The ideal of chivalry is to serve as a lady. On Perina and on a haymaker.

Love for the Beautiful Lady was platonic. Knighthood and love. Women do not like timid men

Surprisingly, under loud cries about sex, civilization becomes asexual.

Our ideas about the role of love in history are also being emasculated. It is impossible to watch films without tears, where unwashed Greeks, life-loving Romans and violent pirates do not know what to do with a maiden. Just like Alexander Blok…

Some believe that culture is returning to the Middle Ages. It's a delusion. The "Dark Ages", when they tried to impose asceticism on society, were not really so dark. These troubles did not concern the people. And the culture of the "tops", saturated with the ideals of chivalry, was formed from the 13th century. along with the literature that expressed it, where the main theme was love.

What is the difference between literature and waste paper? The fact that the meaning of literature is love. And waste paper is blood.

If you think Love for a Fair Lady was platonic, open up a chivalric romance. For example, the father of this genre, Chrétien de Troy (and "Heptameron" by Queen Margaret of Navarre and "Gallant Ladies" by Brantome, close - and "do not try to repeat the tricks yourself"!). I admit that your mobile phone does not show the divine lines of the master Chrétien. So I will help you.

Women don't like timid men. Cats don't like wary rats. Henry Louis Mencken

Where is the light of chivalry Yvane hiding, having killed the owner of the enchanted spring, while the servants of the inconsolable widow are looking for the killer? In the castle of this very widow, in the bed of a court maid, amusing, as de Troy subtly put it, with a magic ring put on him by a maid. Waiting until the lady, having heard a lot of enthusiastic reviews of the maiden, herself inflames passion for him and - do not think badly - will call him on the bed as a spouse and master of the castle. And everyone who wanted to kill him would approve.

Duel of knights. French painter Eugene Delacroix.

Remember: the penis is stronger than the sword. Jay Hawkins

Meanwhile, another light, Sir Gawain, performs his feat of serving the Lady in inhuman conditions:

“It is not easy to choose one of all When there are ninety beauties. There were no less Attentive ladies Of the noblest origin, And everyone promised pleasure ”

But Gawain did not disappoint. Having discarded the old prejudices that demanded that the hero take courage and please everyone (like Hercules), “Gawain called one his own, Gawain did not kiss the others! He prefers one to all, And spends time with her, As long as a mountain feasts in the castle And on the first day, and on the second. The week is already ending, But how can you get tired?!

Obviously not. To serve one Lady with all my soul and body (not counting, of course, maids and villagers), in the castle and in the hayloft, on a downy featherbed and under a bush - this is the ideal of chivalry, which has put an end to the times of barbarism and lawlessness of promiscuous sexual relations!

Love is a man's attempt to be satisfied with a single woman. Paul Geraldi

And what about the lofty ideal of serving a married lady? He demanded to remain faithful to the one that gives pleasure to a friend! To be convinced of this, it is not necessary to remove the dashing Spanish romances and the poetry of unbridled vagantes from the shelf. Let's open the gentle troubadours, and read the very first poem, missed by strict Soviet censorship (omitting the refrains):

“Everything is blooming! Spring is all around! The queen is in love, And, depriving the jealous man of sleep, She came here to him Like April shining. The king himself is here, here are those on! The gait of the old man is unfaithful, The chest is full of anxiety, That such a beauty is destined for another. The old man's jealousy is ridiculous to her, His love is boring to her, This is the fault of the young man, The handsome man has such a slender posture young.

Marr, Carl von. Adam and Eve.
The second poem tears the soul:

“I am good, but my life is dull: My husband is not nice to me, his love is disgusting... It’s enough to wait - you need to decide a long time ago, In love, my friend is alone my joy... And I'm glad to tell everyone about my friend, A friend is faithful to me and his reward awaits. In love with a friend, I don’t know sweetness with myself... ”.

And the romantic minnesingers, who sang of court love in the 12-13 centuries, even the sublime Wolfram von Eschenbach in the same place, - his guard calls on the “sweet” lady to let the visiting knight out of bed:

“She should change her mind while her beloved is intact, But Persians cling to his chest, And the former ardor woke up in him. Tear off your voice with a song! By all accounts, he was a knight And in parting he paid tribute to love ”

A lady is an object of passionate love. Or the man is not a knight.

Author: Andrey Bogdanov