Tips and tactics in life in a state of yellow

The state of "yellow" is a constant relaxed vigilance, otherwise referred to as situational awareness. How to be prepared for any situations, even the most unpredictable situations?

The first to popularize color codes was Jeff Cooper back in 1972. The state of "yellow" is a constant relaxed vigilance, otherwise referred to as situational awareness.

Consider a few tips about living in the "yellow color".

Keep escape routes in mind

Usually, the worst place in a restaurant is near the doors leading to the kitchen. But in case of danger, everything changes exactly the opposite. The terrorists enter the building from the front door, and the robbers go to the cash register, which is often located near the entrance.

And if you are sitting near the kitchen, you can quickly hide behind the door, where stoves and refrigerators will save you from bullets. Yes, and the back door is usually just in the kitchen. And remember that most GPS navigators are programmed with directions to the nearest hospital or police station.

Plan your route

Today, the Internet can help you determine safer travel routes. If you have to drive or go somewhere you don't want to be, always keep in mind a plan to avoid dangerous places.

Watch people

Often people get angry about this, saying they don't want to constantly watch or listen for danger. They want to live in a world where they don't have to worry about their health. But "yellow" doesn't make you paranoid. You just become aware and ready for anything.

Keep your ears open

Do not plug your ears with headphones. So you can miss the approaching danger. And when reading a newspaper, keep your head a little higher so that your peripheral vision does not overlap.

Always carry a flashlight with you

Criminals most often attack in the dark. You must see the danger, and, if possible, blind it for a while. A modern flashlight will be invisible even in a jacket. In addition, most smartphones have a built-in flash.


Not having a firearm doesn't make you unarmed. The pen can also be an effective weapon. There is also a more serious option, which is used by many police officers - "kubotan".

Alarm keyfob

Many alarm keyfobs have a button that activates the car alarm. It can distract the attacker and give you a few seconds to act.