The girls told how a man can become five times better in sex

Many men never learned how to have good sex all the time they were in love. From their youthful times, they make the same mistakes and cannot satisfy the girl well in bed. Are you a good lover or so-so?

What women want in sex and what men do are very different things. 20 women shared their desires and thoughts about sex, on the basis of which simple recommendations were made for men. How to be a good lover?

Girls told how a man can become five times better in sex

1. Start sex slowly

but that's pretty rare. In 90% of cases, a man does not need to rush. If a girl starts to undress, then she will definitely give and will not change her mind. Girls love romance, slow undressing and seduction. When a man is in no hurry to shove, but gradually excites the girl. When there is a prelude of at least 10 minutes.

2. Take control in sex

Girls love confident men not only in life, but also in sex. Girls want a man to take charge in the bedroom. Girls love powerful, dominant and strong males. Who do not ask permission to kiss or put the girl in a new sex position. When a man behaves like a lustful male who succumbed to passion, the girl feels desired and sexy.

3. Variety in sex positions

Most often, women blame the boringness and predictability of men in sex. Girls don't want sex with a jackhammer. They expect fantasy and ingenuity from a man. When a man offers different positions and picks up the rhythm for optimal sex. A good lover does not forget to kiss, caress the chest, stroke the body, give compliments and utter vulgar vulgarities. This should be done not only during foreplay, but also during sex.

4. More different places to have sex

Having sex in an unexpected place makes a man a good lover. Are you saying that your girlfriend is not like that? Almost all girls dream about sex outside the bed. When you can have sex in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the hallway, on the floor or against the wall.

Sex is good in a public place, in the back seat of a car, in a hotel or in nature. The opportunity to be caught or seen gives an incredible surge of excitement.

5. Sex games

Girls love role-playing games and various sex ideas. Costumes help remove inhibitions, taboos, modesty and insecurity. Girls are interested in new experiences, the embodiment of erotic fantasies, watching adult films and testing toys from a sex shop. Sex games help bring dynamics to relationships, add sexual freedom and variety.

How good are you at sex or so-so?