The truth of life that I encountered in my

Getting married at 20 is like leaving a good party at 9pm. If you didn’t get married early, you will soon encounter similar thoughts and reasoning about relationships.

I wonder I'm not the only one who is not married at 26, what girls or men will say, I'm sure that many have similar thoughts.

If you don't get married before 25, then dates turn into interviews.

What I needed from a woman in my 20s - regular sex, good looks to brag to my friends, discos….

There were a couple of moments that I agreed to marriage at 21, but as they say, it’s not fate, for very sad reasons we broke up.

At 22 there was a Chinese woman, well, my otaku dream is straight, but for her dad, the owner of a cable factory in northern China, I was far from a desirable son-in-law, and I didn’t have enough brains to beat him at that time.

Now I am 26+, I have girls, but with every year of your life, gaining experience, you begin to form a more and more accurate portrait of your future wife, not even your beloved one, but your wife, because favorites are still there. But for one reason or another, you are not ready to marry.

You look at your classmates / classmates already have children and a couple of divorces, not all of them, normal people are fine and the wife is beautiful and the family is strong. I'm not in any way jealous, I'm happy for them, almost most of those who are doing well are my friends from school or university. But all of them are helped by their parents, car, apartment, money. Not so that it would be completely on the neck, but 30-40 percent of wealth thanks to parents.

I was sent to study in a big city with only one instruction: "Find yourself a girl from a good and rich family."

well, actually a classic of the genre. I don’t know why I’m such a fool, but I wanted to achieve everything myself, or rather, I wasn’t ready to sell myself only for prosperity and live with a person I don’t like or listen to reproaches that we all helped you do it.

I am smart, not only do I praise myself, I stubbornly comprehended the knowledge that could be useful to me in life. And as a result, I never had problems with work or money (Life in Spain is a separate issue, only the last year here is hard without documents).

Now I began to look, well, probably not even now, but after the turn of 25 years, at the girls not just as “Oh my love”, but to evaluate her:

1) Purposefulness 2) Financial perspective

3) Specialization 4) Stress resistance 5) Goals for the next 5-10 years

That's how it all turned into interviews...

And if something does not match, it goes to the friend zone or mistresses..

Perhaps in Europe, due to the fact that you don’t even approach marriage before 30, those who enter it usually live happily ever after and have a very small percentage of divorces and problems in the family.

Although sometimes you look back and think, maybe my child would already be 5 years old... On the other hand, he is still free, he packed up and left where he wanted....

Author: adramelech