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The samurai has no purpose. Only way

Be brave and live as if you were already dead. You need to find your life path. Tips from the legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi to help you live a bright and interesting life as a winner. One of the most famous Japanese swordsmen Miyamoto Musashi, who won 60 duels and participated in 6 wars, will help you find your own and true path.

If you look at modern men, you can see a dramatic change. How many men have become who, in character and actions, are similar to women. There are almost no real men left, and their courage and courage have waned. Knights, samurai, nobles. All this is left in the past, as are those who deserved better. But without character it is difficult to claim leadership, victory and good luck.

The life of a samurai Miyamoto Musashi

— A samurai has no purpose, only the way, and the way of the samurai is death. - And I, frankly, thought that death was the end of the road. “But isn’t the path and its end the same thing?” The way of the warrior is to live as if you are already dead. And only a person who is indifferent to death gains free will, which means that the outcome of the duel does not matter...

Now there are almost no heroes and winners who follow their destiny and the chosen path. Men have become adept at finding excuses for why they failed to follow their path in life. How to change all this? Follow the advice of the samurai Miyamoto Musashi. This is one of the most famous swordsmen in the history of Japan, who fought with two swords at the same time.

Miyamoto Musashi was born in an unknown village and won his first fight at the age of 13. Miyamoto Musashi dealt with the adult samurai Arima Kihei, from the Shinto-ryu martial arts school, by throwing him to the ground. At the age of 16, Miyamoto Musashi defeated the famous fighter Akime Tadashime.

Miyamoto Musashi was a drinker, rarely bathed, and liked to fight duels. In his life, the samurai Miyamoto Musashi won many duels, and also participated in 6 wars.

Musashi Miyamoto with two bokken. Scan of an ancient Japanese scroll.

The most famous and last duel was against the great swordsman Sasaki Kajiro. Miyamoto Musashi was dragged to a duel drunk, who along the way cut himself a wooden sword from an oar. Sasaki Kajiro lunged, but Miyamoto Musashi dodged and hit his opponent's head with a wooden stick. Miyamoto Musashi won the duel, but after that he stopped participating in duels. He regretted that he had killed such a legendary samurai.

At the age of 50, the samurai Miyamoto Musashi calmed down and wrote the treatise "The Book of Five Rings". The book talks about the strategy and philosophy of the military craft, which even now remains popular.

A few days before Miyamoto's death, Musashi compiled a list of advice or a spiritual testament entitled "The Only True Way". Here is a list of samurai, supplemented by his advice from the book. Samurai advice will help you find your life path and achieve your goal.

Samurai Tips

1. Don't be insecure.

2. Do not seek pleasures and do not give in to them.

3. Kill your greed.

4. Maintain impartiality.

5. Do not keep hostility and hatred towards others.

6. Worship your gods, but do not rely on them.

7. Only victory or defeat matters in life. Everything else is nonsense.

8. Defeat yourself of yesterday, and tomorrow you will crush your enemies.

9. Know no fear of death. Be brave and live like you're already dead.

10. Don't get used to the limits, so as not to be tied to the rules.

11. Look at things from all angles. This will allow you to see the truth.

12. The path to development lies in lifelong learning.

13. Give preference to nothing and do not make it your weakness.

14. Learn every art to understand the world more broadly.

15. Poor knowledge of the basics leads to trouble.

16. Do not own valuable things, so that they do not own you.

17. You win when you are ahead of the enemy.

18. Do not think dishonestly and do not produce lies.

19. Be successful everywhere, but don't be in a hurry.


20. Stay flexible. Mobility is life.

21. Do not regret anything, walking on your path of life.

22. Do not focus on one thing, but explore the world from all sides.

23. Look at life strategically. See what is near from afar, and what is far near.

24. Do not envy the good and do not rejoice in the bad of others.

25. Even in old age, have no desire to own or use anything.

26. Seek in everything that can help in the future path.

27. Take advantage of positions, situations and strengths.

28. Do not be sad and do not indulge in pessimism.

29. Open your eyes. Pay attention even to the little things.

30. Stop looking for comfort and convenience. You are not looking for this.

31. People must always cultivate, otherwise they die even while still alive.

32. Train the spirit of waiting, and with it the spirit of action.

33. Do not deviate from your true path of development.

34. In strategy, it is important to be able to look both ways.

35. In a fight and in ordinary life, he must be purposeful, but calm.

36. Do not give in to false beliefs and deceitful values.

37. Do not look for ways to please yourself and indulge in weaknesses.

38. Don't do anything senseless.

39. Dedicate yourself to the true path.

40. A samurai has no purpose. Only path.

From the point of view of a stern samurai, we have become too apathetic, slow and indecisive. We have lost the spirit of war within us. We are afraid to get on our true life path, preferring more convenient, comfortable and homely places. We are in a comfort zone.

We set some goals, but not the goals themselves are important, but the path. Dynamics and movement forward are important. What matters is the absence of stagnation and the courage to change.

A samurai has no purpose. Only path. What is your true life path? How will you find your true self?