Top 10 female reasons for sex

Do women succumb to sexual attraction, or is the main reason for sex is psychological factors? Women told the main reasons that push them to have sex right now. What makes women capitulate with lace panties and spread their legs?

Scientists interviewed about a thousand couples and came to the following conclusions. There are many reasons why women have sex. There are more than 300 of them, but there are the most common female motivators for physical, not platonic love.

There is a difference between casual sex and sex with a regular partner. In casual sex, women are more amenable to physical factors and attraction, and in long-term relationships for emotional reasons.

Anyway, scientists have compiled a list of the most important reasons for sex from women. Why does the fair sex jump into the bunk and get fucked?

Top 10 female reasons to have sex

1. I felt physically attracted to a man, so I spread my legs.

2. I wanted physical satisfaction and relaxation, so we hooked up.

3. The man was acting great and wanted to reward him with good sex.

4. I wanted to show affection and closeness to my relationship partner, so we ended up in bed.

5. I showed my love for a man with my body and sex.

6. I was sexually aroused and wanted to put out this fire below the belt with urgent quick sex.

7. I felt hot and a little horny.

8. It was cool and fun that sex happened on its own.

9. I realized that I fell in love, so I gave myself without thinking.

10. I had sex in a fit of passion.

We hope you use this information for your dirty thoughts and not just pass by.