The girls love it

With girls it is recommended to act beautifully, be kind, behave fluffy, give flowers and gifts. It is considered so. This is such a fashion. Myth! But in fact, you need to be rougher, tougher and more aggressive.

Muzhiks who have such pseudo-intelligent beliefs in their heads “how not to offend her!” women with rotten sovdepovskim behavioral programs, such as "a man is obliged to pay" zaёbaivaet to the very nimogu. Where does this obligation “a boy must pay for a girl come from, otherwise the girl will be offended, girls must be taken care of!”. They will take care of themselves! They will also take care of you! It gives them real pleasure. And then some one comes, starts to build out of himself, then buy it, buy it, entertain it, and while I sit, I think about my life, I rummage through the phone, I think, will you suit me or not, let's dance in front of me. That's how they act only with guys who allow them to treat them that way. With those who are brainwashed about the fact that "a woman is a semi-divine being, and a man is an insignificant appendage." We need to get rid of this crap.

Some girls use boys as free psychologists because their girlfriends are fed up with this role. They spend hours pouring out their hemorrhoids to them, then she feels bad, she doesn’t get well there, here they treated her cruelly. And the guy, you see, should sympathetically listen to all this slop. When such nonsense starts, you just tell her: “Listen, ***, here psychologists charge from 1500 per hour for such consultations. I am not a psychologist. I earn my living in a different way. But if you want, I can be your psychologist. Tariff payment. Why are you bothering me with your problems? This does NOT concern me. I don't need to vent my problems. I don't spill it for you. Even though I may be in a bad mood, I’m not taking revenge on you, I behave like nothing happened, so as not to spoil your mood! As soon as it starts to get dirty, you immediately set the dachshund: “So, we talked for 10 minutes, the dachshund is such and such.”

The vast majority of this crap like "how do I treat a girl?", "what kind of recycling to use?", "what triple helix to tell?", "to pay or not to pay?", all this pioneering really goes elementary due to the fact that men do not respect themselves or their time. In general, they simply do not respect themselves! They don't love themselves!

"I want to learn how to seduce pretentious women!". How can you learn this if a man already on the first date allows you to wipe your feet!

Some men can only do this with some women, and just the same, these women run after them, write SMS and confess their love. And with other women, they behave like a weakling. And so it turns out that these women dynamize them, do not respect them, wipe their feet on them. More healthy cynicism! Grandma loves it! Try to behave like this with everyone. It's just stupid to start behaving like that with everyone. The map will expand, and then there will be a choice to continue to behave like a "hellish bastard" or more or less softly. But for starters, it makes sense to just act stupidly like this “in a podokavski” way. And see what results it will lead to. This is necessary in order to get rid of this fear “won’t she be offended?”.

Women are more fond of scum and goats. Who love themselves the most. All this emancipation, matriarchy, all this garbage is not really natural, it's just so fashionable now. But in fact, a man is stronger than a woman in any way. (There are exceptions, but this is NOT about that). The woman adapts to the man, and not vice versa. And that's exactly what they have in their instincts. Therefore, if you are white, fluffy and silky, they will boast to their girlfriends what kind of boy they grabbed and how they turn them around. But in fact, sooner or later they will go to such a man who will hold them for ziher. Although he will fart in front of them, and burp, and behave boorishly, but, nevertheless, they will go to this haml. All because this Hamlo loves himself. But such boys, kind, fluffy, brought up from an intelligent family, do not love and do not respect themselves. We were all brought up that way. We have such a "specific" country. Therefore, you need to get rid of this shit.

Of course, there are smart women. Who understand everything. With them it is possible in a simple way, in a kind way. With them you can just enjoy life and catch the buzz. But, unfortunately, there are few of them in this country. For the most part, these are, of course, mature aunts, but it happens that even 20-year-olds are found who mature early, begin to understand “this life” early. But these are all exceptions! If you met such a girl, consider yourself lucky. Usually, yes, they "see the light" for the most part at the age of 30, and even then not all of them.

