TOP 5 sexiest male professions.

What are the sexiest male professions: military, strippers, businessmen, actors or others? Sexuality of professions.

Representatives of what professions are considered the sexiest representatives of the strong half of humanity?

I think that almost every woman dreams of having a gift: to determine at a glance what a man is like in bed. This will save not only time, but also energy. Well, if not at first glance, then at least according to some signs - appearance, hairstyle, clothing style, finger length or eye color. Of course, it is impossible to do this for such things, there will always be a representative of the stronger sex who will break out of the overall picture and statistics.

But still, you should not despair - it is still possible to determine the sexuality of a man. One has only to get to know the man a little closer, what he is not only in life, but also in the profession. Turning to my acquaintances women, calling a bunch of girlfriends, searching for information on the Internet, I found that many of the fair sex on the question of "the sexiest male profession" converge.

I tried to figure out if those very sexy male professions that most women call are really such?

1. Stripper.

Photo: Jorge Arana
The fact that this profession tops the list does not surprise me personally. Women are highly predictable creatures. A handsome, athletic, tanned man, of course, causes an irresistible desire. And if he also dances beautifully, then it's just great.

In fact: the profession of "stripper" is extremely nervous and stressful. Men almost 24 hours a day must control their desires. Unrealized fantasies that often arise for visitors to strip clubs can play a cruel joke with them. Therefore, in sex, they can disappoint. Moreover, it is unlikely that it will be possible to build a serious relationship with a representative of this profession. Do not build illusions!

2. Pilots, machinists.

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That is, representatives of the "painted" professions. Serious, strong men in uniform who lead a train or fly huge planes - what is not a subject for a woman's sexual fantasy?

In fact: to live and be able to do everything "on schedule" - that's what distinguishes the men of this profession. After all, the plane cannot be delayed only out of a whim or desire. They need a stable relationship, and they see sex as a physiological need. Do not be afraid to guide such a man. If he understands what exactly you want in sex and expect from him, then sex will bring joy and a lot of pleasure, he will try to do it the way you want.

3. Policemen, military.

People in uniform are always serious, ready for decisive action. It's almost impossible to surprise them. In bed, they are passionate lovers. And the number of stars on shoulder straps excites women no worse.

In fact: they do not understand flirting, they perceive any action, look, wave of eyelashes from the fair sex as a direct impulse to action, they are extremely persistent and do not accept refusal. You should not joke with men of these professions, any flirting is perceived as a call for sex.

4. Businessmen, entrepreneurs, executives, top managers.

Photo: liber
Men in pressed business suits from Armani or Hugo Boss, driving around in expensive cars, always smelling good... Who could be sexier?

In fact: the size of the wallet and the brand of the car do not always correspond to the sexual potential of a man. Often they experience difficulties in the intimate sphere. “Trust no one” is the golden rule of men in leadership positions. After all, everywhere they can set up, deceive, try to take possession of their property... This applies not only to business, but also to personal life. Therefore, liberated in bed for them is almost an impossible task.

5. Actors, artists, writers.

Photo: Jorge Arana
In general, people of creative professions. It is generally accepted that such men are romantics! They will sing serenades under the window, compose poems, paint pictures. And sex with them will be full of tenderness, love, beauty...

In fact: you have to admit that it’s not the man who will carry you in his arms, but you him. Representatives of creative professions love and demand to be admired, groomed, cherished... A monotonous sex life is not for them. Vibrant relationships and varied sex - that's what matters to them.

Opinions: New Angel Charlie: “Mmm… well, in my fantasy I would give myself to the pilot of the liner, so courageous, on which so many lives depend… Well, or the Ministry of Emergency Situations…:)))))) But this is just a fantasy. Or I would get a house worker for myself... Very sexy... But he would not have much time for cleaning:)))))) ”.

Game: “Of course, plumbers 🙂 what else can we talk about, and also builders are handymen. In general, that the overalls were on a naked body. I am not very attracted to the strict uniform of the military or pilots, it turns me on more, which is simpler.

Professional opinion:

Svetlana Kostina, consultant psychologist: “As far as I know, such studies have not been conducted, statistics have not been collected. Therefore, one can only speculate about such a dependence. I think some professions look more sexy, emphasize this masculine component. You can also recall the purely medical aspect: is there a harmful effect of the form of work on male potency, or, on the contrary, work allows you to lead a healthy lifestyle that improves health status.

My personal opinion: it is far from being a profession that makes a man sexy. Of course, fantasies are wonderful, but stereotypes should not be taken at face value. Sexuality is a quality that either a man has or he doesn't. If the representative of the stronger sex is sexy, any profession will be sexy.

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Author: Irina Bologova