The next stage of the competition of young designers New Names BFW

In this round of the New Names BFW competition, participants were required to submit almost finished models from their collections to the jury.

Those who passed the selection will have a final show on November 3 as part of Belarus Fashion Week by Marko, where the winner will be determined.

The event started at 18.00 and lasted more than three hours, because the participants not only showed their works, but also answered questions from the jury members. Experienced members of the competition jury (Yanina Goncharova (head of the BFW), Lyudmila Yakovlevna Meshkova (Associate Professor of BGAI), Olga Gil and designer Olga Trusevich (representatives of O. Jen), Yuri Budko (head of the Mammoth festival) got together again to give an assessment

There were many questions: from materials for the collection and technological details, to the concept. As Olga Trusevich later admitted, it was “important for them to see the designer's understanding of how to translate your idea into production on an industrial scale." According to her, "an original idea should not interfere with the practicality of things, and this requires purity of execution."

During the pre-demonstration, participants were pointed to shortcomings in the collections that need to be finalized, as well as checking the functionality of things. It was important to understand the target audience for which the works were created, to estimate the cost of products. All this, together with the creation iveness, directly influenced the decision of the jury. Often the designers themselves asked questions to the jury members, so, in general, it can be noted that a constructive dialogue took place. The designers admitted that work on the products began from the day of the sketch tour and continued until the last minutes of the pre-demonstration! Young talents shared the problems of choosing fabrics, talked about the pains of creativity and anxiously awaited the comments of professionals.

All 16 participants of the competition demonstrated their own collections, in which the "handwriting of the designer" was easily read. The jury members had to make a difficult choice, since the collections of this season of the competition were more than ever distinguished by a high level of execution and creativity of ideas.

Recall that this season the New Names BFW contest is collaborating with KIEV EXPO (the organizer of the Kyiv Fashion festival), within which the Autograph contest is held annually. The winner of the “NEO” nomination of this competition, Lyudmila Grom, came to Minsk for a pre-demonstration, and along with other participants presented her works to the jury.

The defile of the NN BFW finalists, which will be held on November 3 on the BFW podium, will also adorn the collection of Anastasia and Nadezhda Solunina, who will present their own shoe collection out of competition.

New Names BFW finalists selected:

1) Matskevich Yulia 2) Kostroma-Andreyuk Natalia 3) Grom Ludmila (Ukraine)) 4) Evgeny Ivanchik 5) Elena Dovgun 6) Anna Zuyonok 7) Anna Yanchilina 8) Anastasia Kukharevich 9) Yulia Aleksandrova 10) Alina Zinovich 11) Natalia Alkhimovich

At the end of the event, Yanina Goncharova congratulated those who passed to the next stage, asked to pay attention to the advice of the jury members and finalize the collections to perfection. Those who did not make it to the finals received a lot of parting words and an invitation to participate next year.

Good luck to the finalists and look forward to the final show on November 3rd on the BFW podium!

Photo: Alexander Yampolsky Text: BFW press center (Yulia Levkovets) Men's magazine MENSBY. COM