Thoughts are material. How to think and attract good?

All any undertakings and the most grandiose plans begin with thoughts. Only what we most often think about and what we most desire comes true. So thoughts gradually turn into reality, and dreams come true. How to think, dream and attract good?

“It is only thoughts that make a man unhappy or happy, not external circumstances. By controlling his thoughts, he controls his happiness.” Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Evidence that thoughts are material

Is thought material? Is this true or myth? Let's think. Thoughts instantly appear in the head, like a flash of lightning, a shot or a dagger. But once they appear, they can linger there for many years.

So we have a desire, and then a cherished dream. If we begin to want something very strongly, then the energy of thought increases many times over. Then the dream begins to gradually come true.

Do you see yourself attractive, athletic and slim? Do you dream of making a figure athletic and beautiful? If we weakly want, then we will do nothing. But what happens if we are on fire and really want to get in shape? We will not only dream of beauty, but also do something to fulfill the dream. We will imagine ourselves beautiful, sign up for a gym, follow our diet, look in the mirror every day, start exercising, go jogging, find like-minded people who also want to become more athletic. Thoughts will begin to materialize and become reality.

Do you dream of knowing English? Start taking courses, study on your own, communicate with native speakers and watch films in a foreign language. At such moments, people come across who also want to know a foreign language and who are ready to learn with us. Thoughts become quite real and material.

When we really want something, we look for any opportunity to do it. It seems that fate itself and the universe are beginning to help us. Successful cases turn up, you find unusual solutions, and we ourselves see opportunities where we used to pass by. By persistently thinking about something, a person becomes more open and begins to accept help from life itself.

Spontaneous desires vs long-term thoughts

The most interesting thing is that for 95% of people's dreams, a strong desire is enough. But for this you need to have long-term, stable and stable thoughts over time.

Short-term dreams, momentary desires and short-term whims rarely come true. They come to mind and quickly leave it, without having time to materialize. The bigger the dream, the more time it takes to structure and implement it.

But if a person wants one thing today and another tomorrow, then he will not succeed. Dreams materialize with a long delay. Its value depends on the strength of desire, external circumstances and the power of the dream.

How to think correctly and attract good, but not bad?

"Be careful what you wish for - it tends to come true." Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov

Have you noticed that the biggest fears and fears often come true after some time? What we fear and want the most. The fact is that the universe does not understand where our fears are, and where our desires are. What we think about the most is what comes true. Thoughts are material. The power of thought grows with constant reflection and visualization.

How to get rid of gloomy, depressive and negative thoughts? Try not to get hung up on any problems, avoid negative thoughts and don't let yourself get bored. A pessimist will always find a reason to be sad, and an optimist to rejoice. The latter tend to be happier and more successful. But this is far from a coincidence.

  • Do what you love and do what your soul lies in
  • Lead an active lifestyle, and do not sit at home on the couch
  • Communicate with loved ones, other half, friends
  • Make plans, work on goals and dreams
  • Make time for hobbies and hobbies
  • Educate yourself
  • Think positive, optimistic and smile more often
  • Exercise and eat right
  • Take care of your spiritual growth and help other people
  • Get enough sleep, rest and give yourself time to rest

Gradually bad thoughts will go away, and good ones will appear. Think and think about the good, so that it comes true in reality.

Thought is material and the most incredible desires are fulfilled?

Not all dreams come true. Welcome to the adult and harsh world of reality. Only adequate thoughts are material. Only achievable goals can be achieved. If a person tries to swallow the cake whole, then he chokes. The dream needs to be “bited” step by step, starting from small to large.

Introducing yourself as a millionaire, you should first imagine yourself as simply a wealthy person. Visualize not luxury yachts, sports cars, villas, gold watches and private jets, but something more real and achievable.

Imagine a new job, car, apartment, girlfriend. Things that are quite real if you try. Like attracts like. Dreams materialize better if they are close in spirit and level of human energy. Always start small and move on.

Materialization of thoughts and environment

Thoughts tend to draw strength from the environment of a person and his internal forces. If a person communicates with alcoholics, lazy people, evil, beggars and stupid people, then he spoils his whole life. Negative thoughts and lifestyle make these people's energy negative. Such people only criticize, interfere, condemn and pull to the bottom. This is a black hole that takes away energy and sucks it in.

The power of thought increases many times if you are in a circle of like-minded people and people who support you. Which also have positive thoughts, energy and aura. Your aspirations, dreams, goals and plans merge into one energy tangle. So thoughts materialize faster and more accurately. The desires of other people will contribute to the fulfillment of your goals.

Carefully choose those with whom you communicate, make friends and date. They will help you in your dreams, or pull you to the bottom.

Thoughts are material. How to dream and imagine?

"Be attentive to your thoughts, they are the beginning of actions." Lao Tzu

1. Visualize your dreams

In order for thoughts to become material, you need to visualize them more often. Close your eyes and imagine that your dream has already come true. Imagine a new beautiful girl with whom you go for walks, kiss, have fun and travel. Imagine a new car, how you ride it, sit in the cabin and go somewhere with your girlfriend. Imagine a new job where you are valued, work hard and make good money.

