bored with time. As the years go by, you have fewer and fewer options.

How to change everything for the better? Don't be afraid to fail, but be afraid not to try. Grab with both hands for all the good chances. A beautiful girl is walking down the street? Ask her out. She might say no, but at least you tried. But some gorgeous girls will give you a chance and turn the traffic lights green, opening their arms to you and more.

Grab onto new courses where you can get a different specialty. Get knowledge, go to seminars, post resumes, drive to interviews. All this is a great chance to get what you want the most. Such an active position will allow you to fully fulfill your potential in life.

Create your own opportunities

Try it, don't be afraid. Take advantage of every great opportunity. But what if the chances are not given, as if you are not worthy of them? Create your own opportunities to get a chance. Shake fate yourself to take it by force. When chances are rare, you need to bring more activity into life. Go to new places to meet new people. Install dating apps. Get an education, read books, complete courses, send out resumes, apply for jobs and look for other opportunities.

Take an active life position! And this is not all that you do, or rather do not do.

Sometimes we miss chances because we lead the wrong way of life. Gene Simmons, mentioned above, said: “How many times have you missed a great opportunity just because you got drunk on the firewood?” How many times have you missed an opportunity because you were sitting at home, drinking or being lazy? 10500 thousand times.

Give up the preconceived notion that you have absolutely no future, prospects and chances. Get away from patterns of thinking and look at the world from the point of view of possibilities. Wipe your eyes, because there are many possibilities in the world that can become your reality. Even the wildest dream. Show curiosity, inquisitiveness, which were in childhood. There are many interesting, pleasant, good, wonderful and cool things that you have not tried yet.

The world is open, and there are many chances and opportunities in it. Is there anything interesting and desirable in it that you can and want to try, but piss? Stop blocking yourself and be free. Don't be afraid to fail, but be afraid not to try.