Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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Trapped in reputation. Why a strong person does not need the approval of others?

Many people try to maintain their image, reputation and image, which they carefully created all their lives. But the concentration of forces on prestige and reputation binds hands. A strong and successful person does not need the approval of the crowd. A strong man himself knows what he really is worth.

The modern world is full of gossip and judgments of other people. Much of the conversation, in conversation and on the internet, is about other people. Everyone loves to grind bones or just discuss others. For this reason, people try to be nice, white and fluffy in order to please absolutely everyone.

Thus we are captured by reputation. Young people are especially affected by this. Young people especially suffer from this and often ask questions:

How to maintain a reputation?

How to improve reputation?

How to manage reputation?

How to have a good reputation?

How not to tarnish your reputation?

How to protect reputation?

One of the richest people in the world, businessman Warren Buffett, recommends that you correctly understand how to achieve a good life. There is a difference between an internal self-assessment and an external list of indicators. More important is internal self-esteem than ostentatious success. Therefore, the suckers who hang around cool cars will forever remain losers.

Why does a strong person not need the approval of others?

Focusing on maintaining prestige and reputation makes us weak. We become dependent on someone else's opinion, which is far from objective. Surrounding envious, vain and selfish. Most do not want you well, but dream of being better, richer and more successful than you.

They secretly dream of getting around you. They will pull you into their swamp so that you do not become better and more successful than them. If you constantly look at others and follow their advice, then you yourself become a loser.

VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram form an erroneous image of a person. Everyone is trying to post photos of travel, sports, weddings, cool cars and other signs of success. People are no longer interested in achieving their goals in life, as they stupidly try to maintain their virtual reputation. Everyone is afraid of what others will think of them.

The desire to preserve your reputation and image ties your hands. You are not free to do what needs to be done. What really makes you happy and successful. You are constantly looking at what people think of you. You try to be nice and fluffy for everyone, and others take advantage of it. You don't say no to protect your interests.

Trying to please everyone leads to a dead end. We are constantly thinking about what others will say. We are worried about this. This is how depression, stress, bad mood and moral suffering appear.

Look at the coolest, most successful, famous and rich people. They are little interested in gossip and whispering behind their backs of the gray mass. This is the weak voice of envious people who cannot see how others achieve more than they do. The cooler the person, the more impenetrable and imperturbable he is. He does what he sees fit and right.

Stop seeking recognition and support from others if you really want to be strong and successful. Make sure that you yourself are not ashamed to look in the mirror.

Set goals, work hard and mind your own business. Earn your own respect, not the jealous and gossiping crowd. This is the only way to become strong and achieve goals.