The girl sits on her neck. Why are you kept?

Many men think they are dating an ordinary girl, but they are dating a kept woman. Now you can often encounter a situation where a girl sets the main goal of finding a man and successfully marrying. A girl needs a man who will support her in exchange for beauty and love pleasures. How to recognize secret kept women, even if they do not look like them at all? How to recognize a girl with the character and lifestyle of a kept woman who will only sit on your neck?

Wealthy men do not have time for love games, and therefore a kept woman will be a good option for temporary entertainment. Dads get themselves mistresses or kept women, in exchange for obviously commodity-money relations. One is money, and the other is the satisfaction of lust. Why rich dads look for kept women is understandable, but why are they turned on by ordinary men? Many men do not even realize that they are dating a kept woman. You, too, met or meet with such. How to determine content? The girl is already sitting firmly on her neck, or plans to do so very soon.

Maybe your girlfriend is a kept woman?

Many girls have the character and moral values ​​of a kept woman, but they carefully disguise it. A girl can look simple, ordinary and pleasant. She may not have excessive demands, does not expect diamonds, does not insist on buying a car and hints at purchasing an apartment. The girl seems to be decent, has a simple job and not enough stars from the sky. When you meet such a girl, you immediately want to go down the aisle with her before others notice such a treasure. Everything about her is perfect, good and right. Lucky?

But over time, you realize that a girl can be good, but with the character of a kept woman. The gift of fate turns out to be not a gift at all, but a purchase. The girl evaluates herself as an expensive sports car that you have to maintain and maintain. This is an ordinary kept woman, even if she does not realize this.

Initially, the girl seeks to find a man with money and dreams of living at his expense. The girl has only one goal - to find someone who will arrange for her a comfortable and luxurious life. The girl decides to shift her material problems, goals and desires to a man. She needs someone who will buy her super-valuable "body" in exchange for green papers.

Such a girl is morally and emotionally weaker than ordinary girls. After all, she could not get settled in life, and therefore she is looking for someone else's neck. How to avoid this love trap that many men fall into?

Cons of secret kept women

Does the girl sit on her neck? And how does it differ from the usual kept woman? Have a kept woman instead of an ordinary girl? On the one hand, it is convenient, but on the other hand, you are considered exclusively as a daddy, who should be supported by an expensive toy. Having a beautiful and hot toy in bed is wonderful, but on the moral side it's a bit of pressure. Not feeling the excitement of the competition when you bought yourself a prize in advance. It's not worth talking about love at all. What are the words of love worth if, in case of problems, such a girl will screw up, taking as much money and property from you as possible?

Ordinary kept women are not so bad. You pay them for the bed, and they please you. But hidden kept women will be the ones who will use you 200%. The girl wants not only full content, but also marriage with all the ensuing consequences. But what is valuable in it, to give half of the property under a marriage contract? An ordinary woman, but with inflated claims and demands.

It's boring with such a girl, because she chose the role of a kept woman. She only has men in her mind and how to get married successfully. The girl is not smart enough to settle down in life herself, and then find herself a man. A kept woman needs to interest a man, marry and sit firmly on her neck. But is it worth the profit it gives in return? A man wants to see not only a maid in the kitchen and a goddess in bed. It is more interesting to have a like-minded person, comrade, friend, interlocutor and partner in one person with a girl. But can a kept woman give it? Doubtful.

How to crack a kept woman who wants to sit on your neck?

1. Place of work of a kept woman

A girl can work as anyone, but at the same time behave strangely. You can forgive the lack of goals and desire to achieve something for an 18-year-old girl. But what to do with a girl who is older? If a girl has big requests, but works at the simplest job or sits on the neck of her parents? So she plans to move from them to someone else's neck. For example yours. The girl plans to live not at her own expense, but at yours. A kind of big infantile overgrown, creeping up to your wallet. Such a girl has the character of a kept woman.

2. Increased interest in your finances

Is the girl actively interested in your work, and especially in the level of salary? Asks about the availability of an apartment, car and other resources? Interested in places of recreation and entertainment to find out the level of financial solvency? Ordering an expensive dish or offering a luxurious place to understand the depth of the wallet? There is a very high probability that the girl is a kept woman.

3. Habitat of kept women

Such girls can be found anywhere, but more often in expensive and luxurious places. Kept women circulate in cafes, restaurants, boutiques, business centers, casinos, clubs. Places for the wealthy public are always saturated with such girls. It is better to get acquainted in transport or on the street, where the chances of finding a normal girl are higher.

4. The difference between the expenses and income of a kept woman

Often a kept woman can be disclosed by her income and expenses. Why does an ordinary teacher get expensive handbags, clothes of famous brands, gadgets, travel and a chic lifestyle. The girl is clearly spending more than she earns. You can decide that this is the daughter of wealthy parents, but most likely this is the mistress of wealthy dads.


5. Lifestyle and character of a kept woman

How else can you define a girl who has moral principles and character of a kept woman? In most cases, such girls have red flags in their behavior, which give them away with their heads.

  • The girl's girlfriend has extremely questionable behavior and light moral principles.
  • The girl has many acquaintances in clubs, bars and social networks.
  • A girl can know most clubs and bars like a regular.
  • Girlfriend has a lot of visas and travel photos.
  • The girl went under the knife of a plastic surgeon and other specialists.
  • The girl's social media looks like she's an escort or putting her body up for sale.
  • The girl behaves arrogantly towards ordinary people.
  • The girl boasts of her acquaintance with famous people.
  • The girl asks for gifts that he should give her.
  • The girl is ready to reward you with her body in exchange for material support.

Is the girl sitting on her neck? Why do you need a kept girl? The question is rhetorical. Many men meet, marry and live with girls who are essentially kept women. Such girls could not take place as individuals, with the rich opportunities of the modern world. They are not capable of competition, but have chosen the role of the most ancient profession. The best solution is to find yourself a normal girl.

Find a normal girl or choose a kept woman? Often men make mistakes when they make a choice. Take a closer look at your passion. Is she definitely not the one that will sit on your neck? You can be happy with a good girl, but not with a kept woman.