The stronger and more accurately you can visualize, the better. Imagine things as if they are already real and come true. Immerse yourself in the dream to the fullest. Visualize every day so that the dream ignites you right from the very morning. What would you bake and could not sit still. That's only then dreams will gradually come true and even surpass all the most daring desires.

2. Work on your dream

Gifts of fate do not appear out of nowhere. There will be no lottery, inheritance and other miracle. Thanks to an active position, the ability to communicate, a new job or opening a business, you will receive financial well-being. Thanks to a positive outlook, sociability and the ability to take the first step, you will find yourself the girl of your dreams.

The Universe will help you find what you want when you attract it with your thoughts and multiply it by repeated actions. But she won't give you anything on a blue-rimmed saucer. Only thanks to thoughts there will be no result, and the goal will remain unattainable. Any dream will be a well-deserved victory, not an accident.

Work on your dream every day. You either move forward or you don't. If you don’t do anything, then you also lost this day and wasted your time. Dreams do not like lazy people and freeloaders.

3. Make a wish map or a visualization map

How to make a wish map and not make mistakes? It is advisable to do it on the new moon or full moon, but if you want to do it right now, then proceed. Make a visualization map at least once a year.

Include in it everything that worries you and you want to receive. You can not just pictures, but add words to specific things that you want to receive. This will be your request to the universe, and it will definitely answer you.

  • Photography. Your photo must be large and in color. Place it in the very center of the map. Choose a photo where you are happy and sincerely smiling. The photo should carry positive emotions. Don't cut yourself out of photos that include other people, children, or animals. Choose a photo where you are alone and happy, but not after negative events. Better arrange a photo session for this purpose.
  • Work, career and success. Post photos of a beautiful workplace. Your photos with a smile and in beautiful clothes. Stacks of money. Achievements, knowledge and success that you will receive.
  • Money. Avoid pictures of bank cards that can be credit, so as not to incur debts. Better just money, but not that fly away into the distance.
  • Love. Do not paste a photo of a specific person. Better abstract pictures. If you don’t want children yet, then don’t have photos of various soft toys: bear cubs, kittens, bunnies, and so on.
  • Assistants in achieving dreams. Indicate specifically what this person helps in, so as not to attract him to some other character traits or problems.
  • Family. Post a photo of your family, it will help with the energy and warmth of loved ones.

Display the wish card in a visible place and look at it every day.

4. Decisiveness in desires and goals

Thoughts are material only when we are determined to win decisively. No “I don’t know”, “maybe”, “maybe”, “hope”, “doubt”. Attraction works only when we are most confident in ourselves.

For the fulfillment of desires, maximum return is needed. You can't play at half strength and win. You can not pretend that you are trying and doing something, although this is not so. So many people go to trainings, get inspired, occasionally visualize, lazily swarm and wait for a miracle. But that's not how the universe works.

You don't want much if you don't try hard. You need complete dedication when you burn with desires, act every day, observe discipline and put energy in the right direction.

5. Perseverance in the materialization of thoughts and the law of attraction of desires

“If you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t - you're right." Mao Zedong

What is the law of attraction of desires? The fact that achieving a dream depends on how much you want it. If you manage to prove to the universe that you deserve it, then you will definitely get it.

Thoughts are material, but not immediately and not for everyone. Each person must prove to the universe that he badly needs it. It is impossible to achieve goals at the first stage if you tried only at the very beginning.

If a person struggles with troubles, tries his best, boils with work and never gives up, then the universe notices his perseverance. If a person does something somehow, retreats at the first problem or resigns himself, then he will not get more. Why? The universe sees that he simply does not need it.

The result is always as expected. If you don't believe in yourself, you won't get anything.

How to think materially?

Many who have watched the legendary film The Secret lament that they are not happy with the result. They dreamed, dreamed, planned and drew a wish map. But nothing happened. What's the matter? Why didn't it work?

Thoughts do not give rise to a result, but make it possible to achieve it only when certain actions are performed. Empty dreams, lazy dreams and little diligence will not allow you to achieve what you want. What is the best way to visualize dreams?

  1. Dream and think about what you want to get
  2. Want it very strongly and truly
  3. Draw a wish map or visualization map
  4. Make short-term and long-term plans to achieve your goals
  5. Visualize dreams regularly and think about it
  6. Find like-minded people, gain knowledge and engage in self-development
  7. Celebrate even small victories and give thanks to the universe
  8. Adjust plans, change strategy and be flexible
  9. Persevere, believe in yourself and don't give up
  10. Achieve your dreams

The law of attraction works. Thoughts are a working strategy for achieving goals when you visualize desires. The material and non-material world are connected by energy. Putting together thoughts and energetic efforts, we achieve our goal.

Believe that thoughts are things. Dare to dream, visualize and win. All that separates you from your dream is the level of desire to achieve. Do you believe in yourself? Do you want it for real? Prove it to yourself and the universe, and life will help you get it.