Tips for seduction of girls who work better than a pickup

Seduce girls like a pro, not an amateur. Pickup courses are only good in the virtual world of their organizers, not in reality. Working techniques that allow you to meet and seduce your favorite beauty. They may not work on all chicks, but on many.

How to please other girls? Stupid and abstruse methods of pick-up artists, from which it smells of mothballs, will not help here. Women are far from stupid and see a man a mile away who went to pick-up courses. Girls should be taken differently. Everything is easier.

Tips for seducing girls who work

1. Get the most out of your looks. Girls meet a man by appearance. 70-80% of dating success depends on how you look. Girls visually evaluate a man and decide how worthy he is of them. Girls like men of athletic appearance, active, strong, neat, well-groomed, with a snow-white smile, with a fashionable haircut, well-dressed. 90% of girls are seduced by those men who look great.

2. Meet adequately. Behave properly. Some men are stiff, constrained and insecure. Others behave unnecessarily relaxed and ugly. Often these are inadequate clients of pickup courses. Try to get acquainted adequately and not come up with complex tackles. Enough to say hello and introduce yourself. Make the girl feel comfortable and make her interested in you. Do not show that you are seducing her solely for the sake of sex. This is silly.

3. Act like a man. Sincerity, self-confidence, self-irony, compliments, goodwill, smile, laughter are your allies. Look into the eyes of the girl, hold yourself confidently, speak calmly and clearly. Treat your interlocutor with respect, get rid of arrogance and pretense. Avoid sexist jokes and womanizer behavior. Women are attracted to normal men, not unleashed and immoral playboys who seduce everyone.

4. Accept rejection gracefully. Girl rejects you? Don't take it personally, don't insist on communication, don't harass, and don't find out the reasons for rejection. Smile and leave. This will be the strongest move. There are a lot of girls in the world and there is nothing to get hung up on one that may be busy or not in the mood. Do not waste time on nonsense, look for another girl for seduction and sex. When a famous womanizer was asked how he manages to seduce so many girls, he replied that he invites all the pretty girls he meets to go on a date. The magic of big numbers works in seducing chicks.

5. Impress the girl before seduction. Sometimes girls need to be approached by the bad guys. Rush with a girl, on a car or a motorcycle, at high speed and skidding. Do not show your desire to possess her, that she herself will want to interest you sexually. Throw a girl a challenge, good-naturedly laugh at her. Promise the girl to take her to Paris this spring. Exaggerate your high status and rank. Take the girl to a romantic love melodrama.

6. Seduce and offer sex filigree. All girls have sex, you just have to find the right approach. The offer to continue communication in a closer setting (to have sex) should be very neat and veiled. Chat, entertain, laugh, compliment, flirt, touch, kiss, hug, invite guests over for tea or a glass of wine. In 80% of cases, the first sex between a man and a woman occurs under the influence of alcohol. Feel free to solder the girl to remove her complexes, prohibitions, feigned chastity and underwear. Behave appropriately, predictably and slowly. The girl knows what you want from her. By the way, she may want sex as much as you do.

This wise advice works better than a pickup truck. Seduce girls like a pro, not an amateur.