Tips for Guys: 130 Tips for Men

Life is a road full of stones, obstacles, temptations and difficulties. But billions of your relatives have already passed along this road, who have stuffed their bumps and done some stupid things. A smart person learns from the mistakes of others, so listening to someone else's opinion is sometimes useful, because it can save you from a lot of unnecessary problems and difficulties. Unspoken rules and advice for men that are important to know.

There will be many events in life, and fate will throw you from side to side. At these moments, you will realize that at school you were taught a lot, but not at all what is required. Life will throw up obstacles you didn't even know existed, but that's what adulthood is called. What should you know?

Men's advice for guys

There are different pieces of advice given to us by different people. Some work and help, while others only harm and take time. But how do you know which advice is right? If advice helps to achieve the maximum effect with minimal costs, then it is useful and necessary.

In life, it is important to strive to ensure that the result is achieved with minimal expenditure of resources. This allows you not to waste time and energy in vain, but only to move forward at maximum speed. But if you make mistake after mistake, then there is nothing to hope for.

Therefore, life experience and knowledge are important, which are always lacking. You are always smart in hindsight, when you consider yourself not very smart in the past. Therefore, the advice of older comrades can help a lot. Learn from the mistakes of others, because you still have time to make your own.

The more experience and knowledge you have, the easier it is for you to get around the difficulties and the easier it is to achieve something you want, which we usually call a dream.

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Tips for guys. List of men's advice for men

In the men's world, the most important thing is to stand up for yourself and your dreams, but that's not all. What should every guy and man know, in the opinion of their relatives? We interviewed hundreds of men to determine the most important moments in a man's life.

1. Be polite where possible. Be persistent where you need to be.

2. It is easier to stay in shape than to bring it back to normal.

3. Quit an uninteresting movie, a bad relationship, a crappy job, an unpromising place.

4. You don't have to be nice, nice and friendly to everyone.

5. Do the best you can and want to achieve.

6. Do not drink alcohol to impress others.

7. Shake hands firmly, because this is your calling card.

8. Be a professional in whatever you do.

9. Girls come and go. Focus on yourself, your goals and dreams.

10. Be bolder, more reckless, more proactive. You will be more likely to regret what you didn't do than what you did.

11. Never burn yourself to warm others.

12. Instead of hiding your receding hairline, just shave everything off and be bald like a movie character.

13. Watch your appearance. A neat, handsome and stylish look will often help you.

14. No one thinks in retirement that they should have worked more or sat at the computer.

15. Show more interest in people, rather than trying to interest yourself.

16. Don't try to live up to other people's standards.

17. When you walk, look forward, not under your feet.

18. Avoid fighting, but if that is not possible, then win.

19. Do not take it to heart when you need to send away.

20. Approach girls you think are better than you, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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21. Get used to not relying on anyone, but relying only on yourself.

22. Do not be afraid not to please a person, be afraid not to be yourself all your life.

23. Do not promise what you cannot deliver.

24. Do not wait for a good chance, but create opportunities yourself.

25. Learn to distinguish between love and lust.


26. One of the most important advice for guys: act like a man.

27. Know how to say “no” when it does not suit your interests.

28. Learn to accept constructive criticism but ignore destructive ones.

29. Be faithful in a relationship if you expect the same in return.

30. Going in for sports will make you stronger, more beautiful and more energetic.

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31. Choose your soulmate carefully, because a lot depends on it.

32. Love your homeland, because you have only one.

33. Read at least 12 books a year, at least 2-3 of them are useful and necessary.

34. Anger is a bad helper in a dispute or a fight.

35. Do not complain about the lack of time, because you have no less than the rest of the world.

36. Call your parents every week and visit them more often.

37. Work on your posture and act more confident.

38. Talk to people and show more friendliness, because it will help in life.

39. Forget about perfectionism, sometimes it only spoils life.

40. Use your youth, trying to get everything from life.

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41. Do not underestimate the power of a pleasant smell and a clean body.

42. It is impolite to criticize what you are treated to.

43. If a person talks about others behind their backs, they will talk about you too.

44. Tips for guys who often think with the wrong part of the body: don't follow carnal desires and don't let the bottom head decide for the top one.

45. Nobody cares about your car, gadgets and the price of clothes. Use the money for something more worthwhile.

46. Do not tell anyone your secrets, because you will definitely regret it.

47. The longer you ignore something and do not solve the problem, the worse it will be later (relationships, health, car).

48. Girls love the strong and confident, not the obedient and obedient.

49. Be brighter and be yourself, and do not try to imitate others.

50. Fortune smiles on those who are ready for this and have done a lot for this.

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51. Optimists and cheerful guys are always valuable on all fronts.

