The goal is to get a girl

Everyone wants to date girls and have sex. Step-by-step instructions on how to get the girl you like into bed. First, grit your teeth, and invite the person you are interested in on a date...

Step # 1. Set up a date

Ask the girl you like. You can invite a person you like from your circle of friends, friends of friends, from your group, from a parallel group, from your place of study (but not work, because personal is personal, and business is business) in a social network, theater or just on the street. Go somewhere together. For example, to the cinema, park, Aivazovsky exhibition, club, theater, museum, go ice skating, snowboarding, drink coffee, sushi, barbecue. The main thing is to be crowded, and she saw that you are not a sociopath, but a completely normal member of society (you will have to be patient) and did not feel discomfort. In general, see for yourself, according to your interests and your pocket.

Everyone was refused (only % is different, it grows from pumping experience), but sooner or later someone will agree, don't stop. The more often you go on dates and communicate with girls, the better you will get it, that's a fact.

In general, grit your teeth, and invite the person you are interested in on a date. Don't be a victim, rejections should piss you off. You are a man (at last, the continuation of the family is at stake). Always remember that everything is relative, and refusing a date is just refusing a date now, not the fact that she will not change her mind if you change the method (place, time, appearance finally).

Step #2. Build trust

It only makes sense to proceed to the second step if on the first date you had an interest in each other, a spark, you liked it, and you want to be with her. The interest must be sincere and mutual, otherwise go to step number 1 and continue your search. You must have sympathy on a psycho-emotional level. It's chemistry, it's inexplicable, you look into her eyes and don't want to let her go from you for a minute. If so, continue.

Spend as much time together as possible, watch movies together, play games together, go to visits, learn Japanese, whatever, but together. This will strengthen your relationship and inspire confidence on the part of the girl.

Step No. 3. Create conditions

If the previous steps were successful and your relationship lasts more than a month, it's time to move on to the active phase (it is not recommended to overdo it, you can stay in the friend zone).

Create conditions. Some girls like romance, candles, flowers, wine, rafaelki, pleasant music and sincere conversation to relax. Some people need an adrenaline rush, it's dancing in a club and some good shots, and then a taxi home and straight to business.

In any case, you need to create an opportunity (your apartment, her apartment, friend’s apartment, summer house, tent, hotel) for intimacy and seek it in all available ways (without assault, threats and pleas).

Try to talk less so as not to spoil everything, just do it, if you brought the girl to this step, she already told you YES. Just know it.

Further options are possible.

Option number 1 - she gave herself to you and everything worked out (or not everything, it happens the first time).

Option #2 - she says she's not ready, this could mean she's really not ready, then go to step #2 and create a new opportunity (consider the peculiarity of women's cycles, maybe she's not ready for "technical reasons" (well, you know what I mean).

Option number 3 (the most common) - she agrees, but not immediately. Here you have to be assertive and persuasive, but in moderation. Girls do not want to seem accessible, you should understand this. If you were sent to sleep in another room, try to return under the pretext that you are afraid to sleep alone, for example (humor is welcome, it helped me anyway) or had a nightmare.

In general, do everything so that she understands how important and desirable she is (words of love will be appropriate here). like this) girls won't get a chance to say no to you.

bent - profit.

Author: Vadim74