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The most pleasant sensations

Life is much better and more pleasant than we are accustomed to think. Our life consists of hundreds of pleasant little things that give us pleasure and brighten up gray everyday life. What are the most pleasant sensations and things that happen to each of us? What's the coolest thing in life? We have compiled a list of things that you definitely need to try in order to get 100% pleasure from life.

This world is not as bad as it seems. You are alive, you have a roof over your head, you have food and loved ones. In addition, there are at least a hundred things that will not leave you indifferent. What is the most pleasant thing that can happen to a person that will give him pleasure and enjoyment?

The most pleasant sensations in the world that we encounter in ordinary life. Happiness and pleasure do not come by themselves, but you need to get them yourself. We have compiled a list of nice and cool things for you to try. Enjoy and get high!

The most pleasant sensations of a person

1. Falling in love with someone without a memory.

2. Drink the first sip of coffee in the morning.

3. Remove shoes and sweaty socks after a long day.

4. Take a relaxing bath or a pleasant shower.

5. Start reading a fascinating and interesting book.

6. Take a walk in the warm rain.

7. Lie down on soft, clean and cool sheets.

8. Stroking a cat that purrs and warms pleasantly.

9. Wear new clothes that you like.

10. Enjoy the sunset or sunrise.

Karl Fredrickson, Unsplash

11. Feel the fresh breeze as you step outside.

12. Going to a concert with people who love this music as much as you do.

13. Hug a close and dear person.

14. Get the long-awaited salary.

15. Start watching the first episode of a new interesting series.

16. Get a full relaxing massage.

17. Try something tasty that you have not eaten for a long time or have never tried at all.

18. Hear the voice of your old friend on the phone.

19. Sitting in your favorite chair when it's raining outside.

20. Kiss someone you like for the first time.

Graham Mansfield, Unsplash

21. Popping bubble wrap.

22. Go shopping, becoming a shopaholic.

23. Feel the warm rays of the sun on your face.

24. Leave school or work a little early.

25. Walk barefoot on grass or sand.

26. Rush in a car wherever your eyes look.

27. Take a walk with a dog that jumps around cheerfully.

28. Read a funny anecdote or story.

29. Solve a problem you've been working on for a long time.

30. Euphoria from playing sports.

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31. Finally get well and feel the joy of it.

32. Admire the fire or sit near the fireplace.

33. Kiss and hug your child on the forehead.

34. Waking up in the house of parents or grandparents.

35. Get the grand prize.


36. Breathe in the smell of the forest and enjoy its noise.

37. Obtaining a negative result on a serious medical examination.

38. A sip of a cold drink on a hot and sultry day.

39. Defeat the enemy.

40. Catch a wave in surfing or yachting.

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41. Go to bed when you don't have to get up in the morning.

42. Understanding that you have good and close friends.

43. The most pleasant sensations? Get the first experience in any business.

44. Touching something tactilely pleasant in the hands.

45. Inhale the smell after the rain.

46. Dance to your favorite music.

47. Get praise from someone.

48. Warm up after a cold street under a blanket.

49. Get an unexpected gift.

50. Admire the stars in the Milky Way.

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51. Dream about something pleasant.

52. Have an interesting conversation with an interesting person.

53. Dive into the water from a cliff or tower.

54. Sharpen something incredibly tasty on your own.

55. Pleasure from the reflection in the mirror

56. Rest your head on your loved one's knees or shoulder.

57. Enjoy the warmth in a bath or sauna.

58. The victory of your favorite team in the sport for which you were rooting.

59. Body stretching.

60. Sit on the shore of the sea or river, listening to the surf.

Ignacio Correia, Unsplash

61. Win the argument.

62. Birth of a child.

63. Find something that you have been looking for for a long time.

64. Tasty and juicy sneeze.

65. Meet close people or friends.

66. Find a cool song.

67. Scratch a place that itches a lot.

68. Achieve what seemed impossible.

69. Ride a bike, scooter or skateboard.

70. The most pleasant feeling in the world? Of course, go on a trip to see this world.

Stephan Valentin, Unsplash

71. Win the lottery.

72. To see something that will remind you of childhood.

73. Go to wash and then sleep after a long trip.

74. Skydiving or other extreme sports for the first time.

75. A feeling of having a lot of money left after paying bills.

76. An exciting computer game.

77. Return home after a long absence.

78. To feel that life is successful.

79. Save money on shopping.

80. Ride a boat, yacht or catamaran.

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81. Enjoy the first sip of alcohol.

82. A long-awaited victory over a bad habit.

83. Eat at night by the refrigerator.

84. Go to the toilet after a long period of abstinence.

85. Find out that your love and feelings are mutual.

86. Come to visit grandparents.

87. After the operation, look at the world in a healthier way.

88. Ride motorcycles or ATVs with friends.

89. Swim naked in the sea, lake or river, feeling one with nature.

90. Meditate and enjoy peace.

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91. Breathe in the smell of fresh grass that has just been cut.

92. Go for a walk in an interesting place.

93. Sing a song in karaoke.

94. Pride in your achievements.

95. Laugh at a funny movie or show.

96. Get involved in an interesting adventure.

97. Feel the delicious smell of cooking food.

98. Attend an exhibition, opera, ballet or other cultural event.

99. Enjoying silence when everyone is asleep.

100. Intimacy with a loved one in bed.

101. Just fooling around and doing stupid things.

102. The feeling that your long-awaited dream is coming true.

The most pleasant sensations are always around you, you just have to reach out your hand. There are many wonderful things in the world, the main thing is to be able to find them. And what things do you enjoy the most?