The method is simple. In the beginning, you are behaving well. If she behaves “well”, does not strain you, then you continue to behave well. As soon as she starts to get dirty and fucked up, you start behaving "badly." Elemental training. Training is really simple: "she behaves well - you are good, she is bad - you are her to the nail." If you just ignore her, stupidly beat her up, then the effect of her enlightenment and understanding that you don’t have to behave badly, it drags on. And if you run into her, then she just understands it earlier. Those. if you want to delay it, you ignore it, if you want it faster, you run into it. For some, corrals begin, “what if I bend the stick?”. Well, in any case, not as the scumbags say "kill yourself up the wall!". Well, you will bend the stick, so what? This is an experience. You won't overdo it on another. Again, don't be afraid to make mistakes! Like, what if I mess up! So what? Do you have the perfect life?

In our country, the vast majority of girls like it when they are ridiculed and offended. For them, this is better than if you are “kind” with them. They are such masochists. They were brought up defectively, in a masochistic way. They get emotions, high from bullying and hassle. This is exactly what we have. It's just that in civilized countries, in the same Europe and America, people there have something to do. So positive. Therefore, they get high from the positive. From positive relationships, from positive emotions. And we do NOT know how to get high from the positive. We only know how to deal with the negative. If you try positively, then she does not perceive it, for her it is somehow strange. It goes beyond their perception. Well, it's like if a TV set operating in the megahertz range is given a program in the kilohertz range. We, as it is believed, have morality, morality, it is necessary with girls in a beautiful way, flowers, gifts. It is considered so. This is such a fashion. Myth! But REALLY it is necessary "hard". Our country is so “defective”. And people are "defective". And the women are "defective". Therefore, the methods of influencing them must be "defective". We say this NOT because we are such faggots and condoms, “embittered at life”, we hate women who are offended by them, but because it DOES NOT work differently. Those. works but rarely. We would be VERY happy if it ALWAYS worked "kindly". But, unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.

It is necessary to remove the halo. Debunk myths. The time for idols is over. Gradually. No need to force yourself! Today he hung up, tomorrow he raised his voice, the day after tomorrow he spoke harshly. But then again, if she behaves inappropriately! Those. no need to go to extremes, which are taught in the well-known training “oh you bitch!”. No need for aggression. Aggressiveness can be turned on only then the woman is priborzela and slightly out of her head. Then you can already apply rudeness. In short, do not fall into inadequate yourself! You have to be appropriate! Behaves well, enjoy and rejoice, and thank fate for sending you such a wonderful girl. Started to show off a little, you started to run into her a little. She shows off more - you hit harder! And she will return to normal.

Don't please them all the time. You make them comfortable, then make them a little uncomfortable. And in order to make her a little uncomfortable, you don’t need to deliberately spread rot on her, it’s enough just not to make her constantly comfortable. And there will be this “closer-further”. Those. positive emotions - the absence of them, which are already perceived as negative emotions. Those. to her statement “I want to take a walk!” you don’t need every time “oh, now I’ll come running with a bouquet in my teeth!”. Better from time to time “I'm busy. Let's take a walk next time I'm free. I'll call myself." If you yourself have a desire to walk - walk. Here we are talking about the fact that if you do NOT want to go for a walk, then do not go. Otherwise, they usually think: “I won’t take a walk with her, she will be offended.” If you don’t want to, don’t go out if, for example, you don’t want to leave the house in bad weather. You can simply say: “I have no desire to leave the house in such vile weather, come to me!”. If he says “oh, no, no”, then you say “well, bye” and hang up. Just be sure to hang up first. He says some crap, you put it down and that's it. They are very hurt when the man hangs up first. Use this trick.

It is not necessary that she be constantly “in sugar”. Because if you constantly surround her with sugar, her ass will stick together, and she will start to struggle from it. No need for sugar all the time! Dads need emotions! And emotions are just “plus – no plus – minus”. Babies love emotions! Women love when they are given these emotions. Therefore, make the woman feel good at the beginning, if she starts to show off, make her feel bad. Starts acting good again, do good to her. She starts to get pissed off - do her badly. The secret of training it is simple: time and adequacy of the reaction. You react well to her good behavior, badly to her bad behavior. Author: Grigorchuk Timofey