The only thing you need for success and happiness

Most of our strength and energy is scattered in many directions. We are engaged in many things, distracted by a bunch of factors and cases. But we forget about one single important thing that is needed for success and happiness.

“There is a goal, there is a distance. The rest is details” Sergey Minaev

One of my colleagues was engaged in the manufacture of products from natural leather: men's leather wallets, business card holders, notepads, document covers. He was engaged in all the processes alone and pulled the strap of numerous cases. Business plan, sales, taxes, staffing, logistics and other things. This greatly distracted from the design work itself and made it impossible to focus on the most important things.

The blockage of cases forced us to reconsider all our activities. He handed over most of the cases to an assistant, ignored some of the unnecessary worries and began to engage exclusively in manual manufacturing of genuine leather products. As a result, the quality of manual work has become impeccable, and productivity has increased. The high quality of the leather goods production has outstripped all other processes and has become the flagship of the business. What is the secret to the designer's success? In finding the main "epicenter" of their activities.

The only thing that is needed for success and happiness

In the life of every person there are many things, but they are all secondary. The most important thing is to find in your life what is most important, and build the rest around it. What is the most important thing in your life? Try to articulate and then focus on your personal epicenter.

There will always be things that need to be addressed, but sometimes they distract from the most important thing. Determine your priority and focus on it as much as possible. When you put the most important thing in your life in the center, everything becomes easier. Focus forces, actions and energy on the main thing and act. This will be the maximum productivity.

Do not let yourself be dragged into other things that are not important to you and not at all interesting. The only thing you need for success and happiness is to find your epicenter of life.