The eternal search for freedom

The ecstasy of man is boundless liberation, the ecstasy of woman is the pulsation of love. Therefore, he needs a meeting with death, and she needs a meeting with a chosen one who would give her thirsty soul a drink.

Think about what constitutes a male orgasm. The tension intensifies, grows - and now the dam is broken, beats an indomitable, impetuous stream, gradually subsiding over time. Then comes the death-like peace, the nirvanic void. This is what a man seeks to experience by engaging in various activities leading to this goal.

Such is, for example, sports: football teams challenge each other by threatening to roll the ball into the opponent's goal. A goal is tantamount to the short-term death of one of them and the joyful resurrection of the other. And both of these dissimilar phenomena are just different aspects of liberation. Just look what's going on in the stands! There is no doubt: everything that happens on the field touches the male audience to the core.

In striving for freedom, men cannot avoid facing death. It is no coincidence, for example, that in French an orgasm is called petite mort - “little death”, and in the English-language sports and financial vocabulary there are a lot of expressions with the word kill - “kill” (to win - “on the spot to kill” the enemy team, a jackpot in exchange transactions - “ game killed on the hunt”, etc.).

A special type of male activity directly related to death is war: all the same sacrifice of oneself in the name of freedom and overcoming the fear of death. And this happens not only on the front line - in an implicit, ritual form, we deal with this, for example, in a chess duel and in an athletics arena. I'm not talking about the endless police series, kung-fushniks, films about cool special forces, etc. - their creators are unlikely to count on the attention of housewives and mothers. This is all for us, men who are frozen with fear for the fate of a lone hero, resurrecting with him from the most seemingly disastrous situations.

As for the liberation of the spirit, its main enemy is the desire for security and comfort. This is a war with your own ego. What is spiritual freedom if not freedom from that fundamental division, because of which we and the world are not one? But only a very few have managed to merge with the world, because the vast majority are extremely afraid - what do you think? - Get rid of your stress. No stress - no thoughts, no "I" that needs protection, no hostile environment. Mission completed, game over.

This is what men are always looking for, and at the same time, what men fear immeasurably. Martial arts, sex, the search for enlightenment, sports are just different forms of gaining the desired liberation. Without disappearing anywhere, it resides in the very core of our being, but the path there is full of dangers and temptations. Let it become the main direction of your life. And then, sooner or later, consciousness will be illuminated by a bright flash of insight - the ego will die, but death itself will disappear, and with it the inescapable loneliness, separation from the world. You and the world will become one.

A woman's aspiration is not freedom, but love. She not only does not look for emptiness, in which the male ego dissolves without a trace, she cannot stand it at all (which is why, by the way, her cosmetic table is always full of caskets, figurines, vases, and all the drawers are packed to capacity). The lack of deep intimate relationships is replaced by cakes, caramels, or even just continuous chatter. A woman does not seek to empty herself (for example, relieve tension by ejaculating or empathizing with an action hero, as men do), on the contrary, she longs to be filled, if not with love, then at least its surrogate in the form of soap operas and romantic narratives.

Love and freedom are two poles, as different as a man and a woman are. But, whether by conquering the fear of death of the ego or by surrendering to a deep feeling with all his heart, a person is able to reach that original basis of being, where all differences disappear, and the poles converge.

Freedom of passion

Suppressing natural desires, a man undermines the foundations of his own vitality. The energy of the spirit weakens in the fight against obstacles, and the fear that blocks the path to freedom is incredibly intensified. Sex loses touch with the heart, which, having weakened, closes for a long time from the outside world.