52. Be unpredictable and a little dangerous, girls like that.

53. Do not envy others, but compare yourself with yourself yesterday.

54. Learn to earn money, because it's rather dull to live on bread and water all your life.

55. Listen more than talk yourself. All people love to talk about themselves.

56. Remember the main rule of the DDD motorist: give the road to the fool.

57. Look after your nutrition, because it is responsible for your well-being, appearance, productivity, and health.

58. A friend's girlfriend is a forbidden territory and not a girl at all.

59. Know how to hit back with word, deed and fist, as needed.

60. Enjoy every day of life, because you don't know when the last one will be.

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61. Learn to compliment girls, not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

62. Buy quality tools.

63. Make short-term and long-term plans so that life is not a chaotic throwing, but a road to goals.

64. Learn martial arts, but try to use them as a last resort.

65. Watch the box less, spend less time on social networks and play less on the computer.

66. Control your spending and manage your money wisely.

67. Don't spend all your youth trying to get someone into bed.

68. People deserve respect regardless of position and status.

69. Learn to be responsible for your words and deeds.

70. If you are the smartest and most successful of friends, then you are in the wrong company. Surround yourself with your best friends.

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71. The man is in charge of the finances in the family, as well as responsible for the main decisions.

72. Don't date busy and married ladies. These are potential problems and a likely boomerang of karma.

73. Look for a job that you enjoy doing, and then try to make money from it.

74. Get up early and go to bed on time. If you do not get enough sleep, then you will use your potential only by 50-80%.

75. Learn to speak beautifully: without mats, words of parasites and fuss.

76. Cut off excess hair that you don't like, or make it shorter. The jungle is not attractive to anyone, especially on the face, armpits or groin.

77. Do not be principled, because this only interferes with life and spoils it.

78. Give everything 100% in any business, and the result will not keep you waiting.

79. Try not to trust anyone, so as not to get stabbed in the back.

80. Travel more because it makes you happier.

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81. If you have a bad hangover tomorrow, but before going to bed, drink more water and take 1 tablet of coal per 10 kilograms of body weight. And better stop thumping.

82. Listen to other people and try to understand, this will improve mutual understanding.

83. Always study, don't finish it at school or university.

84. Use creams and cosmetics to keep your skin young and beautiful.

85. Write down thoughts, ideas and plans, because sometimes memory cannot be relied upon.

86. Only women talk, gossip and behave like women.

87. Don't pay for work in full until it's done.

88. Regular sex improves relationships and your health.

89. Multitasking makes it difficult to do one thing well and quickly.

90. Try to be happy every day, then the whole life will be happy.

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91. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

92. Admit you're wrong, don't argue until you're hoarse.

93. Don't be afraid to speak your mind.

94. It is forbidden to hit a man below the belt unless it is life-threatening.

95. Change your underwear and socks daily, and keep your outer clothing neat.

96. Good manners never hurt anyone.

97. Before you say or do something, think.

98. Don't wear fakes, because you are not rich enough to wear cheap things.

99. Do not do evil and do not do it to others unless you are threatened.

100. Learn to accept defeat with dignity, as well as learn from this lesson.

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101. Choose those with whom you are friends and spend time. Reach for the best.

102. Do not shift the responsibility for your life to circumstances or other people.

103. In life, use the Pareto principle, when 20% of your actions give 80% of the result.

104. Always think about whether something is worth your time.

105. Don't worry about being alone if you want to be alone for a while. But if you are looking for relationships, then do it really actively.

106. Keep your house, body and thoughts clean.

107. Learn to make love well and qualitatively, because this is important.

108. Try not to lend or lend.

109. Don't stick your nose and your little friend where you don't belong. Be smarter.

110. Your hobbies and hobbies can be anything, the main thing is that you like them.

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111. Nobody cares about your problems, so don't complain or whine.

112. Don't worry about how manly you appear to someone.

113. Sometimes spending time alone will help you understand yourself better and make the right decisions.

114. Learn to cook, clean up and take care of yourself.

115. If something doesn't work, try again, and then again.

116. Kegel exercises will help with urinary incontinence problems and improve bed performance.

117. Brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening, as well as apply cream in the morning and evening.

118. Learn to adapt to circumstances and be more flexible.

119. Openly expressing feelings is normal, but within healthy limits.

120. Diligence and perseverance in moving towards a goal is sometimes more important than talent and intelligence.

121. Look after your health by visiting a doctor and a dentist.

122. Important advice for guys is sometimes very simple: live within your means.

123. Analyze and evaluate your movement so as not to stagnate and find better options for action.

124. Try to be happy every day, then your whole life will be happy.

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125. Make decisions and actions that you will not be ashamed of later.

126. Don't be afraid to stand out, take responsibility or take the initiative.

127. Take care of the hygiene of the body, hands, feet, hair, teeth.

128. You define yourself, and not someone else's opinion, let alone gossip.

129. Be patient when required. But remember that life is too short to endure for long.

130. The hardest thing in life is to follow your dreams, but it's worth it.


Men's advice for guys will help you get around difficulties so that the road to your dream is easier and shorter. Be wiser and don't make mistakes that millions of other people have already made before you.