To be loved by girls

Do you want girls to pay attention and run after you with a ponytail? The increased interest of girls can be caused if you behave differently than the rest of the inhabitants of this mortal planet.

People are too correct and constrained in their actions. They put themselves in a box, and then they suffer from it. This is especially critical when it comes to relationships. Don't be like everyone else, but behave differently. You will feel not only the increased attention of the girls, but also a sense of freedom in action.

To be loved by girls

1. Authenticity and vulnerability

Be real among the mannequins. In an age of fakes and superficial emotions, people are attracted to the originality of feelings. Don't try to wear a mask. Say what you feel, react sharply, show emotions. Show your true self. You have vulnerabilities and you're not perfect. Let your humanity show. The authenticity of the man is wild, sexy and alluring.

2. Devils in character and words

Good people tire with their ideality. Release your little imp from within. Let him play pranks and hooligans. Let the devil be ironic, criticize, engage in self-criticism, boldly joke, speak nonsense and vulgarity. A sharp tongue attracts others. Think of the American television series House M. D. Almost everyone likes the ironic Gregory House. In the American television series "Californication", the audience likes the loafer and womanizer Hank Moody. Everyone likes people with devils in character.

3. Heart and kindness

Thoughts with the heart, not just gray matter. Show your love to the world. Love for nature, good music, animals, creativity and people. You are not a cracker, but in your chest there is a heart that loves the world around you. Show kindness in your heart.

4. Confident sexuality

Many people are embarrassed to consider themselves sexy and act reserved. Be more confident, open and bold. Use your body, voice, emotions and character traits. Feel sexy and the girls around you will feel it.

Do you want to be loved by girls? Be different.

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