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Tips for hunters: theory and practice

You are a city dweller to the marrow of your bones, but still, the voice of your ancestors sometimes calls you to the forest or to the reservoir.

In order to get out into the bosom of nature just like that, for no reason, there is not enough time and there are always more important things to do. In the eternal bustle, you do not have time to keep track of how time flies.

Stop! Close your eyes! Imagine……You are a hunter. Spring came. The migratory birds are returning. You drop everything, take a gun and go to the forest. This is important for you, you have been waiting for this for a whole year and nothing in the world will stop you. Introduced?

Even if this is not the case in reality, it is easy to fix. Do you want to become a hunter and be closer to nature? If so, then everything else is for you.

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I want to become a hunter. Where to begin?

Start by visiting a hunting community that is closest to you. This information is not difficult to find on the Internet. Find out what steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

First of all, you need to get a single state-issued hunting license. Before that, you will have to spend a day to study the hunting minimum and pass the test. It's not difficult, almost everyone passes. This ticket gives the right to hunt in any corner of Russia within the allowed time and in suitable areas.

Weapon license. To get it, you need to undergo special training, which can take from one to three days and pass exams. But first, the medical board.

To pass it, contact the registry of the polyclinic at the place of residence. You will be given a referral, you will pass tests and go to the right doctors. Plus, you will have to get a conclusion from a psychiatrist and narcologist, at their place of deployment.

You will spend one, two days and a certain amount of banknotes, depending on the region.

Education for a license is also paid, the cost depends on the institution where you will study.

You go through a course of lectures and pass an exam. Everything is like in the traffic police, first theory - a test of ten questions, then practice - go to the shooting range and demonstrate your ability to use weapons correctly. I did not pass the theory, they are not allowed to practice. Will be sent for redelivery.

Upon completion, you will be given three documents:

  1. A copy of the license to conduct training.
  2. Evidence that you have completed the course.
  3. The act of passing the tests.
  4. ​​

In addition, you must install a safe for weapons in your apartment, invite the district police officer to inspect it and sign the inspection report. If the safe does not meet the requirements, they will not be allowed to use it, and, accordingly, permission to purchase weapons will not be given.

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Do not choose an overly expensive or huge safe. You're not going to start an arsenal for all occasions. But too small, too, to nothing, as always, a “golden mean” is needed.

For example, now you will buy a gun of the twelfth caliber, in a year or two, the sixteenth, it will be lighter, and in five years, when it will be possible, you will buy a rifled carbine. As you can see, a safe for two or three barrels with separate storage of ammunition is quite suitable. The price depends on the manufacturer, brand, wall thickness, but you can find a worthy option in terms of price and quality.

The next step is a trip to the department of licensing and permitting work, which is located at the Department of Internal Affairs at the place of registration. Write an application for a license. You will attach copies of previously received documents to it:

  • passports;
  • hunting license;
  • documents on completion of training (whole package);
  • conclusions of the medical board, psychiatrist and narcologist.

You will be given a receipt for paying the state fee. You will pay for it and wait for an invitation from the inspector of the LRRR for a personal meeting, take the listed documents with you.

After the conversation, the license will not be given immediately. The inspector will again send a request to your precinct to inspect the house for compliance with the safe and correct installation.

It may take about thirty calendar days from the first visit to the RARR to the receipt of a license. This time is best spent on choosing a gun, since the period of permission to purchase weapons is very limited.

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Choose a gun

weapons. Therefore, enlist the support of a friend who understands this.

Gun shops sell guns for every taste, color, and budget. But you are just starting and you, at the moment, do not need super bells and whistles. Needed - simplicity, quality, reliability and all this at an affordable price.

First, look at the twelfth-gauge shotguns. They are slightly heavier than their smaller caliber counterparts, but they have more shot, the chance of an accurate shot is higher, which means fewer wounded animals. In general, one should strive to kill the beast with the first shot, well, finish off the maximum with the second. You can’t leave a wounded animal, you must definitely get it. True, this exciting activity will drive seven sweats, but: “To finish what you started is a sacred thing.”

Later, with the growth of skill, you will choose a smaller caliber for yourself, but for now this is quite enough.

With caliber clear

Now manufacturer.

No need to chase cool, piece guns. Choose ours: Tula or Izhevsk. Until 1970, excellent hunting rifles were produced at the arms factories of these cities. Currently, more and more new production technologies are being introduced, and the quality of modern weapons suffers greatly.

