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The most popular places to have sex in public

Researchers have figured out the most important fetish in sex. Most people want and have sex in public places. What are the most popular places to have sex in public?

Sex outside the bedroom is unusual and attractive at the same time. Voyeurism and exhibitionism are not sexual perversions, but small intimate features that are common to most people. 93% of people would like to try public sex and 75% did. Sex in a public place is one of the most common fetishes among men and women.

Who is more likely to want to have sex in public? 57% of men and 43% of women initiate sex in unusual places. It's more about stereotypes that encourage men to be more risky in sex, and women try to avoid adventurous adventures so as not to be accused of indecent behavior. This suggests that there are many more women who want to have sex in public places. Wind your mustache where you can seduce a girl!

Sex in a public place is good because it usually does not require foreplay. It's fast sex called "quickie" on the verge of high sexual tension. The risk of being caught or fined raises the degree of excitement to the heights. Many couples like to have sex while being watched. These are doggers. Sometimes it is enough for them to open the window to open and have sex in front of it.

Life hack for lovers of sex in public places! Many love couples prefer to have sex in public places in the evening or at night, when there are fewer people and poorer visibility.

What are the most unusual and extreme places lovers choose?

The most popular places for sex in public

1. Sex in the forest

About 40% of couples chose a place for lovemaking outdoors in the forest. This is a local park, lawn or ordinary forest. Nature perfectly contributes to a romantic mood, and trees and bushes hide lovers from prying eyes. You can take a blanket to the forest for a romantic picnic with a girl, which will end in a rough hookup.

2. Sex on the beach

Sex on the beach is not just a cocktail. 35% of men and women have sex on the beach, near rivers, lakes, the sea, or in a pool. Often they fuck right in the water or in shallow water. It's very romantic, says most of the girls who have tried this kind of sex.

3. Sex in transport

Sex in a train, taxi, plane or car attracts 30% of lovers. This is a very good place where you are constrained in your movements, and the risk of being caught increases the level of passion. Almost all modern men and women were engaged in sex in the car. Mono leave the car not only in the forest, but also in the parking lot or just on the side of the road. Someone has sex in a straight motion, but it is life-threatening.

4. Sex in a public toilet

9% of lovers fuck right in a public toilet stall. It can be a toilet in a restaurant, a nightclub, a store, an office, and any other place. It's obscene, vulgar and great!

5. Secluded public place for sex

About 5% of men and women will try sex in the cinema, dressing room, photo booth, fitting room, elevator, stairs, closet, roof and any other secluded place. Such casual places for casual sex improve the sex life of a love couple.

How liberated are you about sex outside the bedroom? If you completed 4 out of 5 points, that's good. If all five points, then you are an excellent student in sex in public places. If less than 3, then you have something to think about, weakling!

Sex in public places is outrageous, forbidden, immoral, obscene, vulgar and similar to sexual perversion. Sounds great right?