Tips for dating strangers

Will the girl date you or not? Will he or won't he? Every meeting or date with a girl is a chance to seduce a chick or start a relationship with her. How to behave with girls in meetings and not make mistakes.

You must learn how to date. Every date you go on is a chance to seduce a girl and start a beautiful relationship with her. Dating is a skill to learn. Follow my advice and become a dating monster!

Dating Tip #1

If you're doing it right, you should be kissing and interacting more physically with the girl all the way through to the fifth date. The first 5 meetings are critical. Usually during the second and third, the girl will decide if she wants to be with you or not.

“Dating is like playing a game. Every time you do it, it gets better and better. There are some techniques and rules that you have to stick to.”

Dating Tip #2

If a girl agrees to 2-3 dates, she wants it. You just need to make it happen. So do it!

“Everyone on this planet does the same thing on dates. Be different. Avoid the usual scenarios: movies, dinner, bars, and clubs. Girls get bored of this. Give them something funny."

Dating Tip #3

Date with style. Let the meeting be risky, interesting and unpredictable. Take her to jumping (jumping off bridges, cliffs, buildings - OK?), to an art gallery, to the zoo, to look at the stars.

"The best advice I can give you is: Be different!"

Dating Tip #4

Note that most girls always have a copy. It is much better to see two a week than one every day. Your life will be more interesting and girls usually fight for your attention when they realize that they are not the only ones in your life. Don't be afraid to enjoy life. Life is too short!

Date Mistake #1

Don't buy flowers or other things to show you like a girl. This is SUSPICIOUS for her. A girl should like you, who you are - and not because of your money or the ability to buy her things.

Dating Mistake #2

Don't make sexual moves too fast - that's really bad. Don't be NEEDED. Relax and enjoy your time with her. Everything will happen at the right time.

Dating Mistake #3

This is also a mistake, NOT moving at all is just as bad as the previous mistake. If you don't make these moves, or don't show enough interest in her during the first 5-6 encounters, she may think that you don't like it or that you just want to be FRIENDS. Once you enter the "let's just be friends" zone, you've created a big problem for yourself.

Date Mistake #4

Don't expect a girl to make a date. You must be a MAN. You must manage. Girls expect this of us. Be creative and use your imagination.

Date Mistake #5

When you're at a bar, don't sit on the opposite side of the table from her. This is a big mistake. Never sit with the table between you. Sit next to her. So you are closer to her, and you have the opportunity to touch and be with her physically.