The power of the present moment

We never live in the present moment, preferring to dream about the future or remember the past. But all these moans make it difficult to concentrate on the present moment, when you can change everything for the better. Do not regret the past and do not hover in the clouds of the future, but grab on to today. Wake up and use the power of the present moment, using all the opportunities that have turned up.

We love to distort the surrounding reality so that almost nothing remains of it. We spend most of our lives worrying about the past, which can never be changed. We think about the future, which is so far away and often deceptive. But excessive analysis, evaluation and empty thoughts distract from the present. From the moment when everything can change.

In one famous song by the poet Leonid Derbenev, there are such words: “There is only a moment between the past and the future. That is what is called life." In life, it is important to feel this short moment of the present. Live consciously, give free rein to feelings, listen to feelings and use the opportunities of the present moment.

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How to use the power of the present moment?

1. Get up at the appointed time

We like to wallow for a long time and ignore the ringing alarm clock trying to wake us up in the morning. This is already a mistake. It is important to train yourself to get up at the same time. Start getting up 30-60 minutes earlier than usual. This will allow you to slowly get together, do a couple of things and be in time everywhere. Get up as soon as the alarm goes off. It will be a beautiful day if you get up with joy and a smile.

2. Use the power of the present moment

We like to think about anything but the present moment. But it is in the present moment that so many incredible, interesting and potentially promising things happen. Open your eyes and be more empathetic. What offers you today and this moment? Be more sensitive and attentive to what is happening, and do not run like a driven horse.

What is happening around? What might be interesting or promising? What chances does fate and this moment offer? Meet the right person? Have an interesting conversation? Approach the girl you like? Seize on a tempting offer? Agree on something interesting? To create an opportunity at the right moment? The power of the present moment is underestimated.

Open your eyes wider and be attentive. Often fate does not offer twice.

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3. Plan your day

In the evening or in the morning, plan your day in more detail. What are the most important and priority tasks? What should be done first? What to do second, postpone for another day or discard altogether? By making a plan for the day, we help ourselves to clearly understand today's actions. Such planning will increase productivity, develop discipline and allow you to take full advantage of the new day.

4. Work with productive segments

Time management is based on the ability to manage your time. Use the Pomodoro Time Management Technique, which was proposed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. This method is often used in educational and industrial processes.

The Pomodoro Method suggests breaking up your work into 25-45 minute breaks. It is important to do the work all the time, without being distracted by calls, social networks and other factors. If something out of the habit is important to you, then write it down in a notebook so you can come back to it later. Take a break for 5 minutes after your workout. After 4 working segments, arrange yourself a big break of 15-30 minutes.

There are many Pomodoro Apps on the Internet for your phone or computer browser that help you keep track of the current time. The quiet ticking of the timer helps not to be distracted by nonsense.

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5. Don't keep your head in the clouds all the time

We like to be distracted by something extraneous. Dream about a vacation, think about future changes, remember past events or reflect on past actions. We do this so often that we constantly forget about the present. We always think about something extraneous, but not about reality.

Do not wander in the clouds, dreams, fantasies and memories. Pay attention to what is happening around now. What should you do? If you work, then work. If you are resting, then it is better to rest and enjoy the moments of a well-deserved break.

6. Do specific actions now

Avoid imposing other people's views or doing things that are alien. Take concrete and conscious actions that are in your true interests. Avoid thinking patterns, following rules and limiting yourself. Look for your own path, and for this, do your best today and now. Take action now, not tomorrow or sometime later. Don't wait for the perfect moment that will never happen. Do it today or never.

7. Enjoy the present

Get rid of empty experiences and inner noise. Stop worrying about the past and chasing future goals. Feel your presence in the present moment. Learn to be in the present moment, not somewhere else. What is around you? What's happening? What do you like about it?

Use the moment to enjoy it to the fullest. Being at a concert, admiring the fireworks, watching the sunset or listening to music. Always do it wholeheartedly. Do not be distracted by shooting with your phone, do not do extraneous things and do not immerse yourself in inner experiences. Enjoy the present moment, not the fuss. The power of the present moment lies precisely in total immersion in it right now.

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8. Exercise and relax

Exercise more to find yourself in this world. Sport helps to find additional strength in the body, makes us more beautiful, improves well-being, improves mood and strengthens health. Give yourself time to rest and sleep well. Do not drive yourself so as to collapse from fatigue. Give yourself a break and a well-deserved rest.

9. Appreciate simple but expensive things

Life is short to think only about work, deeds, goals, past or future. Appreciate the simple things that make you happy. The most important thing is friends, family, relatives, children. An interesting film, a delicious cup of coffee, a pleasant walk, an entertaining journey, a moment of tenderness, a fascinating conversation, warm hugs, emotional outbursts. Appreciate simple but expensive things.

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10. Go in the direction of your dreams

Don't chase unrealistic dreams and unattainable goals. Don't waste your time and energy. Choose goals that you can and should achieve. Find dreams and peaks that you definitely need to conquer. Walk in the direction of your dreams every day. It is important not so much to reach the destination, but simply to go to them all your life, conquering one peak after another. Go in the direction of your dreams, and do not pretend that you are not interested in it.

The power of the present moment is great. Use it to the fullest to get the most out of life and fully fulfill yourself. But don't forget to enjoy the present moment. Appreciate life. There is only a moment between the past and the future. This is your Life.