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Tricks of fitness clubs and gyms

Why would you soon abandon the fitness club or gym, even if you took it up with enthusiasm? In fitness clubs, everything is planned so that...

It's only been 10 days since the New Year's vows, and you already give up? “It's not just laziness: fitness clubs don't want you to diligently visit them,” says El Mundo journalist Martha G. Alier. “In fitness clubs, everything is planned so that you buy a subscription, and then abandon classes. Why do we fall for this bait? — explains the author.

The journalist describes the Spanish fitness club of the prestigious Metropolitan chain: freshly cut flowers on the counter, leather sofas, bookcase, fireplace. It has its own spa and solarium. “Nothing suggests that people come here to sweat. To see the hall with exercise equipment and barbells, you need to walk along the corridor to the very end, ”the author writes.

In January fitness clubs get more visitors — by 30-40%. “But we immediately run out of breath. Most people expect to go to the fitness club twice as often as they actually do,” the author writes. According to the journalist, all fitness clubs - both expensive and economy class - do not want everyone who buys subscriptions to visit them. The fewer customers, the better their business goes.

Everything is thought out: there is nothing intimidating in the lobby where you are persuaded to buy a season ticket. The main thing is to attract those who play sports a little. “Fitness centers that are aware of this trick (and some, especially the cheap ones, encourage it) are accepting 10 times more customers than they can handle,” the article says.

Cheap fitness clubs expect to lose up to 60% of their clientele. “If you pay for an annual subscription, then you are not only the best client, but also finance affordable subscriptions for those who still go to practice,” the publication writes.

True, Metropolitan claims that their rotation is low: only 20%. “Unlike cheap clubs, we prefer to encourage loyalty in our clients. Our clients say that the difference is in individual consultations,” says CEO Sergio Pellon.

This is due to psychological mechanisms, the newspaper notes. “We feel more acutely that we are obliged to go to a fitness club when there is a teacher or consultant who knows and controls us, if we do not justify his hopes, we will be ashamed,” explains psychologist Angel Sobrino. In his opinion, the most important thing in a fitness club is good consultants.

“Another brilliant ploy of fitness clubs is the inflated monthly fee, which makes annual memberships look more enticing,” the article says. The client likes to imagine that he will go to the club every day and in a year he will look great. But if you tend to be lazy, this effect is counterproductive.

Sobrino advises short-term subscriptions. It is important for a person to feel that his investments quickly pay off, then the motivation will remain.

The newspaper found an innovative solution to the problem proposed by a group of American economists. “It is necessary to conclude an agreement not only with a fitness club, but also with one of your friends or relatives,” the author explains. You need to give a friend a certain amount of money. If you achieve the goal for which you visit a fitness club, your friend will return the money to you. If not, he will donate them to charity or spend as he pleases.

Source: El Mundo