Tips from a Buddhist monk how to live a full life

A fulfilling life is not only a house, a car and a beautiful soulmate. A fulfilling life goes much further. Buddhist monks have picked up 10 tips that will make you more successful and happy.

Are you sure that a person is looking for happiness in the right place? A fulfilling life is much more than just a beautiful house or a modern car. It's about connecting with yourself on a subconscious level. Buddhist monks obviously understood this because instead of pursuing material possessions, they look deep. Listed below are the advice of monks who know what the true value of life is.

1. Keep trying

The worst thing technology has brought us to is laziness. According to the monk, it is very important to try several times before giving up. It is also important to try different approaches. When you realize that everything is useless, you need to accept and move on, but you simply have no right to give up without trying all the options. Whatever you do, it takes patience. You must develop the core and motivation in yourself to "never stop trying."

2. All answers come from within

A fundamental principle of monks is the use of intuition. To deal with the problems that the world throws at you, you must use your sixth sense. Buddhism students are given only a small amount of information with which they must solve big problems. This is part of their preparation to see the world in all its glory. The universe will open its doors to us, but we must be ready to accept its knowledge, following our own path and not being disappointed, at the very beginning, due to the lack of answers.

All answers are within us; we just have to look in the right direction and trust ourselves.

3. Defeat is part of growth

This is a lesson that only a few realize. Mistake or failure sets us up for the worst, which is essentially not true. You must keep in mind that there are always two sides of the same coin. Failures and mistakes are a learning process, that's the beauty of them. Someone can teach you a valuable lesson, but you don't realize its true meaning until you experience it for yourself. Defeat and failure are an important part of a fulfilling life, and yet we are afraid to take part in this learning process. The monks know that everything in life has two sides: the good is followed by the bad, just as growth is impossible without failure.

4. Know the power of impermanence

Impermanence is one of the most important Buddhist teachings and one who understands its essence can fully understand life. Nothing is permanent, and the sooner you understand and accept this, the sooner you can live life to the fullest without empty expectations.

5. Learn the art of patience

For some people, patience seems out of reach. Notice how quickly they get angry? Everything has a time and a place. Time is in the hands of a person, therefore it should not disappoint you. Patience is certainly a virtue, and when you can control it, you will be on your way to a full and happy life.

6. Forget what other people think

Society has the ability to program our egos. We are constantly worried about what other people might think or say about us. Feeding your own ego is not normal, and if you think that this will make you happy, then you are deeply mistaken. A contented ego does not mean that you will also be happy. If you can separate from your own ego, then it will allow you to grow spiritually. You must focus on what you think and feel, not on those around you. Only in this case, you will be able to achieve harmony with yourself.

7. Fight the internal enemy

The enemy is reflected. Just as all the answers are in ourselves, the main and most terrible enemy is there. You might think that your biggest enemy is the boss or the bully at school, but that's not the case. It is you who gives power to your fears and insecurities. You will not be able to achieve what you want without overcoming your inner enemy, which does not allow you to be happy. In other words, you need to overcome your inner fears.

8. Happiness starts from within

It would be cynical to say that happiness is built only on the basis of the spiritual side of life.

Family and friends, music, books, hobbies are all part of your journey. However, you cannot enjoy life if you are not happy inside. After you achieve inner happiness, it will manifest itself in everything that surrounds you. This also explains why meditation is such a significant practice for monks. Because it helps to develop the world from within, and when you can get in touch with your food, you will feel true happiness.

9. Be present

We hear this all the time, but stop and consider where your thoughts are at the moment.

The monks cherish every moment as if it were the only moment we can be sure of. If we learn to do our best—to do our best, to feel our best, and to enjoy every moment—only then will our lives be fulfilled. Meditation is an invaluable gift for those who find it difficult to focus their thoughts and be present in this particular moment.

10. Realize what is valuable for you, except for material goods

We all heard this simple truth more than once. However, for us people living in the 21st century, in a world dominated by the influence of the media, it is very difficult to insulate ourselves from material goods and needs.

Honestly, I would like to make a small board, hang it at home or make it into a collage for my phone. I think it could be called a "ground board". You can fill this board with pictures of people less fortunate than you, kids who don't have food or clean water, animals that need treatment, pictures of your grandparents, family, friends, phrases that express love. and compassion. All this brings me back to the place, in the moments when I am too fond of material consumption. This "grounding board" helps me get back to what's really important in this life.


It is natural to seek happiness and fulfillment in the outside world, but that does not mean that you should neglect the inner world. Those people who find peace within themselves, as a rule, are far from material satisfaction and public opinion. They are happy and full. However, everyone is different and by following the above guidelines, you can significantly increase your chances of being happy.