If you manage to find an old gun from your hands, then consider yourself lucky. But you need to check it properly.

The gun must be "applied". As soon as you throw up the weapon, pointing at the target to the shoulder, the aiming bar lies on the eye and fine-tuning is not required. On a hunt, the algorithm is as follows: he threw up the gun - fired, threw it up - fired, aiming for no more than two seconds. Do not spare time for the selection of weapons, you choose your faithful assistant with whom you will get game, and let him be "faithful".

Another important point when choosing a smoothbore is the uniform expansion of the shot after the shot. The distance between the pellets should be approximately the same. You can check it in the shooting range by shooting at targets. Shot spread largely depends on the quality of the barrel, but an incorrectly loaded cartridge can ruin the picture.

Remember that each of the barrels gives a different shot spread. One hits more closely and far, is on the left and is called a “choke”, the trigger is further from the butt. The second one gives a more scattered shot, which makes it possible to hit closer targets, called the "pay", is located on the right, the trigger is closer to the butt.

If, when checking the barrels, you notice shells or rust inside, do not jump to conclusions. The gun needs to be shot, these minor defects do not affect the quality of the barrels. The expansion is good - take it, do not think.


Any weapon needs a habit, and if you are a hunter, especially a hunter.

To hit an animal or a bird accurately, you need to practice shooting. The gun should become your third hand, which is included in the work without hesitation.

Giving advice to hunters on how to properly aim and shoot is a stupid business. Mathematically calculate the lead, aiming at a flying bird, and make a takeaway, depending on the wind and the speed of the flying game, we will not do either. This is all theory, and the hunter is a practitioner.

Only training and practice will teach you to shoot offhand, intuitively.

Where to do it?

You can shoot in a specialized shooting range.

If possible, practice on the shooting range. The pleasure is not cheap, but it is worth it.

Another option is to ask one of your friends to throw various objects into the air. Plastic bottles half-filled with water are best.

Remember the main thing! The assistant should stand behind you. Shoot at a flying target when it is above the horizon line. If you do not see anyone in front of you, this does not mean that there are no people ahead. The safety of others and your own is paramount.

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For accurate shooting

It is necessary to develop an eye. The maximum distance of an aimed shot for a smoothbore is about fifty meters. If you shoot further, then with a high probability you will only injure the beast. The optimal distance for a shot is from twenty to forty meters, with a uniform expansion of the shot and good accuracy.

To train the eye, at a distance from zero to one hundred meters, place pointers or poles in increments of five meters. Look at them and remember. Later, when you walk in other areas, note any landmark, figure out in your mind the distance to it and measure in steps. Over time, you will achieve high accuracy in determining the range to the target, which will help you shoot for sure and not burn the cartridges empty.

A place to hunt

Where to wander with a gun is up to you, but some rules, nevertheless, must be observed.

You already have a hunting license, a permit to keep and carry weapons, but this does not give you the right to shoot at everything that moves and where you want.

In order to get an animal or a bird, you need to get a document authorizing the shooting.

In addition, there are special areas for hunting. These can be public places in which everyone can hunt with a permit in their hands. Or lands that belong to local hunting societies.

In the first case, you can apply for a ticket and permit without leaving your home through the public services website.

In the second, you can join a local hunting society, get its ticket and pay the necessary fees. What are the benefits? Club members get licenses first and they cost less than for others.

If you want to spend the hunting season in a certain place, it is better to have an additional hunting ticket from the local community.

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When we go, who do we shoot

You figured out where you're going, now we'll figure out when.

The entire hunting season, within one year, is divided into three periods:

  1. In the spring hunting for migratory birds opens. It is the shortest, lasting only ten days.
  2. The summer-autumn period is a little more than three months. It is the longest, and occupies a special place in the life of a hunter.
  3. Winter hunting lasts thirty days.

Shooting of certain types of game is permitted in each season. An exception may be animals and birds that cause harm: crows, wolves, foxes, stray dogs. But even to shoot them, you need to get permission.

So - spring, the opening of the hunt - this is a special moment in the life of every hunter. They are waiting for him, like children for the New Year and preparing for it in advance. They take vacations, time off, free up time so that nothing interferes in the next ten days.

Only birds are shot in spring:

  • Duck drake, with decoys.
  • Goose.
  • Capercaillie on current.
  • Black grouse on current.
  • Woodcock on the traction.
  • Grouse.
  • Partridge.

