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Thousands of time travelers roam among us

It is believed that time travel is impossible, but sometimes there are still some doubts. There may be thousands of illegal time travelers roaming among us.

Time travel is one of the oldest topics for science fiction writers. Most people think that time travel is impossible, but when people like Melvin Wilson show up, there are still some doubts.

Melvin Wilson won huge sums of money four times in 10 years. He says he's got incredible luck: "I'm just in the right place at the right time..."

American citizen Melvin Wilson, who lives in Virginia, has won large sums of money in the lottery four times in the last decade. In 2004, he received the first $25,000, and a year later he managed to win twice - $1 million and $500,000.

The last time Melvin Wilson was lucky was in 2013 when he won another $500,000. Lucky says only that "he was in the right place at the right time." However, people no longer believe in Wilson's words and suspect him of being a time traveler.

Although this is an absurd explanation, it still sounds more true than that the guy is pursuing good luck. At the moment, Wilson has already been banned from entering many different casinos and gambling establishments. Yes, in just a few years, he practically bankrupted several lotteries and gambling halls.

In the US, there is an organization made up of volunteers involved in activities such as searching for time travelers.

According to them, "guests from the future" come to us both for scientific purposes and with commercial tasks. One of the "time travel hunters" said that they have been watching Melvin Wilson for a long time and have already collected some evidence that he travels through time.

Perhaps he is an illegal time traveler who arrived in our time to rest and earn some money. He will put them in the bank, and then he will return to the future and be just a rich man. It's all based on the movie "Back to the Future".

A researcher who was following Wilson found a piece of paper with a quotation that had fallen out by accident from the traveler's book. It sounded like this:

“…do not pass by, write down information about stock quotes and the results of winning lottery tickets. This will allow you to survive in the barbaric conditions of past centuries, if for some reason your return is delayed.

At the same time, remember that any lottery profits can be claimed by another time traveler. Try not to conflict with your contemporaries over this. Be careful - frequent benefits may be of interest to security services and the media.

Apparently, Wilson ignored the last advice.

But how many other different "guests from the future" are strolling through our streets? It is believed that on average about 5-10 thousand time travelers are currently in our time. Then they leave and others arrive.

According to rumors, American intelligence services have already become interested in the personality of Melvin Wilson. In the US, there is even a special department dealing with such "non-standard" problems. And although we are not currently able to prove that this or that person is a time traveler, it would be simply irresponsible to neglect the facts.