When was the last time you truly possessed your woman? With all the strength, passion, wildness of your love? It is not at all difficult to determine this. If you click the remote control from the channel to the rope in search of films where the characters would kill each other with machine guns or gutted each other with landing knives, it means that it was a long time ago. Passion not expressed in love, devoid of cordiality, goes into the psyche, which begins to decompose from aggressiveness and a thirst for power. And the man begins to build his relationship with his girlfriend on intimidation and petty control. But masculine strength and dominance are much more good in a completely different way: when you hug your beloved in such a way that it becomes absolutely clear to her - any resistance is useless. You tear off her clothes, both fall on the bed (and if it is far from her, then just on the floor). And then you pierce the woman with your... merciless desire for ecstasy and reciprocal love.

Break through with the ball to the opponent's goal, deliver a dispatch to the besieged fortress, experience mental illumination, passing through the narrow gates of dialectics, and much, much more - just other forms of conquering that Woman who is the World surrounding a man.

But subjugation, devoid of any connection with cordiality, turns into brutal violence (both in relation to the world and to a woman). I must say that the consciousness of most people, both sexes, is simply overflowing with fantasies on this topic. Some vividly imagine how they overcome the resistance of the object of their desire, others - that they are seized, despite all their efforts to prevent this. If in these fantasies there is no love and a certain amount of self-irony, do not try to embody them in practice - you will find yourself either in a psychiatric hospital or in the dock.

The point is not to break the will of another or to let everyone who wants to do it on themselves. In other words, sadism and masochism are not our goal. A man takes possession of a woman's body to open her heart, and she allows herself to be surrendered only by feeling his love. That woman who is afraid to open up to this stream begins to suffer from inner emptiness, prompting her to “fill up” with food, chatter, pointless purchases of unnecessary things, and also remember all the vicissitudes of the fate of the heroes of Santa Barbara.

The same thing, only exactly the opposite, happens with a man who is not able to freely express his love passion to the end - he suffers from the inability to relieve the stresses accumulated by the soul, which prevent him from plunging into the boundless emptiness of the unclouded foundation being. And a man seeks to empty himself in any other way: by ejaculating, spending days and nights watching TV, bringing himself to complete exhaustion with official duties, etc.

One of two things: either you have taken a vow of celibacy for the rest of your days, or you give the woman all the fullness, primordial wildness and power of your love. Follow the sexual desire that has arisen in you as fearlessly as you fearlessly follow the path of spiritual liberation! You are afraid of losing your "I" - it is natural, but no less natural that the dissolution of self-consciousness in the bottomless emptiness of being, where both thought and ego disappear, is your innermost desire. That is why we are so attracted and so frightened by the amorous ecstasy experienced when merging with a woman.

The next time you're in bed with a friend, try to forget about yourself completely. Penetrate so deeply into her that you literally become her - breathe her breath, feel her feelings, moan and beat in ecstasy, not distinguishing yourself from her. Finally, pass through all the limitations that separate one being from another - become a pure pulsation of love.

And let this love, like an indomitable stream, rush into the soul and body of a woman, so that she will have no choice but to open her heart to the world. Let all your masculine nature manifest, including those aspects of it that usually scare you. Do everything that passion craves - spontaneously, without hesitation, penetratingly, feeling everything that a woman feels while doing it. And then let her energy and desires take you over and take you to those innermost areas of the spirit that you can never reach alone.

Do not think that everything described above concerns only the relationship of the sexes - not being afraid to dissolve your "I" in a loving ecstasy with a woman, you will acquire the spiritual courage that is so necessary when facing the fear of the death of your own ego. The released wave of passion will sweep through the body and soul, sweeping away stress, dissolving tightness, breaking through the barriers that rise between you and the world. Consciousness will be cleansed, the spirit will gain integrity, and you will truly discover who you really are - the boundless, eternally living Being, giving birth to myriads of "I" of the Universe, including yours.

One cannot enter this source by clinging to the value of one's own existence. And can he not cling to the ego, who, even in the sexual act, does not let go of himself, fearing to merge with his beloved?

Possessing a woman with all the power of male passion, you discover that her and your hearts are one Heart and the whole universe pulsates to the beat of its beat. Is disidentification with the ego an exorbitant price to pay to experience this even once?