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The game "There was not": 120 interesting questions for the game "I never"

At any party, we plan to have an interesting time and have 100% fun. The game “It was not there” is perfect for this, which you can play with a noisy company or together with your soulmate.

What else is there to do at a party than to play cool games that can be played by a large or small company? Games are a great way to have fun, break away, remove complexes, get to know each other better and get closer to each other.

For this, the game “It was not there” or the game “I never” are excellent, as one of the most popular games for companies and couples in love. The game will allow you to pass the time excitingly, and sometimes move to a new level of communication.

Rules of the game "There were never" and "I never"

This game can be played by any number of people starting from two. All players sit in a circle to be not too far from each other, because it's more interesting. Then, with any game, the game begins, depending on the lot or desire.

The first player tells the other players that he has never done or tried in his life. The player must come up with something that he thinks others did, but he never did. If one of the other players did this, then he receives a penalty point as a punishment. You can bend one finger, put matches, use coins, or write points on a piece of paper.

After the move of the first player, the second one says something that he never did. His task is such that other players receive penalty points. So all the players take turns saying something they have never done.

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The game continues until one of the players reaches a certain number of penalty points. For example, having scored 10 points (coins, matches, fingers), the player must fulfill some ridiculous desire, tell his secret, drink something, remove an item of clothing, or do something else as a punishment. The task can come up with the player who scored the minimum number of points. After that, you can reset all points and start the game from the very beginning. You can come up with questions yourself “It was not there”, or take the ones presented in this article.

Answering the questions “It was not” should be honest, otherwise the game loses its meaning. You should also remember that your task is to have a great time, have fun, relax and get to know each other, and not offend.

In addition to the game "It was not" there are excellent other similar entertainments. These are Truth or Dare game, One out of two game, Who's the fastest game, Crocodile game and the Fanta game. All of them are equally interesting and good for entertaining noisy companies or couples in love.

Game “Was there was no” questions

Do you want to find the best examples of questions for the game “Was there was no”? You have come to the right address. We have compiled a list of classic questions that are good to ask for a noisy company that likes to have a lot of fun. They also added personal, indecent, vulgar, impudent, dirty and provocative questions. This will make the game more interesting, piquant and unusual.

If you have previously consumed alcohol, then the game can turn out to be even more interesting, provocative and personal. People under the influence of the green snake are more relaxed and do things that they would not always dare to do in their usual state. We can have fun, find out who is secretly in love, or stir up a relationship. Everything will be the way you wanted.

First, you should put the form "I have never...", and then add a question. Other players say "there was no" in their lives. Go!

1. Drank (s) so much that then he did not remember (s).

2. Bathed in a fountain.

3. Been in the friend zone.

4. Received a resounding slap in the face.

5. Sang in karaoke under alcohol.

6. He threw the phone in anger.

7. Was in the hospital.

8. Broke the law.

9. Skateboarding.

10. Did crazy things that are life threatening.

11. Kissed strangers immediately after they met.

Toa Heftiba, Unsplash

12. Was someone who was kicked out of a bar, club or other establishment.

13. Took nude photos (nudes).

14. Walked all night alone.


15. Lied about his age to others.

16. Accidentally called (s) the second half by a strange name.

17. Peeping when someone is passed or naked.

18. Destroyed other people's relationships by interfering in them.

19. Laughed at a joke with everyone, but which he did not understand.

20. Saw a giraffe in real life.

21. Kissed someone from those present in the room.

22. Slept with someone who didn't attract me.

23. Danced a striptease.

24. Seduced someone for some specific purpose.

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25. Dated someone for over a year.

26. Participated in a talk show.

27. Left the house without underwear.

28. The chair broke under me.

29. Fell into a puddle.

30. Caught making love.

31. Lost clothes.

32. Secretly in love with someone for a long time.

33. Played strip cards.

34. Was caught watching something spicy.

35. Sunbathing without clothes.

36. Violated traffic rules.

37. Engaged in intimacy with someone present in the room.

38. Laughed at the most inopportune moment.

Toa Heftiba, Unsplash

39. Sending messages or pictures to the wrong person.

40. Retired to bed with someone 5 years younger or 10 years older than me.

41. Met on a dating site. Was it not?

42. Tried extreme sports.

43. Lied to please someone.

44. Has been blocked on social networks.

45. Asked (s) to send me hot and semi-nude pictures.

46. Was in a store with love toys.

47. Lied at the interview.

48. Spread false gossip about others.

49. Left without paying.

50. Did (a) insane acts on the verge of inadequacy.

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51. Traveled alone.

52. Farted quietly in the presence of other people.

53. I was looking for a rich soul mate.

54. I was afraid that a flight and pregnancy had happened.

55. Flirted with a teacher or teacher.

56. Did this in a public place.

57. Stole other people's things.

58. Broke something in the store, and then left there.

59. Fought somewhere and with anyone.

60. Hitchhiked.

61. Woke up in an unfamiliar place.

62. Spoke compliments that were gross flattery.

63. Received a speeding ticket.

64. Shaved his head bald.

65. Laughed at other people's mistakes or failures.

66. Kissed a person with whom he was friends.

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67. Played the Was Not There game before.

68. Dyed hair in a crazy color.

69. Scuba diver.

70. Measured parts of his body with a ruler or tape measure.

71. Escaped from boring parties for some imaginary reason.

72. Bring someone to meet their parents.

73. Got a tattoo.

74. Dated two people at the same time.

75. He flew in a helicopter.

76. Got pierced.

77. Slept drunk on the street.

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78. Pretended to know a stranger.

79. Run away from the police or traffic controllers.

80. Was in a car accident.

81. Was fired.

82. Was in a strip club.

83. Paid or received intimacy.

84. Looked at the phone of the second half without asking.

85. Was (-) hopelessly in love with (-) and made attempts to change.

86. Lied about his weight.

87. Chased an ex.

88. Was in an ambulance.

89. Falling asleep in the wrong place.

90. Was on a hunt.

91. Wrestled for items on sale.

92. Been on a binge for more than two days.

Toa Heftiba, Unsplash

93. Clamped the loot so as not to waste it.

94. Wanted to become an athlete.

95. Wore a thong.

96. Came to the DR without a gift.

97. He spoke about life with a homeless person.

98. Wore the same underwear for over a week.

99. Received and did not do a lap dance.

100. Was married.

101. Offered something indecent to someone unknown.

102. Pretended that I was not at home when someone came to visit.

103. Played pranks on other people.

104. Bathed (-as) without clothes in the company of someone.

105. Faked an orgasm. Was it not?

106. Gave bribes.

107. Used psychotropic substances.

108. Went to the wrong restroom.

109. Earned (s) illegally.

110. Sneaked into a party without being invited.

111. Bathed in the rain.

112. Quarreled with neighbors.

113. Was with a psychiatrist.

114. Dancing in front of a mirror without clothes.

115. I offered to meet someone, but I was refused.

116. Spent the night (s) at the station, shop or street.

117. Experienced (-ala) the betrayal of a friend.

118. Got drunk alone.

119. Fell in love with two people at the same time.

120. Dancing in the rain.

There is nothing worse on a date or at a party than boredom. In a noisy big company or together as a couple in love, it will always be fun if you play some cool games. The game "It was not there", as well as other similar entertaining games, will not let you get bored. Ask each other interesting questions, and sometimes provocative, indecent or ridiculous, because they will make it even better.