The Sexual Skills of Great Lovers

What should you be able to do in bed, what techniques to follow, how to behave and what to know about intimacy in order to be a better lover? A list of tips to remember to improve your skill level in the love and intimate sphere.

Sexual dissatisfaction leads to frequent quarrels in relationships, infidelities and breakups. You don't need it, do you? If a girl is often in a bad mood, avoids intimacy, or the relationship is heading for the abyss, then the matter may be in bad sex. Without quality sex, everything will quickly fall apart when great sex holds even the most difficult relationships together.

Statistics about people's sexual skills

Almost everyone thinks they have good sex and are great lovers. But where does such self-confidence come from, because statistics say otherwise? According to statistics, almost 90% of women have faked an orgasm at least once in their lives, 50% do it periodically, and about 25% of women do it every time. Quite a sad statistic that shows a man's flaw in the scolding of the bed.

Does the kopeck piece groan loudly and squirm? A moaning girl can easily fake an orgasm so that it all ends quickly. The reason for this is that many couples do not know how to have sex and satisfy each other in bed in a worthwhile way. The level of sex education is extremely low, and all this leads to a bad intimate life.

But do not think that only women imitate an orgasm. About 15% of men also periodically do it. Faking an orgasm during sexual activity is quite common, but it is far from a normal intimate life.

List of sexual skills

We studied the opinion of hundreds of respondents and compiled a list of sexual skills that you need to have. There are many things about sex that we carelessly forget, ignore, or don't know at all.

If you want to be a great lover and satisfy the most demanding partners, then read on. Remember that girls love good lovers more and cook borscht tastier.

1. Maintain good hygiene

Good hygiene is at the top of the list of sexual habits. Shower more often, brush your teeth, stay tidy, take care of your clothes, and keep your body hair clean. A woman's orgasm can easily be frightened away by a man's lack of neatness. Without all this, it is difficult to imagine sex with any woman, because you won’t even be able to persuade her. Take a shower before sex, it cleans both of you up and provides a great opportunity for passionate foreplay.

2. Forget intimate advice from “movies”

We consider ourselves sex pros, but no one taught us this. What we have seen in adult films has little to do with real sex. Do not be guided by the manner of behavior, postures and options for action. All this is nonsense, but with real women you need to behave differently.

3. Listen in bed

Paying attention to words, actions, signs and body language will help make sex better. Use the woman's cues and your intuition about what to do and when. Pay attention to what a woman likes, what she reacts to more brightly and what she wants to receive. If a girl says "keep going," then don't change your strategy, position, or speed. Keep doing what you did before, and an orgasm will be just around the corner. Ask the girl about how to do better and what she likes best.

4. Make the foreplay longer

Sex is not a sprint, but more like a marathon. The average duration of sex on the planet is about 5 minutes. But the most alarming thing is that most women consider the most optimal time for sex to be about 20 minutes. So you need to do at least 15 minutes of foreplay in order to be guaranteed to bring a woman to orgasm. By the time the girl is at the peak of excitement, start sex. The chances of a female orgasm will be higher than ever.

5. Variety and enthusiasm in sex

The sexual skills of great lovers include variety. Remember to initiate intimacy in an unexpected place and an unexpected time. Do not be afraid to offer something new and try something unusual. Feel free to do more vulgarity and viciousness, bringing real passion to sex. Show enthusiasm in the intimate desires of the other half, and also offer your own. True passion, attentiveness, confidence, adaptability and the desire to please work wonders.

6. More caresses in sex

Girls love kisses, body caresses and hugs. Caress women's breasts more, lick nipples, use your tongue, bite lightly and play gently. Touch her body, grab her ass, caress her body. Say nice things in your ear, alternating with dirty and vulgar words. Caress the inner thighs, stimulate the clitoris. During the frictions themselves, do not stop various caresses, doing them in parallel. With this you will complement sex and make it more vivid.

7. Fulfill each other's sexual fantasies

What fun things should you try in bed to be good lovers? Here is a list of things that will not leave you indifferent without orgasms.

  • Passionate sex in a romantic and pleasant environment.
  • Sex in unusual places, including public and inappropriate places where they can be caught.
  • Oral sex: cunnilingus, blowjob and position 69.
  • Masturbate and look at each other. Masturbation to each other.
  • Role play of strangers, teacher and student, doctor and patient, etc.
  • Unusual and unusual place for sex, with the right atmosphere for privacy.
  • Anal sex and other interesting experiences.
  • Filming a home movie while having sex.
  • Sex with dominance and submission, as well as role reversal.

You can consider yourself a pro, or you can really upgrade your intimate skills to make yourself the best in bed. Sexual skills will help you become a great lover, which will make relationships and intimacy better.