Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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The mask you wear. Stop pretending, it's time to live for real

Most people wear masks and pretend because they are afraid to be themselves. Do you like your job? Are you happy with the relationship? Do you like how you live? Are you satisfied with your appearance? Are you happy? People convince themselves that everything is normal and happy, although everything is not so. How to take off the mask of a coward and start living for real?

"You wear the mask so long you forget who you were under it" Movie "V" stands for Vendetta.

Unfortunately, most people pretend and do not live for real. We are not satisfied with the hated work, but we pretend that everything is fine. We are unhappy in relationships, but we are afraid to break them and find another half. We hate the lifestyle we lead, but we keep a good face on a bad game. We are not doing what we want, but we continue to knock on closed doors. We have an ugly and not athletic body, but we put up with it, and do not work out in the gym. A lot of things upset us in life, but we stubbornly wear the “everything is fine” mask, fake and forced smile.

Why do we make an effort to wear a mask? Why do we put up and endure, creating the illusion of well-being? Why do we not change anything when we understand everything in our hearts? Why is an unhappy person behind the mask of well-being?

Many people wear a mask because they are afraid. They are fearful and do not have the courage to admit it. It's easy to pretend and wear a mask instead of showing your real face and your real desires. It is easy to be content with small things and handouts of fate, instead of fighting for your desires.

Stop pretending, it's time to live for real!

“We all wear masks, and there comes a time when we cannot remove them without affecting our own skin” André Berthier

If you wear a mask for too long coward, then under it you can see terrible things. There will be a crippled soul. Broken psyche. Shattered and betrayed dreams. Sick, tired and desperate eyes.

The expressions “Better a titmouse in the hands than a crane in the sky”, “Want a lot - get little”, “Do you want? Will want to!” invented by those who wear the mask of a coward. Who is afraid to express their claims and desires to this world. Stop running away from decisions, trying to please others and seeking approval. Stop pretending and adjusting to the circumstances.

Pretense is expensive. You will never be happy behind the mask. Stop pretending everything is fine. It's time to be honest with yourself. Otherwise, you will miss all opportunities. Tear off the mask of a coward and show your true self. What do you really want? Where do you want to go and what do you want to do? Only without a mask can you be really happy and live for real.

The mask you wear is the mask of a coward. Stop pretending to others and to yourself. Rip it off and show your true self. Start living for real...