The power of a word

How to support others and yourself with words? Some words have an instant effect on feelings and emotions. List of encouraging, positive and kind words, statements and phrases.

Encouraging, comforting, positive words, whether written or spoken, have an extraordinary power to heal, inspire, and change thoughts and emotions.

During the day we have to deal with different people, each of them has his own individual manner of communication. Some use sarcastic phrases, others constructive criticism, compliments, utter caring and kind words. Have you noticed the impact that being with these people has on you?

Do you know that the words, phrases and sentences that we use in our speech are a projection of our inner world? A person can be easily deceived or misled with the help of words, but there is one thing that cannot be hidden - non-verbal communication and body language.

What about you? How do you express your thoughts and opinions when communicating with other people? Do you watch what you say or do not betray the importance of your speech?

It is best to practice using positive words on yourself. We are constantly having an internal dialogue with ourselves. That is why the constant repetition of negative thoughts is one of the main reasons why most people do not succeed in personal growth and cannot fully enjoy life.

How to learn to use positive words?

Watch what you say

If you want specific answers, ask specific questions, use words in a positive way. Instead of asking yourself or others why you keep failing, frame your statements differently, ask yourself what you can learn from it and what actions you can take to fix it.

Your words can bring you both suffering and joy. They can predetermine your next actions, watch what you say to yourself.


Make it a habit to think and speak positively, this will have a powerful effect on your behavior, elation and motivation. Your words will be reflected in your perception and feelings.

Here are some examples of metaphors that have an instant impact on feelings and emotions:

1. Life is like a piece of cake, easy and pleasant. 2. “Life is a tightrope. Take it step by step and never look back.” - Jay Cochrane 3. I'm on cloud nine. 4. How to eat an elephant? At a time - 5 pieces. There is always light at the end of the tunnel

Read a lot, expand your vocabulary

It is said that a limited vocabulary brings a limited life experience. In order to improve your knowledge and use it to express your thoughts, emotions and experiences, constantly replenish your vocabulary with new positive words.

Reading books and magazines will help infuse your words with power. When as a limited vocabulary will only characterize you as an illiterate person.

Make a list of positive affirmations and read it every day

Affirmations are positive affirmations that are needed in order to get rid of restrictions and direct your internal dialogue in a positive direction.

Examples of positive statements:

1. I feel confident and every day my self-confidence grows. 2. I am healthy 3. I am successful in everything I do 4. Every day I gain more knowledge and skills 5. I am successful

6. I am constantly developing, I am waiting for success and personal growth

A list of encouraging, positive and kind words, statements and phrases:

1. You can 2. If others can, then you can 3. Why not? Why not now? Why wouldn't I? 4. I love you 5. I trust you 6. I believe in you 7. Keep going

8. When it gets difficult, the difficulty becomes action 9. It's not a defeat, it's just a response 10. Time heals all wounds 11. This too shall pass 12. Just go for it 13. Every problem is an opportunity for personal growth and self-development.