Top female sexual fantasies

Girls are only seemingly decent, modest and shy. In fact, girls love not only romance, but also rough sex in bed. The most secret and most sexual fantasies of women.

Girls are often afraid of being accused of depravity and depravity, so they hide their secret sexual desires. But it makes no sense for men and women to pretend to be something that pleases both parties. A few of the most popular female sex fantasies that she wouldn't mind trying out. But rather with pleasure.

Top female sexual fantasies

Sexual rape fantasy

Almost all girls dream of being raped by a sex maniac. Girls fantasize about how a maniac tears their clothes, pulls off their underwear and has rough sex. There is so much forbidden, wrong and attractive in this that girls turn on at the mere thought.

Sex with a woman

Many women fantasize about sex with someone of their gender, and some even have similar sins of youth with with their girlfriends. Girls dream of having sex with another woman because of the diversity and the fact that the other woman knows how to bring her to orgasm.


Sometimes girls want to be caught by others during sex. For random people to watch her make love and moan with pleasure. Public places are well suited for this, where anyone can catch a couple.

Stranger in bed

The thought of casual sex with a stranger stirs girls' blood. Women get turned on at the thought of a stranger touching their body and having sex. In this casual sex, a woman can do whatever she wants and behave as she pleases.

Group sex

Group sex is one of the most common fantasies of women. Girls are also not against the third in bed, but that it be a man.

Role reversal in bed

Girls wonder what it's like to be a man? Dress in men's clothes and men in women's? And come what may! It's definitely sexy.

Girls not only dream of many things like that, but also want to try.