Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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The destructive seal on relationships

Many do not even suspect that marriages and the seal in the passport ruin their relationship in the bud. Most people mistakenly consider the relationship valid only when there is a stamp in the passport. Why do modern, adequate and adult people destroy promising relationships by marriage?

“And then we went to the registry office and notified the state that we were sleeping together!”

Relationships, love, coexistence and the birth of children is possible only if there is a stamp in the passport? Unfortunately, many are still convinced of this and are held captive by established stereotypes. Until the marriage is registered, the relationship is worth nothing. And after the seal in the registry office, love to the grave, good relations and a guarantee of a happy future for the couple?

Official marriage and the press do not solve anything, but rather a sign of insecurity in a relationship. According to statistics, about 60% of marriages will break up. The stamp in the passport sometimes causes negative habits, provokes wrong thinking and behavior of lovers.

People begin to believe that their other half is not going anywhere now. They stop taking care of themselves, show less attention to the second half, begin to ignore sex, care and tenderness.

Many women begin to rapidly gain weight and stop caring for themselves. Now they do not have sex from the heart, but if a man behaves well and obediently. Sex manipulation, scandals and quarrels over trifles begin. Men begin to drink, become lazy and become more rude.

Cheating is very common in marriages. Wives and husbands are cheated on - this is already a pattern of thinking. As soon as you get married, you can hang out on the side and get yourself a mistress. Women are looking for a lover for the soul, instead of a husband.

It has long been a well-known fact of statistics that marriages fail more often than relationships that are called the word "cohabitation". People who live without a seal in ZASG have stronger and warmer relationships. They appreciate each other more and maintain tender affection longer. Such couples live happily together, travel and have children. Marriage is like a cage in which two lovers are subconsciously cramped. From such imprisonment, everyone is trying to escape, but without a cage, relations are completely different.

A trip to the registry office, marriage and an official seal are needed for those people who are not sure about their relationship and who want to have some of this. Exactly. Such people need a guarantor of the division of property in a divorce. Many selfish people use marriage to solve their financial problems. So they, divorced after a few years, receive a significant part of the property of the spouse. Mercantile people are always for marriage and against marriage contracts. If you want to know what a person wants from you, offer a prenuptial agreement. Everything will immediately become clear. Many girls, and sometimes men, immediately begin to argue about the lack of love and prudence. But this suggests the opposite. A girl who wants to get married, but is against marital contact, expects to have something in case of an unsuccessful relationship. Why is she doing this? This is not love, but a cold and selfish calculation. Some girls take off their panties hoping to leave you in your panties after a divorce.

Marriages have ruined many good and promising relationships. But many run to the registry office, hoping that this will make love eternal, but in practice this is a time bomb under relationships. Are you a modern, adequate and adult person? Or an adherent of pernicious stereotypes?