The main secret of Instagram models

Every day you see beauties who are popular on Instagram. What is the most important secret of Instagram models, which is no secret for knowledgeable people?

Recently, 20-year-old Australian model Sinead Mcnamara was found on the yacht of one of Mexico's richest men, 87-year-old billionaire Alberto Bailleres. The Mexican businessman has a wife, seven children and 35th place in the list of the richest people in the world. It is known that the girl "worked for 4 months on a yacht", but it is not clear in whose capacity. But I think that no one doubts what the model did on the billionaire's yacht.

This is just the tip of the iceberg called Instagram. Almost every day you see on the Internet girls who are popular on Instagram. They travel a lot, lead an idle lifestyle, take pictures in underwear and swimsuits. They always have a lot of erotic photos, but their companions are never seen. What is the most important secret of Instagram models, which is no secret for knowledgeable people?

About 90% of popular girls on Instagram who are not professional models or stars are escorts.

The main secret of instagram models

All of them are now in order - women have accumulated money. Now they give them flowers from a beauty salon. They decorate the PARTY, decorate them like Christmas trees, They go to Cannes with them and almost do not humiliate them. And now they live in abundance of marmalade in a chocolate bar. Previously, no one knew them, but Instagram appeared. Blyadi - Nastasya Samburskaya

Sources in modeling agencies confirm this information. Many Instagram models have sex for money. And then they try to make money on advertising in their account.

Most Instagrammers work through special agencies that offer their company and escort services to wealthy people. Many people promote their Instagram account with money received from dads. It's like investing in "production" on a par with plastic surgery.

Girls demonstrate themselves and their bodies in the most favorable way. Many girls earn money as escorts for education, travel, cars, apartments. This is a business in which there is a lot of competition, and time is running out. Every day there are younger competitors with a young body and breasts that have not yet known gravity.

The main secret of Instagram models is that most of them work or have worked as escorts, selling their time and body to men who are willing to pay for it. When choosing a girl, you indicate to the agency the purpose of hiring a girl: travel, escort or just a meeting. Budget from $5000 dollars. Approximately 30% of the girl gives the services of an agency that helps her find a "job". Girls fly on sex business trips a couple of times a month. They all want easy money, holidays in Bali and a beautiful life. It's just a business where the commodity is the girl's body and her sexual services.

Previously, no one knew girls from the escort, but Instagram appeared...

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