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TOP 10 female shames

Every woman has secrets or shames that they never talk about. TOP 10 female shames that sometimes happen to the fair sex.

What don't women talk about? About your little shames. And don't lie that you didn't have one little shame that you didn't tell anyone about. Everyone had. Based on the results of communication with friends, this is the TOP 10 female shames.

1st place. Tights that you took off in a hurry with your jeans and forgot about them. And they haven't forgotten about you. And the next time you put on these jeans, the previous tights will first lie in a big lump in your butt area all day long, and then fall out of the trouser leg right into the subway. And some guy will definitely tell you about it.

2nd place. You were invited to the cinema. You came there dressed up, and just in case in a skirt. Because the film is about love and with bed scenes. What if the man at the climax cannot resist, and shakes your knee? you gracefully sit down in a cinema chair, and under its upholstery there are two cubic meters of air. And this air with a characteristic sound "prrrrrrr" loudly exits through a hole in the right side. And a child’s voice from the back row: “Mom, did you hear that aunt fart over there?”

3rd place. You accidentally meet the Man of Your Dreams. And you walk with him down the street by the hand. And then, as in advertising: “And this is my house. Would you like a cup of coffee?"

Would you come in!!!! And she went in and would have stayed there, if not for one thing: today is your Big Wash Day. Therefore, today you are wearing your mother’s shorts in blue peas, knee-length, and grandfather’s alcoholic T-shirt with the inscription “Olympic Games-80”, which you have under your sweater, so that it is warmer.

And you told him like this: “Oh, I don’t like coffee…” And he told you: “What kind of coffee do you not like? I have very, very strong coffee! You just can’t imagine how strong it is, and what a long effect it has!” And you stand and yell to yourself: "Dryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shut up!!!! I'm going to strangle you with my grandfather's T-shirt, you bastard!!!" And you're not going anywhere. Because you can’t go to the Ideal Man in Mom’s Pants.

4th place. Your hot water was turned off for 2 weeks, you have another Big Laundry Day and the only clean clothes available are your ex-husband’s vest and old leggings with a rubbed ass, you have PMS and you are all covered with acne like in the glorious “Where are my seventeen years?”, tomorrow you have an appointment in the salon - to dye your gray roots, and you were told not to wash your hair, and now you quickly jumped out into the street, to the nearest store for bread. And who was the first person you met at the door of this store? Right. My ex and his awesome new chick. And the worst thing is that your ex recognized you. And he said loudly: “How many years, how many winters! And you haven't changed!"

5th place. Damn T9. One day you send 2 text messages: to a man who asks “Why didn’t you pick up the phone yesterday?” and to his boss, who yells: “Why are you late?!”

You want to send a message to the first one: "Baby, I'm sorry, again some nonsense with the phone, your calls are not going through," but he flies "Baby, I'm sorry, I'm shitting again." And with a trembling hand, you type the text to your boss: “Sorry, I’m already running,” but he receives: “Sorry, I’m already running,” and then thinks for a long time. The consequences here are unpredictable.

6th place. Classic. Throw on a litre of bianco monkeys on Saturday - and write to the former “You ruined my whole life, rubbish! But I still love you!" - and send a photo with boobs. And in response to receive a message: “who are you, and why are you writing to my man at night?! PS. Boobs, by the way, are miserable. I have more”

7th place. Waking up on a Saturday morning in a strange place, in bed with the Scariest Man in the World. And remember nothing. And you don't have panties on. And it has it. And panties, and even boots. And a naked jacket. And now sit and suffer: was it or was it not? And where is my bag? And how to get out of here?

8th place. One fine day, your man finds out that princesses still poop. And he learns this much earlier than the day when he was supposed to know about it. You just didn't calculate the strength of his sleep, and your own abilities. The dream was not strong, and the possibilities, it turns out, are endless. And the fact that the princesses poop - found out not only your man, but the whole floor of his house.

9th place. Receive on March 8 as a gift from a man - a set of luxurious underwear. Where the bra is one size larger. And the joyful man demands that you immediately put it on right in front of him! And you would rather die than hear from him: “Damn... Well, I asked for the smallest size in the store. They gave me this one, and they said that there is no less”

It happens, baby, it happens!!!!!!! That's exactly the same size and it happens, only it has three kilos of push-ups!! And you have stupid lace on the bones. And what am I going to put in it?

10th place. Walk down the street, talk to a friend on the phone, tell her: “Oh, well, I expected more of course. there are eight centimeters, and have not yet reported at all. Yes, I know that the first pancake is lumpy... Okay, I'll give a second chance to a loser. Fuck him." And from behind like this: “Kha-kha..” You turn around - and he is standing behind you. And I heard everything.

Sorry. After all, the second time around, everything could have worked out.