Tips that could one day save your life

How to use your intuition, not be an easy victim, find weapons, lead when kidnapped, survive in extreme conditions and much more. Tips that could one day save your life.

Even when you are rationally unaware of danger, your brain sends you irrational signals that can help you recognize an impending threat. What to do in a natural disaster and what to say to your kidnapper? You will learn all this from these tips!

13. Trust your intuition

Fear is a great gift that can save us. Never underestimate your intuition and don't write off your fear as a lack of intelligence! We react to unusual things, foreseeing possible bad signs in them - this is what the memory of our ancestors tells us. At the same time, we evaluate the people around us constantly, but an irrational signal of danger appears only in exceptional cases.

12. Use different items as weapons according to circumstances

To protect yourself, anything will do, even if you don't have a weapon with you. A broken heel, a belt, a broken mug or bottle, a pillowcase stuffed with something heavy, a ballpoint pen... In the struggle for life, all means are good.

11. Don't be afraid to be rude to strangers if you think they treat you badly

Your instincts guide you when you feel like being rude and unfriendly to strangers, especially if they don't understand the word "no". Many serial killers and maniacs use people's politeness to seize the moment and attack them. If you refuse the help or company of a stranger, and he does not seem to hear you, it's time to say loudly and clearly: “No! I do not want it!". And let it seem as rude as you like.

10. Don't be an easy target

Here are some tips to help you avoid becoming an easy target: don't get distracted by looking at your phone when you're walking down the street alone; do not respond to the "tricks" of a stranger; carry pepper spray with you; do not walk down the street at night alone in headphones (this lulls your vigilance); do not ignore your intuition if you feel that something is going wrong; be extra vigilant; do not let a stranger convince you if you say "no"; if someone is chasing you, turn around and look them straight in the eyes, then cross to the other side of the street and, if you continue to be followed, yell loudly.

9. Pay special attention to sudden unsolicited promises

Too many promises from a person that he will not touch you, make you suspicious of what exactly he wants to touch. Unconditional promises are a very wake-up call for intuition. People promise when they feel our doubts and want to convince us of something. For what? Better not to check.

8. Always carry first aid kit with you

Never drive anywhere without a first aid kit! If you don't have a first aid kit in your car, get one as soon as possible. Never go on a long walk without enough water and food, a flashlight, a lighter and another sweater. If you're coming home late, you'll need a pepper spray and a flashlight keychain. Always carry a supply of money with you in a secret place in your car or carry it in your boot.

7. Never admit that you are traveling alone, and do not share the details of your life with fellow travelers

It is even strange that sometimes you have to remind adults that that "don't talk to strangers." A little conversation on the road or while on vacation won't hurt, but don't say you're here alone and don't answer personal questions. No matter how harmless a stranger looks, don't trust him.

6. Learn a few self-defense techniques

If you pinch the attacker with all your might in the armpit, he will lose control of you (try to pinch armpit themselves, it really hurts). Take a self-defense course to learn a few tricks like this one. Yes, many items can be used as weapons, but if you are outside and you have nothing, you will have to defend yourself with your bare hands. The attacker will act assuming you can't defend yourself, so make sure you can.

5. If you were kidnapped, try to escape

If you were kidnapped, you first need to figure out why this happened and what the kidnapper wants. In addition, you need to try your best to build some kind of connection with the kidnapper. Don't insult or provoke him. Instead, cooperate with him, listen to him, and be calm. This increases your chances of getting out alive and unharmed.

4. Learn to apply the Heimlich maneuver to yourself

Only 3 minutes you can survive without oxygen, so if you choke on something, you will not have time to call an ambulance. You must be able to give yourself emergency help. If coughing does not help, apply the Heimlich maneuver - sharply bend over the table, leaning on it with the upper abdomen; repeat several times until the condition improves. You can also sharply and strongly press on the upper abdomen with your fists.

3. Save yourself on the high seas

The ocean can be deadly; if you like fishing, water sports or regatta - this item is for you. Any time you are at sea, the weather can change dramatically. Sometimes it seems that in the next few hours there will be complete calm, but the direction of the wind changes in a matter of seconds.

If you have an on-board radio, sound SOS three times with the ship's name, the number of people on the ship, your approximate location, and an emergency message.

On any boating trip, bring life-saving items in the event of a shipwreck: reflective material (such as a mirror) with which to signal distress, water and food, something to protect from the sun, extra clothing. Drinking sea water is like drinking poison, so pay special attention to drinking water.

2. Be aware of the rules for survival on a desert island

If you find yourself on a desert island, first of all try to find a source of fresh water. As you know, sea water and snow are unfit for consumption. You can drink rainwater, but what if you don't know when it will rain or if it will rain at all? If you don't have a source of water, don't eat. Food will make you thirsty. You can live 3 weeks without food and only 3 days without water. Do not eat until you find a source of drink.

If it rains, collect the water in any container or with a piece of clothing that will absorb the water. Find cover to avoid heatstroke. Another way to avoid being hit is to urinate on your shirt and tie it around your head.

1. Always be aware of those around you

Being vigilant can save your life. Know that one of the places where women are most often kidnapped is a supermarket parking lot or an office garage. Always be aware that you are not being watched. If a truck is parked door to door, climb into the driver's seat through the passenger seat. Always check the car before getting into it (someone might be hiding in the back seat). Once in the car, leave IMMEDIATELY. Never sit in a car, for example, fiddling with your phone, before driving away.

Another common site of attack is a public toilet. Think about how easy it is to lock you in one of the booths. You should not only not lose vigilance in such places, but also be aware of who surrounds you, in general. Your brain reads alarm signals well - you just need to trust it.