But females, during this period, cannot be shot. If you do not know who is in the scope, female or male, refrain from shooting. To hunt any of the birds, you need to get a permit.

Summer and autumn are the time that all hunters look forward to. Usually, on the second Saturday of August, the longest hunting season opens. Shooting times for certain game may vary by region, but the key points are the same.

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At this time you can hunt:

  • goose;
  • snipe;
  • corncrake;
  • quail;
  • hare (by the end of the season);
  • badger;
  • raccoon;
  • the fox.

In many parts of the hunting country, closer to the end of the season, it is allowed to shoot ungulates:

  • wild boar;
  • moose;
  • roe deer;
  • deer.

They are followed, as a rule, on the first snow, it is easier to track the animal along the trail.

On the winter hunt, which lasts thirty days, it is not forbidden to shoot ungulates, with a license, of course, but fur-bearing animals are added to this list: squirrel, marten, etc.

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What kind of game

Whom to get is up to you, but it’s better to start with birds.

On your first hunt, it is better to go accompanied by an experienced hunter who is happy to share some secrets. "The right advice to hunters can only be given by more experienced hunters."

Start with a spring duck duck hunt. It is easier and requires less training than goose hunting.

It is even easier to hunt a woodcock on a draft. The most important thing is to be at the right time, in the right place. The time is evening, the place is a field, a meadow at the edge of the forest. The male, in search of a female, makes a characteristic sound, by which one can determine his approach. At the same time, it is very difficult to calculate the trajectory of its flight, you have to shoot intuitively, which makes hunting for it more interesting.

If you like to hunt, then the desire to develop in this direction will appear by itself. Soon you will switch from bird to bigger game and then it will be time to decide how you will do it.

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Alone or in a team

, make life a lot easier. For the same reason, the first hunting trips are best done in a team. Then you decide for yourself what is best for you, to wander alone with a gun through the forest or to drive an elk or a wild boar in an organized team.

For a solo trip, you need to carefully study the terrain and the habits of the animal you want to hunt.

You alone can go out on a hare, a fox, a wolf, a roe deer or a wild boar. It is not easy to approach the beast at a distance of aimed shooting, but it is possible. It is important to track the places and times of feeding. Approach quietly, from the windward side.

In such a hunt, it is necessary to be able to observe silence, to know well the habitats of the animal, at what time it is better to approach it, that is, when the animal is less alert. Usually this is the time before dawn, when the humidity is higher and the sounds scatter worse than during the day. Such a trade requires good knowledge and skills, patience and composure.

It is easier to hunt in a team, there is always a senior who will prompt and give advice. He distributes duties between each member of the team and gives specific instructions on what needs to be done and how. The elder is chosen, the most experienced hunter, or he recruits a brigade himself. Getting into such a hunting team is not easy, but organizing your own is even more difficult. Gathering a group of like-minded people for the extraction of a large animal is the same as conducting a selection for the crew of a spaceship. In addition to the knowledge and skills that everyone should have, you need psychological compatibility, the ability to obey, to make quick informed decisions at the right time.

Advice to hunters who have taken their first steps in the hunting trade and got their first trophies, if they call you to join the brigade, join. Firstly, this is an opportunity to gain new experience, secondly, it is easier to hunt a large animal in a brigade, and thirdly, even being in a brigade, you can hunt alone if such a desire arises.

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Shed Hunting

A shed is a shelter for a hunter that is located above a specific hunting area, at a height. It can be arranged on a tree or a special tower can be built on the edge of the field where the beast feeds.

If you are a loner, then sitting in a tree is your option. Towers are usually built together.

The brigade is assigned a territory, over which they monitor and on which they shoot game, at the right time. Promising clearings are sown with oats, and along the edges they build storage towers from which they will fire.

Every two weeks, hunters go around the area, looking for fresh tracks of elk, wild boar or bear. Examine the fields, bypassing them along the edge of the forest. If the beast began to walk in the field with oats, then when the time comes to shoot it, you can ambush in the storehouses. Even a novice hunter can cope with this type of hunting, but under the guidance of experienced comrades.

One can talk about hunting for a long time and a lot. Hundreds of books have been written about her. But the most important thing in this matter is to love him with all your heart and then you will be able to devote time to him, which is so lacking in the modern world. Escape from everyday problems and merge with nature, solving interesting hunting tasks.